Peace in Dumaran: OFFICIAL SET PAGE

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Credit goes to @HeroKP for their help in fleshing out this set, go check out their Colonizers series!
@Ranshi922 for helping with mechanics
@Tomigon for making some of the watermarks
@ningyounk for helping me understand when something is and isn't an enchantment
@murkletins for helping out


Welcome to Dumaran, my friends!



Dumaran is in a fading peace, after Azor, the Lawbringer came and put a stop to a years long war, he passed a constitution called the Thirty Partition, but then he left never to be seen again, now without him to keep order, this constitution that has held us together is crumbling, as each country is amassing their armies for what seems to be a second great war for control of Dumaran.

(Insert map here)(WIP)

Functionality of Set

We have 30 countries as of right now that will have a whole Standard deck made for them, plus an extra unknown faction, which points us to 1,860 cards for this set, each deck will be made to have a different function in mind, from Aggro to Tempo, it will be a huge gaggle of different playstyles.

If you want to help us on this set, pop on here and give us a show of your abilities \/

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See you there!


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    I've been meaning to get back into making art for a while, but never got round to it. Maybe I'll do it for this (don't hold me by that, though. Actually do. I really need more people shouting at me to do something productive with my life).

    1,980 cards is a huuuuuge number, so I hope you know what you're doing if you're planning to carry this all the way to the end (though to be honest, anywhere near the end would probably be an achievement for that many). I just feel as though it's really likely it'll spin out of control and by the time we reach the end, we won't remember how it began.

    When you say there are 32 factions, can I vaguely assume you mean "All the mono-colours, all the guild colours, all the three-colours, all the four-colours, colourless and five-colour"?
  • @MemoryHead lol yep, in fact we can go further, buuuuuut that would be too many cards hahah
  • Is the Cardmaker's Bazaar intentionally restricted access?
  • Wait it is?
  • As far as I can tell, yes.
  • @MemoryHead P.S. if you want to make a thread in The Artist's Club, you must go into your profile and join the group
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    @EnvyReaper Ok, but I won't be doing anything officially yet in terms of art. I haven't done anything more than sketch art in a month or two because the study I normally do art in was being used to store a load of boxes, so I'm planning to get all of my college work for the foreseeable future out of the way, then get up to a decent art standard, then start doing things.

    It occurs to me now that I should probably register to the forum.
  • yes, yes you should
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    Just to make sure you're aware, you do know 1,860 cards is six times the size of a normal set, right?
  • yes, yes I do
  • but this isn't handled as a normal set, we basically have a bunch of decks presented as a set, each with their own archetype
  • depending on how much their colors allow us
  • So it's like a weird cube?
  • that's cool
  • Yes, I am the cubemeister
  • I think it's closer to making like 30 Ravnica Guild Kits.
  • but I am pretty sure I am allowed to call this a set, right?
  • it's getting its own stories and everything, plus this is not the only time we will be visiting Dumaran (albeit less cards than this one)
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    I have a feeling that reaching a time where we don't have to procure the art for and make the balanced concepts for nigh on 2000 cards should be our problem / focus before we get onto the idea of follow-up sets.
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    @EnvyReaper I've changed up the color wheel and I'm using it for something else now (a different set). It's gone, in other words.
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    First Block - Rejection of Faith

    The Feldish - (Green\White\Blue) - Celebrators of the gods of old, they speak to the trees for guidance

    The Corizians - (Red\Green\White) - Although they are connected deeply to Feldish culture, they are a different entity, instead of praising the trees, they look to the ancient dragons instead

    //The Protectorate//
    The Durnish - (White\Blue)
    The Morians - (White\Black)
    Both seeing the potential threat of the Lordship of Feld, Durnum and Moria have drafted an alliance in order to stop the Feld if they show any aggression.


    First Set - Feldish Aggression - Small imageimageimageimage

    After the Corizian maiden Sarencia refused to marry Lothar of Feld in the presence of the Elder Gods, he vows to end the Corizian race for disgracing them.

    Second Set - The Corizian Exile - Medium imageimageimageimage

    The Corizians have given up on the Feldish gods of old, and thus have been exiled, in order to ensure the survival of his culture, Calthar the Survivor must convince the Protectorate's Alliance to let them pass through the two-way strait.

    Third Set - The Final Stand - Big imageimageimageimage

    Now that the Corizians are safe past the two-way strait, the Protectorate's Alliance is prepared to defend the two-way strait from the Feldish.
  • I really love how this all turned out as a world filled with farmers and we tried to make it centered about food...

    And now we are trying to tell a drama in six acts about a race war.
  • Not that I'm complaining, who doesn't love a little dramatic tension?
  • First off, nice to see that this isn't dead. Second, it's nice to see we have some set symbols. Third, there are a few mild wording / visual errors on Dragon Envoy and Sarencia. The envoy shouldn't have first strike CAPITALISED and italicised. The maiden should read something like:

    Sarencia, Maiden of Corrizan ---------- 3W

    Legendary Creature - Human Something [maybe just Human]

    As an additional cost to cast ~, exile a nonland permanent you control.

    When ~ enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 red Dragon creature tokens with flying and "This creature has indestructible as long as you control a creature named ~."


    Something like that, anyway. I'm not totally certain that the ability that gives indestructible, but I don't think there are actually any examples. I might be wrong. I'm probably wrong.

    Fourth and final is a more iffy thing, but the dragons should probably have flying. Sorry, but it's definitively what they've done for the past 20 years or something.
  • @EnvyReaper Hey, it's finally occurred to me that I should probably ask this: What sort of power level is this set supposed to be at? Are we talking standard, modern, legacy or something else?
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