Dreams of Kaldheim

Kaldheim is a likely candidate for the next new plane and a Nordic themed set would be really fun! I would like to see what you amazing cardsmiths will do with a Nordic theme. Like all Magic planes, there should be no direct references to actual myths and culture, but I expect to see delightful echoes of them. Also, I expect a return to SNOW mana in Kaldheim, so it would be great to see snow used in a new creative way, but this is in no way a requirement.

Submit cards for a Norse style set.

1. 3 submission max.
2. Max one old card.
3. Judging will begin after 10 participants (not 10 entries), or May 10. Whichever is first.
4. 15 point scale. 5 Creativity, 5 Flavor, 5 Mechanics

1st: One month premium membership!
2nd: 5 faves!
3rd: 3 faves!
HM: 1 fave!

I will favorite all winning cards in addition to your choice of faves.

Here is some inspiration:

Good Luck!


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