Custom Commander Contest

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I know this has been attempted at least twice before, and neither time was it fully seen through. But I want this to happen.

I am looking for 7 other people who will be willing to make a custom commander deck. And will be willing to and able to play in a bracket style tournament.

1. Decks must have their Commander(s) be custom cards that are agreed on the participants.
2. After all of the participants have volunteered, anyone else who wants to join should style set up as through they are guaranteed a spot. This is so that if anybody has to drop out, we win't be completely derailed.
2.a. After all participants have volunteered, they will be given 2 months to fully prepare their decks.
3. Decks must contain at least 15 custom cards. These cards will be continuously voted on by participants to decide whether or not they are OP. If they are deemed OP, they cannot be used in your deck unless deemed otherwise in the future.
4. Standard EDH rules apply. This includes ban lists.
5. Games will be played on
5.a. Any cards that are being used must be submitted with the set name EDHCS. (Elder Dragon Highlander Cardsmith)


The winner of this tournament will be given 2 months of premium by yours truly.
The person in second place (whoever makes it to the final round, but then loses) will be given 1 month of premium.
Anyone who makes it past the first round will receive a follow and 5 favorites.

I will personally favorite all custom cards used for this event.

I believe that will be all for now.

Happy smithing and Bonam Fortunam Vobis!


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