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    Hello! I’m coming back from a long hiatus of being a cardsmith, I’ve been back for like a month. I’m a math nerd and obsessed with singing. Good to meet all of you, although I know most of you. I’m on mobile... so no apostrophes or planeswalkers for me. Oh, I love reading mysteries, I live in Ohio, I like Miraculous Ladybug (I deleted my “Chat Noir card. Yep, I’m a full blown complete idiot.) I don’t really watch anime, but I watch my Hero Academia with my sister and father. I’m 15, seemingly landing on the younger spectrum for this site, and my whole playgroup consists of my father and occasionally my cousin (who got me into magic during tarkir. I am a commander player, Sydri, Isperia the Inscrutible, and now Oathbreaker exists, Narset, Parter of Veils and Windfall (Yup, Control player. I’m despicable.) Oh! I forgot to say! ACE ATTORNEY IS MY LIFEFORCE. PLEASE, CAPCOM/NINTENDO, HEAR MY PRAYERS, RELEASE GYAKUTEN KENJI 2 IN ENGLISH, I WILL FOREVER BE THANKFUL.
  • @ThatOneCat well hello! i just want to say, if you like my hero acidamia, then you should try one punch man. one punch man is on netflix and hulu.(as far as i know.) you should watch it and tell me what you think. we could be nerds together! hey dont worry about the age group. im only 14.
  • @GrandRhino niceee I’ll think about it. Gonna be busy for a while possible making an Arlin wolf deck for oathbreaker
  • @sorinjace - He was the Guitarist, and he was the driving force behind their sound at the time. I think if they didn't continue the tour, they would have broken up, which would have been sad. They put on a heck of a show that night!
  • Oh, and...

    ALL HAIL SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ALL HAIL SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ALL HAIL SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Corwinnn, there should be something arriving in the mail for you. You'll know it when you see it.)

    On the note of getting to know people, you should check out the Cardsmith discord server! @ThatOneCat, you say you like singing, well just yesterday musical stuff went down and it is likely to happen again.
  • Hello
    I like nightcore. What else shall I post? My ssn?
  • I like star wars.
  • I have considered working at WotC for story writing
  • @DrakeGladis All of your personally identifiable information would be adequate. But just to be on the safe side I would throw in things like your credit/debit card numbers, the three number code on the back of the card(s), your mother's maiden name, and what the name of your childhood pet was.
  • Well... Unfortunatly none of that information truthfully exists. Here is what you can use though
    Debit/Credit #:5000 0123 4567 8990
    3 digit #: 123
    Mothers maiden name: Smith
    Childhood pet name: Spot
    Anything else?
  • @DrakeGladis
    While that is obviously fake, it isn't even good to joke about giving that kind of info on the internet.
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    Hey everyone, I got into magic just about 3 years ago when my uncle bought the bored game Arena of the Planeswalkers for my brother we loved it, and about a year later are uncle showed us how to play the card game, and then we showed are other brother how to play and are sisters how to play and from then on me and my two brothers play just about every day. So that’s my story of getting into magic.
    I am I also homeschooled.
    I love cats
    And I use a mobile device, so I can’t do a few things that everyone else can.
    Pretty much all my cousins on my dads side play Magic so we have tournaments sometimes when we meet up.
  • Ummmmm........ALL HAIL SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I guess.
  • Hello!
    I started playing mtg during Allegiance
    I'm a cat person/dog person
    Dimir is better than all of you
    This is my sister on a card(Not real name):

  • Hi, I exist suprisingly
  • I exist, but outside the game.
  • I also enjoy letting player kill themselves than me killing them (when I'm the DM)
  • @The-DM, do you want to hear about the time a magic item caused PvP and half the party died?
  • I only need one player to have fun in my campaigns @Ranshi...
  • Some random info about me:

    I started playing around Dominaria/Core set 19

    My first EDH deck was either Muldrotha or Slimefoot

    I have done Archery, went to gun ranges, and did fencing for about two weeks
  • I love fencing! I might have only played 3 games, and won half of them(I don't count the third), but it was amazing! I also love guns(I am not a terrorist), even though I have the aim of a bulldog @Abu_Jafar...
    Also, you started a LONG time before me...
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    Myself love card and board games, been playing Red Dragon Inn, Munchkin, and Dale of Merchants the most. Just recently bought Dale of Merchants and an expansion for Red Dragon Inn.

    So hyped to play even more!

    Also, my animal spirit is Fox related. *Winks*

  • Can you believe the cuteness.
  • Umm....lemme think @murkletins, I remember that my frenemy did a project on that thing back in 3rd grade...
  • Yes, you got it.
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    I'm probably just mono-fox @murkletins...
  • @Ranshi

    I'd love too.
    (I've heard many of these, and I never get tired of them.)
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