Comic Book Saga!

In a world where 95% of the world have developed special powers, superheroes that people once imagined and inspired to be have become a reality. People develop their powers and go through specialized schools to become the worlds needed heroes and compete in popularity while saving people.

You are just a younger person with a power that only you can tame, tone and master. Going through the time in school, getting a license and defeating villains and criminals while climbing higher in the ranks of heroes and becoming stronger.

Up to 12 people will enter the prestigious hero school UHAS to learn to use you powers and become stronger and eventually become a real hero!

Every so often the school year will end, people will pass on to the next grade, flunk out, and new people will start training on their path to become a hero.

Create a balanced creature with 1 or 2 CMC and a max of 2 colors. (It can be fantasy themed but try to make it like a superhero in-training)

Heroes will be able to get stronger after they go through more training and upgrades will be given.

Heroes must choose (During Real World Training) a theme and be sticked with throughout their time as a hero.

A core color must remain throughout all versions and signature cards.

Create your hero with the guidelines above. (No signatures yet)
Give a short story and an explanation of the hero's powers.
Special Case: You may enter a hero with no powers to try and be enrolled, only one of these will be chosen max and they may not get in otherwise.

Fun Fact: Here, powerless heroes are called Vigilantes

First Year:
After 12 people are chosen (Best 12 if more than 12 are given before the deadline, first 12 otherwise) classes will start.
Classes are story and card challenges presented.

After these challenges, more information will be given as needed. Comment any questions you have.


  • can I join?
  • I’ll make an entry later!
  • This sounds fun, count me in!
  • YEAH! I'll definitely do something for this!
  • @sorinjace agreed, I would like to join too. I have a question, by create your hero do you mean make a card for it including artwork?
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    Teachers are looking out for the applications of students to the school eagerly, waiting to see what will come.


    Professor Rosalie:
    Power: Flamingo, Inner Calm
    Class: Gym Class
    Hero Popularity Ranking: Number 12 Hero
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    Name: Ameko -blank-
    Power: Can turn transparent, then turn invisible (almost completely)!

    Background story:
    Following on from the card text, he started a year-long holiday away from his upper-class family, to know more about the world with his special friend. He has somehow joined this school because he wants to learn more about his powers, after seeing a display of superheroing and asking someone about what was going on. This particular person named THIS school. Upon registration he's been lying about his personal information (*because he doesn't intend on staying over a year nor becoming a hero, and would rather stay anonymous because of his family), all except his first name. Though it's quite obvious to the staff that the bill doesn't really fit the image, such as the 'fact' he was never given a last name, because his father had denounced it. Despite the given skepticism, he continues on unabashedly, in his quiet way. Perhaps luckily, the staff can't help but notice his ability...?
  • @snow601

    That's good for now!
  • @pjbear2005 nice!

    Will be waiting then for the next entries.
  • I think I have an idea for a character ;)
    Abilities: Knowledge on the explosive and projectile capabilities of mana, ie: guns.
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    Name: Oivee
    Alias: Nature
    Ablilities: Flora Control

    Sorry I did not participate before. I understood by your conversation with Snow601, that we had to draw our own characters :S
  • @all Oh, no sorry! You don't have to draw your own characters if you don't want to, just use artwork that goes with the character.
  • like mine?
  • Does this remind anyone else of Danganronpa
  • What happens if applications only get this far? Do we just keep waiting? Or do we make multiple characters?
  • I can’t make great cards on my phone, and that’s my only way to make them. Could I just put the details here without a card representation?
  • @Bowler218 We just wait until we have enough people. @baryonyx69 Sure, do you want me to make one? You just have to put the abilities and stats of the card.
  • @pjvear2005 if a card is required then I suppose so, but it doesn’t matter to me. With that in mind, here are the details:
    Cameron Masterson
    Legendary creature - Human Superhero
    Flying, trample
    (In italics) “This is not the life I want. I don’t want to run around defeating evil. I want a normal life, even if it’s sitting behind a desk or something boring. But since there’s no denying this, I might as well accept it.”
  • @baryonyx69 Power and toughness?
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    Oh yeah, whoops. 2/1
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    @baryonyx69 what is your hero's special power? You forgot to mention it.
  • Oh, whoops. I’m really smart. His real name is Cameron Masterson, his hero name is Stardart and he can fly and shoot blasts of energy.
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    Hyper-aware Prodigy
    Creature-Human Superhero
    First Strike
    At the beginning of your upkeep, Scry 1.

    Name-Logan Maynard
    Hero Name-Electron
    Logan was for a while considered to be powerless, due to the fact that his ability did not have extremely noticeable effects. However, Logan actually has control over electrons and electricity. Interestingly, instead of causing what many would expect (Shooting lightning, creating static, etc.), it has manifested in his electrons and brainwaves working at extreme speeds, causing him to be able to process information and react in an instant. After it was discovered that he did indeed have powers, his parents quickly enrolled him in training, and he eventually rose to enrollment in UHAS. During his time there, he hopes to hone and expand his abilities.
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