Please post some of your favorite flavor text here? (Used or not, it's a friendly gathering.)

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This is just a thread where myself and perhaps you can post flavor text that's found interesting. As long as I can edit this thread, I'll update the list here with my quotes. I can't wait to see yours in the comments!

"My world no longer drifts as one.
Yet I keep searching,
but block out the answer!"
- Mercy's interpretation of Psycho Pass 2's, Enigmatic Feeling.

"I found in myself what I sought in another.
Just to find a much better lover!
So I dined on the fruits forbidden to man and found who I am."
- Mercy

"He woke up dreading tomorrow,
until he embraced her sorrow.
Mourning himself,
she sat and burrowed herself in his arm!"
- Mercy

"Tie us down, bend and kneel.
Someday you'll feel what we feel.
I'm reeling in a feeling,
it's not very appealing.
But a deal with the devil was made with you,
and so you'll burn too."

- Mercy

"And at the end of the day you think to yourself,
my body is a product being sold on a shelf!"

- Mercy's interpretation of Get Scared's, Don't You Dare Forget The Sun.

"I'm dying slowly and you're going quick,
running out by the haste of the wick.
I dread tomorrow,
yet time still ticks,
with no wounds for you to lick."

- Mercy

"I can feel it stirring in the wind,
bellowing before thy hand.
Through twists and turns,
I strike a demand.
What am I?"

- Mercy {Answer: Concurrent / Conning Current}

"I'm walking down the line,
on the edge of what I can define.
As I seek the divine,
I'm drunk on power,
bleeding red over wine,
noticing that I've already crossed that line."

- Mercy

"I ring the bell,
although it's hell,
because I know it so well."

- Mercy

"In you and I there's despair,
but in you there's hope.
Please don't let me down?"

- Mercy

"In fear and lies I hear a victim's cries,
that's the reason I despise.
So I speak honestly,
not knowing what I may bring to their eyes!"

- Mercy

Time for some sick flavor text from the community!


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