Book Card Challenge

Create a card that's from or inspired by a book or book series you have read...

This has been done multiple times, but this time theres a twist.

Whenever someone posts a card, they must name a card type, the next player must then make their card of the card type.

.Old and New cards allowed
.Any number of entries
.Prize is a mystery
.End date is a mystery


Some examples from the Warriors series:



  • I'll start us off with one of my personal favorites, an older card of mine.

    Let's see a sorcery!
  • @Lujikul

    Cool, what book is it from?
  • @bigbadbooknerd

    It's the cover of The Alloy of Law, a book in the second trilogy of the mistborn universe, and depicts two of the main characters. Very good read.
  • yeeeeeeet
    it is a very good series
    I'm a huge brandon sanderson fan, in case you didn't notice my username :)
  • From "The Hobbit"

    Next up: Enchantment!
  • Do all of the cards I submit in a post have to be the suggested card type, or only one?
  • @SpellPiper2214

    If you want to you can submit more but that is the main card
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    Both of these cards are inspired by the short story "The Call of Cthulhu". The first one is the main card;

    How about an artifact next?
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  • @SpellPiper2214

    Nice!I personally love hp Lovecraft and call if cthulu
  • image

    This one from the book "Made You Up" by Francesca Zappia


    And this is the main character from "Keeper of the Lost Cities" by Shanon Messenger
  • Let's see a land next.
  • edited February 2019

    Next up: creature
  • I think it would be funny if someone made a card based on the MTG books. Sifa for example.
  • Y'know, that might just be an idea, @Ranshi922
  • Don’t do Kane.
  • From "The Old Man and the Sea"


    Next up: Enchantment
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    sorry about the frame.
    (if anyone else has read Alcatraz Vs the evil librarians, can you find art for some lenses?)
  • @Everyone

    Judging will be soon, you never know when, it's a cliffhanger..................

    I'm looking for more entries, if you have a card that fits the bill, by all means, post away!
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    I think the next one is still supposed to be an enchantment?
    This one is inspired by George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire:
    Edit--Maybe an instant for the next one?
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    This is from "The Way of Kings"

    And this is from the short story "children of the nameless."


    And of course, from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
    Go creature card for the next one ^^
  • Did somebody say more Sanderson?
    Shai from The Emperor's Soul:
    Hoid from just about every book by Brandon Sanderson (Remake of an old card. Yes, I didn't try to translate his exact abilities, but, well, I don't really know what they are. If you've read any Sanderson, you'll understand.)
    The Abhorsen Trilogy (by Garth Nix)
    How about a land next? Or don't. It's really up to you guys.
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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs land:

    There have been a couple of standard wording revisions since my creation of this card that would benefit its formatting: "Create" tokens and "Add mana" (with no pool reference):

    {3}, {t}: Create a 1/1 red Dwarf creature token.

    {t}: Create three colorless artifact tokens
    named Gemstone. They have "Sacrifice this
    artifact: Add one mana of any color."
    Activate this ability only if you control
    seven or more Dwarf creatures.

    NEXT: More lands!
  • I have read several books, and thus I'm having trouble deciding what to make cards for. May give this a shot though!
  • Ok, I'm going to try to keep the ball rolling.
    Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
    For the next one--how about a sorcery?
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    The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling


    For the next cardsmith - Enchantment!
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