So, the ONGOING CONTEST is basically a contest that will keep repeating with different hosts each time.

THE WAY IT WORKS: The Host presents a theme of some kind, then people other than the host submits a card to fit the theme, then the Host decides when it's over, judges, then the REAL fun begins. The previous Host chooses who they want to be the next Host for the next ONGOING CONTEST. Then rinse and repeat.
The rules can be customized by the Host as long as it fits the WAY IT WORKS and this basic criteria:

1: The Host can not submit cards.
and 2: Only ONE(1) theme can be chosen at a time.

Besides those, it can be customized anyway.

I will be the first Host, my theme is ELVES. Submit your elf card and I'll judge. My RULES:

1: One entry only.
2: No UN-cards, so no joke cards.
3: Have Fun! or be kicked out.

Questions on either my rules or how the ONGOING CONTEST works, just comment.


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