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    @Ranshi922 Doing something like making your entire deck out of aristocrats like Viscera Seer, life consumers that don't have limits like Wall of Blood and payoffs like Blood Artist. I know you won't because you're going for a fungus theme but there are some nasty possibilities for a deck where the whole thing is one big combo.
  • And of course my commander beats all
  • So my plan is to make one custom card a day and I will post it here for review...
  • I'll probably do something similar to @DoctorFro (thanks for the idea) starting from whenever I either think of a new commander or decide to use Lodrus after all.
  • My Commander deck is complete. Could you guys review it?
  • @Ranshi922 At first glance, it looks cool! However, shouldn’t the lands such as Phyrexian Tower have the colourless mana symbol?
  • It should, but that site has been giving me some trouble with colorless mana symbols.
  • Can you dm the link to that site and how to use I can put my deck in there when done
  • I was going to do that. Just tell me the decklist.
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    Okay When I get it done I will


  • *Replying to your review on page 4*
    Yeah, actually I'm making a Paladin tribal and trying to fix the wording myself, it's a custom creature type from the Half-Great Designer Contest that I wanted to mess around with and work with the colors. As for my deck being custom, I [i]plan[/i] on having nearly 30 custom cards, which will be a bit of a challenge, but also fun
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    @ArinSka To use italics, replace the square brackets with < and >
  • <i>Like This</i>
  • Sorry I didn't post my cards yet y'all. It's been a rough week recently lol.

    But, I think I'll be able to send in my cards sometime during the week ^-^
  • It's fine. We just need to make sure that everyone is finalized within the next 6 or so weeks.
  • This is going to be quite difficult, especially for @ArinSka, to have everything done satisfactorily and in time.

    @Everyone, get your lists posted and your customs linked for inspection ASAP.
  • I'm almost done with getting a few concepts to become a commander and once that happens, ditto.

    @Faiths_Guide Out of interest, what does AtEveryone (not typing in the actual command on purpose) actually do? It doesn't seem to count as mentioning people and I've been wondering for a while.
  • @MemoryHead
    It doesn't do anything :P It's just a fancy way of addressing a group of people with a "name."

    On the flip-side, it does actually tag the (very brief) user, @Everyone, which I find humorous.
  • @Faiths_Guide, to be fair, I have been helping Arin with some of his balancing (not sure if that's a good idea or not) and with a bit of her deck construction process. So it'll probably be done in time.

    Not to mention that it could be a deck with only 15 custom cards, some of which that aren't your own.
  • I have completed half of my deck.
  • @DoctorFro If you brush up the syntax on that card, it would make a good card, I think.
  • Yea I want to but I don’t think it will fit if u have a better idea for the bottom line of text let me know I only added it bc otherwise it is broken
  • @DoctorFro Maybe use small text and add some flavour text or something. The main things for me are the comma in the first ability and the misspelling of end step. Also, I have no idea whether the bottom ability is supposed to get everybody but I'll point it out in case it isn't and you actually want your opponents to have graveyards. I don't think any of that'd push it over onto a new line.
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    Nah the point is to effect them also
    Okay I’ll fix soon
  • Also I have all my cards in a google doc right now like the concept. So when I am finished if anyone wants to examine them that would be cool...idk?
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