Murk's Mega Challenge; Round two - Mr Smith's Trip to Hollywoo! (Closed.)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, we're back with another playmat giveaway on MTGCS, in which we will be giving away three playmats to three different champions of this mega contest.

--- Recap ---
So how will this go down... Basically, we'll have three challenges in this contest that the winners of each will win a playmat from those available on MTGCS. Winners of one of the prior challenges in this contest are disallowed from winning again, but may still enter to share their support and earn favorites/follows. This is to make sure the most amount of people can relish in their brand new playmats they won out of their creativity.
--- --- --- ---

So onto the contest guideline...

We will have three challenges, each with a fixed deadline. Each of which are listed below and will occur in a thread linked to this one. The second one being this thread though. Yes, there was another already. So I hope you didn't miss it.

Links to challenge rounds one and three: Round two & Round three. (Updated as they're posted.)
A) Round one - Laying with your inner demons!
C) Round three - Welcome your favorite poets to the fray!

Due Dates For Each Challenge Round: (Listed in order of appearance!)
A) "Cards themed on the seven deadly sins." ; Now completed.
B) "Cards themed on a movie or TV show." ; Now completed.
C) "Cards themed on a poem or poem excerpt." ; Date is July 25th, 2019 to August 7, 2019. (Edited again!)

The top posted entry's creator will win the following...
- 1 playmat of your choice from those available on the MTGCS store. (Or 5 months of premium, or 25$ US Steam gift card.)
- A follow.
- 3 favorites on cards of yours you choose.
The next two top posted entries' creators will each win the following...
- A follow.
- 3 favorites on cards of yours you choose. (Increased for the feels!)

Rules: (Rules for each challenge will be on that challenge's thread.)
1) You must post a card themed around a Movie or TV show.
2) Ten card entry limit.
3) New cards only.
4) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)

Alert: First to mention both of the shows in this crossover wins a month of premium subscription from myself!



  • This definitely isn't a natural crossover.... Hmm.

    Hint or no hint? Your choice.
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    Scooby Doo obviously and I'd have to guess...
    Well #2 is Supernatural.

    And I'd be happy to give this month to someone else.

    Give it to the next person who posts that's neither you or I. Murkeltins
  • @Murkletins you made it to easy to reverse image search it
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    I guess it's ThatOneCat.

    Now on to card making.
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    I know... I was gonna edit the image, but I thought it was fine. XD

    Gifting the premium to @ThatOneCat shortly. I will update when it's done.

    Edit: Premium for Cat has been sent.
  • Awe yes, the movie and tv show round! Will post soon for this!
  • Entry Limit Announcement:
    Due to feedback on Ranshi922's Discord, I'm drastically increasing the entry limit to 10.
  • Premium? THANK YOU.
  • On mobile, can’t post image

  • Howl’s Moving Castle {4}

    Legendary Artifact

    Crew 6 (Tap any number of untapped creatures you control with total power 6 or greater: This permanent becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)
    Whenever Howl's Moving Castle becomes
    tapped, exile target creature you control, then
    return it to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter
    under its owner's control.
    {t}: You may Exile a card from your hand. If you
    do, draw a card.

  • No worries, that's okay Cat.
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    By the way you can use comics, books and things like that. I'm allowing them.

    Edit: Uncards are allowed as well.
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    Entry #1

    Featuring a custom set symbol by cardsmith @Tomigon!!

  • Yay round 2!

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    Entry #2

  • Bump...

    We need more entries pals!
  • Ok. I sure hope you know what movie this is from.

    I think that is the studio who made it. I could be wrong though.
  • Knights of the Holy Grail. Wooh!
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    Entry #3

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    Entry #1:
    Avatar Last Airbinder
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    Entry #4


    My 1,000th card! I wanted to go with something 'big' for it that I rather enjoy. :)
  • Entry #2


  • Entry #1
    Seven Deadly Sins

    Meliodas, the Dragon Sin | {2}{b}{b}{b}
    Legendary Creature - Demon Knight | M
    Devastate - At the beginning of each end step, if a source you don't control dealt damage to you this turn, destroy target creature each opponent controls.
    Prevent all combat damage Meliodas, the Dragon Sin would deal to players.
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    For this contest, I chose Elsa from Frozen. Anxious and simmering with passion, she is a master cyromancer, or someone who controls ice. As displayed in Frozen, Elsa's many powers include freezing her foes in place and creating semi-sentient snow golems, which I have highlighted in her card:

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    More fantastic contests!

    I'd like to add my manic effort to this thread. Bearing in mind this took over 50 edits on my phone to come out this way! I'm just worried that none of you will be familiar with this near unknown character:


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