Multicolor Transformations **Circuit Challenge**

Multi-Color Trans-Formations!

For this contest, I want you to create a card that transforms into a card that has a different color, you also have to make the flip-side card as well, examples include:
= A Red Artifact that transforms into a Black Creature.
= A Green Enchantment that transforms into a Blue Instant (Yes that can happen, if you make this happen make sure to signify that when it transforms that it instantly resolves and gets put into the graveyard).

Incase you all didn't notice, the transformations DON'T have to be in color combination order, so you can have any color turn into any color.

The deadline is APRIL 26

1st Place: 5 faves of your choice and a TROPHY favorite. Plus 1 Circuit Point!
2nd Place: 4 faves of your choice. Plus 3/4 Circuit Point!
3rd Place: 3 faves of your choice. Plus 1/2 Circuit Point!
Honorable Mentions get 1/4 Circuit Point!

You can only do one old entry, but you can put as many new entries as you want!

Now lets get this started!


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