COLONISERS: Season 3!!! (Colonisers of Krystel)



  • Finally we are here.
    For so long, the Council have had no effect on the worlds.
    But we have arrived.
    You want to hear our story?
    We exist.
    We where a team of Allies on the plane you call Zendikar, at the time of the first Eldrazi. We where trying to create a type of golem that used Mana in them. Our mechanical thing that used mana was found by the Eldrazi. Those cursed horrors had drained our mana, and where working on the machine, when the object exploded. The eldrazi where destroyed and the mana that we where made of was ejected into the Aether. We then gathered essences and magics from different planes. Nyx from theros, Aether from Kaledesh, Basic Magic from Dominaria. We then floated over Edgerim and learned from the many armies that tried to own the world. Now, we have found Krystel.

    Leader: Siria
    Magic: Alsat
    Object: Samaran
    Army: Sirian
    Extras: Alsat's farmiliar, Talas, Gerjesk.
    (The arm is a card that isn't really an entry)
  • As for the twist, it's a council.
  • I’d suggest picking art that does not have a blank background and fits the style of magic. The art of the card is just as important as the text
  • No need to be sorry to me. I was just giving the suggestion so that you’d have a better chance at getting in. Although if I did come off as rude, could you tell me?
  • Leader (Prior to igniting his spark):
    Soldier (One of the Saints):
    Magician (Gareth's brother, student of the precursor Kyre, Dimension Watcher):
    Extra #1:
    Extra #2:
    Extra #3:
  • I edited Oath of Dust to be a rare for a hybrid mana, still a sorcery.
  • @pjbear2005

    Congratulations on further increasing your chances to get in!
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    My Submission:
    House Blackthorne-
    House Blackthorne is the last noble house of Zilard (The rest of them died of a mysterious plague so naturally we took control of their lands and peasants). The House is most known for it's favorite pastime the theatre! Vampiric Nobles come from across the land to see these ghastly shows of blood and gore (but don't worry no one important participates only slaves and prisoners).

    The House is ruled by the twins Marigold and Lucius, who came into power quite recently after a totally unfortunate and completely random accident befell their father (He fell into The Circus Arena while prisoners were being forced to fight dire bats)



    While most of The House's military is armies of undead their most powerful troops are the Blood Oath Knights. (Example of Military)


    The Blackthornes have also perfected the rare form of blood magic and many of them have spent lifetimes becoming masters of the craft. (Example of Magic)


    Perhaps the most Important thing of all thou is The Sigil of the Blackthorne. This shield was crafted thousands of years ago and it was cooled with the last dragons blood. Any mortal who gazes on it goes insane. The Sigil is the main source of power for their interdimensional travel.



    The Arena Fighters battle for house Blackthorne's entertainment.


    The Zombie Hordes that surround their territory are the main way they keep the populace under control.


    Blood bonding is the House's easiest way to take prisoners.



  • @IzItTru

    I like the design of your cards, but you might want to format them like actual magic cards to keep the suspension of disbelief. For example, all the dashes in the ability costs must be replaced with colons.

    Otherwise, you're doing great!
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father

    That looks intriguing as hell

    If you have time, please post the LØRÊ of that. I genuinely want an explanation.
  • @HeroKP I plan to. I have a rough idea but I am working with my brother to hopefully get something more exact and not as, well, bad.
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    @HeroKP I want to join, but I'm not quite done with my faction, so I want to make sure I'm not going have to worry about not being able to join because I was too slow. On a completely unrelated side note, how do you feel about UN type mechanics and cards?
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    @kandra127 How does 'Fey of Slisplect' sound for a {cool name}?
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    More details on the council:
    Siria: a former human that absorbed the spirit of a dead planeswalker called La'ayiv and became half-angel.
    Alsat: Alsat never completely recovered from his lack of mana yet is now a powerful priest.
    Samaran: Samaran is a golem, but he has spent so long as a person, that he has lost all traces of his construct heritage.
    Sirian: Sirian was a kor, and unlike almost all the other councillors he has maintained his original form. He is a skilled tactician.
    Talas: Talas is the only councillor who found and adopted a planeswalker spark. He fought in the War of the Spark.
    Gerjesk: a truly Evil individual who was exiled from the council, but has followed the council to Krystal.
  • @pjbear2005 I would have thought that the Bladeswinger would be a naga.
  • @KorandAngels They mean the same thing, just different translations
  • @HeroKP Do you mind if I write out the history of the Sages in this thread?
  • Nagas in mtg are more dragonlike than snakelike
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Yeah, I based these more off the Sakura Tribe snake cards, IRL, naga is just a translation of snake in Sanskrit
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    Yeah, sure!


    I like un-sets in the general sens of the word, but I'd like to avoid them in this discussion. I want it to be sErIoUsSsSssssss
  • @PandaShoop don’t worry there’ll be a challenge where you make an un-card sooner or later
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    There was last time, but there might not be one this time...
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    Do you want me to go back and change them now or should I just be doing that in the future?
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    @IzItTru Making that kind of little improvement to your cards probably wouldn't be totally needed, but the presentation of the cards does seem to have mattered in the previous seasons to at least some degree.
  • The Siltari Horde, we are a group of Nagas, zombies, and Mutants. We strengthen the dead giving them powers (Trample, vigilance, deathtouch, etc.)

    I will post cards later
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