• Is that Corwinnn's message, @Bowler218 ?
  • Oh dear lord, I'm a driver for Team Rocket?
  • Lol @Corwinnn, what didya receive?
  • My first Message from the two you's (My Cousin Vinny reference)

    1ST YOU - I haven't been back in a while...
    Maybe I shouldn't have returned.
    Letstalkaboutthis is back I see... That's weird.

    ME - Is it? I think it's just a co-inky-dink. Besides I feel like you've popped in here and there every so often. No?

    1ST YOU - Pretty much just to harass @faiths_guide :P

    ME - I'm fairly certain that's why ALL of us come here!
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    39.9831° N, 76.1593° W

    You've put the pieces together, now interpret the data. Corwinnn got it right already...

    Go to my home, find 1187.
  • This one's probably on Theodore1237. The card links to a video, and the first president mentioned after the timestamp is Theodore Roosevelt. The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania seems to be a confirmation of the answer -- he had something to do with Pennsylvania and railroads (according to Wikipedia). By checking the cardsmith's names that's the only user.
    What they mention after the card is interesting though...
  • the latest gif leads to a video about pokemon.
  • @Theodore1237 ? Think I've heard the name before but am not sure
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    Oh, maybe--!


    EDIT: Nope, don't exist
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    Will Fail was bowler's thing
  • 39.9831° N, 76.1593° W

    You've put the pieces together, now interpret the data. Corwinnn got it right already...

    Go to my home, find 1187.
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    How can you have failed me like this?
    Everyone should have been able to do this by now.
    Look, I know I'm cryptic, that's the point.
    Please, give this another look.

    I am counting on you.

    Hell, everyone is counting on you.
    Very few people understand my desires.
    Eying my goals is difficult for all but my Darkest of Confidants.

    All of you shall need to use the best resources available on this quest.

    Can you help me?
    Really, I'm serious.
    Understand that I am really, really unsure of what to do.
    So, are you in?
    Have you found 1187 yet?
    39.9831° N, 76.1593° is where to find 1187. How could you miss this??
    Only Reading 1187 is the correct format of the number.
    No, only one of you is close enough to the Keystone State to find it.

    So, maybe we have to shelve the 1187 Idea...
    Only, I really want to find 1187, restore it to glory.
    Point taken, however, that I should find a better thing to do with my life.
    Hey, I have an Idea.
    I should find another...
    All of your resources can go into this project.

    Because I am such a benevolent ruler, I won't be angry if you don't succeed.
    Even I can't do this alone.
    Centuries have passed since I last moved on this position.
    Keeling in pain, I tried to win this battle before.
    Even I failed.

    Chanhassen, Minnesota

    44°50′37″N 93°34′47″W

    Swim and Dive


    My Feels
  • This forum doesn't have enough people to incorporate real life locations into a forum scavenger hunt for presumably no benefit other than the fun of a mystery. I live way too far south to go Pennsylvania or Minnesota.

    But I can do some internet armchair investigation!

    The first location is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. 1187 is one of the trains there:
    It is or was an inoperable train that may have been being restored from what I saw briefly looking at it.

    As for the recent post, which spells out "Help I have a crush on Sophia Becker" followed by the town Chanhassen, Minnesota, and coordinates to Chaska Goodwill Wholesale.
    It also says "Swim and Dive" which seems relevant since searching Sophia Becker in Chanhassen Minnesota finds me a college swimmer of the same name who went to Chanhassen highschool:

    The swimmer one has the letters "AQJT" which appears to be a swim related event (though I couldn't find a ton of details on it). But it appears Becker attended it.

    The train one also features a time: 4:45, which might be a arrival/departure time? I'm not sure.
    I also don't know why the coordinates lead to the goodwill center, seems to have nothing to do with the swimming, and our mystery host already told us the location needed to find the specific Becker.
  • @Corwinnn
    I'm thoroughly harassed :P
  • AQJT probably means AquaJets, if you look at her page it says she's part of AquaJets.
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    @Corwinnn does that make me a pokemon? a pokeball? A Gym Trainer?

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    @mtgcardsmith - Gym Trainer all the way!
    @Faiths_Guide - You want me to rough someone up for you?
  • What exactly is the point of this?
  • @TigerFang8

    You're asking the wrong questions, sir.
  • I don't know what the deal with this is. Anyone else see the picture the last Gif leads too?
  • I don't know... the picture keeps looking at me, and I'm afraid to click it.
  • @Corwinnn Well just isn't the click on the pictures meme pretty obvious at this point? This guy's been doing it since the beginning.

    I'm really not sure what our Antidisestablishmentarian friend is going after at this point (or what I have to do with it), but it seems as though he wants us to go visit Reading RR 1187 at the Strasburg Railroad in PA.

    I have no idea what this Sophia Becker person or the Aquajets swim team has to do with any of this. That part seems exceedingly random. I wouldn't say any of this is meaningless, but I am skeptical that this is an ARG.
  • I do so love a good ARG!
  • If this ends up being somebody with relationship problems talking to a bunch if internet nerds, I'll be sad. I'd also like to applaud @Red_Tower for all that digging.
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    I updated this to be proper. Maybe you can tell I've made some progress? On that note, I found some clues everyone missed. Not that I have an answer yet. I do have some info so far. They may be able to help us finally solve this puzzle.
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    I'll get back to everyone later, once I know for sure. Ciao!

    I'll start from the start. They said this could be solved on page 1, after all.

    Edit: In my lack of reading ahead, it seems someone else has also noticed. I'll investigate anyways.
  • @Corwinnn
    Our discussion on this page is so disjointed XD
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