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    You're welcome :)
  • I would say drop the mill @Faiths_Guide
  • @DoctorFro
    I'm happy to, but be aware that it's more beneficial to everyone else than myself.

    Thoughts on the mill? It's better for my deck to put another basic swamp back.
  • @Faiths_Guide I personally think the mill could go, it's a very weird symmetrical effect. But I liled the idea of it ^-^

    @Ranshi922 Gonna probably post my list either today or tomorrow!
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    Command Mill was pulled from the list. I'm getting a new land to replace it.

    Graven Cairns & Sunken Ruins are in the list.
  • Oh yea I love the idea and I think someone could use also @Ranshi922 are we allowed to use cards we find on mtgcardsmith even if we didn’t make rn bc I have seen some great ones
  • You may. Just only sprinkle them in. I would lik most of then to be your own things. ;)
  • So if I removed indestructible from them and simplified them, would that be better?
    Perhaps I valued theme over balance a bit too much
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    So, these are my cards. I suspect some will be rebuked...
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    @MittoMan I hope the articles I pm'd you would help in your future card making ^-^
  • @AxNoodle First thing's first, there only seem to be twelve and I'm pretty sure it should be 15. Maybe some have been lost from the image?

    Next, takes on cards. Dostran might be a little too powerful as a 2-mana Force Spike with a body, but it's probably ok in EDH. Unwinder Ball would also be really nasty outside of EDH due to the lack of color requirements and the ability to pay the mana once and then hold a free, visible Essence Scatter for ever. In EDH, I don't know. Mystic Veil is basically just Dispel and Counterspell blended into the same card. That might be too good, I don't know.

    Negating Upheaval is probably too powerful. From the ruling on Shift in Reality of "nonland" then I assume lands can be dispersed unless this clause is in place. At current, Negating Upheaval boardwipes all nonland permanents without "This spell can't be countered." and then puts all lands into play untapped so you can play more cards. It probably needs to say nonland.

    I feel as though Antimagic Elemental's ability to return all instant cards might be a little over the top. Maybe reduce it to a limited number?
  • @Everyone, could you send me in a pm image links to the images used in your custom cards?
  • Will anybody mind if I change my commander? I'm not totally sure whether I want to do so yet but at current Lodrus looks to be either pointless or repetitive and potentially overpowered based on how I build.
  • @AxNoodle
    I think Seal of Warding and Mystic Veil need a revision. Seal of warding is just about a strictly better Leyline of Sanctity, costing only three mana while also guaranteeing you’ll win counter wars. I think it should cost at least five mana.

    As for Mystic Veil, I think turning the kicker cost to {1}{u} would be best, so it’s a Dispel that can also be a Cancel. Counterspell is just a little strong to conditionally be one mana.
  • @MemoryHead, you may change your commander.
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    @Lujikul @Memoryhead Thanks for the feedback! I can still see 16 cards on my screen, though...
    (Also, I am pretty sure lands don’t use the stack, but it was meant to say no land anyway to avoid confusion!)
  • @Ranshi922 Do you mean their art or the card itself?
  • I have edited cards needing editing.
  • @AxNoodle Yeah, I see 16 cards now and agree with the balance changes made. Lands don't use the stack but with no definitive ruling on what disperse did to them I wasn't taking chances.
  • @Ranshi922 What are you saying yes to?
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    The artwork. I am making a set with the commander decks. I plan to make multiple of these. So this is simply CC1.
  • @Ranshi922 But you have premium and can add any card to a set, can't you?
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    No. I am doing it on design. I don’t think that anybody plans on making all of the proxy cards, using up inventory space. Because of that I can do it on design, have the set identifier and all that putting less work on everyone.
  • @Ranshi922 Wait, can you explain how that works? I have no idea what half of that meant...
  • It’s a different site. I usually don’t use it except for planeswalkers. You can have set identifiers and the numbers for the set. I am just doing it to keep a record of the cards we used.
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    What do you guys think?
    imageimage image
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    @Ranshi922 I like the synergy and they all seem ok for custom cards (printing them for real would probably be a different matter). Just promise not to do anything exploitable with Yco and I'll be happy.
  • I specifically made it that the ability could only be used once a turn so that I couldn't exploit it.

    What were you thinking?
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