Planeswalker's Journey 2.5: The Return of the Return

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Hello again, and welcome to the (second) second Planeswalker's Journey!! Before we get started with backstory and rules, I just want to say that this is pretty much a reboot of PWJ 2, so the first few challenges will be the same (That's why it's 2.5 instead of 3, also I didn't want to call it 3 when 2 isn't done yet). I didn't do too great of a job on PWJ 2, always being late on giving out challenges, but I feel that I know now how to do this correctly! (Also, it's summer vacation now, so I'll have much more free time) Well, with that out of the way, on to the contest!
You wake up, and find yourself in a strange land. You had just experienced an insane moment that caused your planeswalker's spark to ignite, flinging you across the multiverse. You attempt to use your newfound planeswalking powers to return home, but you find that something is stopping you. An image flashes into your mind. A tower, in the middle of the world. You sense that something there is keeping you from leaving, and you must make your way there to return home. Another image comes. A serpent, created of glowing strands that seem to be the lost sparks of thousands of other planeswalkers. A sense of fear washes over you, and you know that this is the spark eater. If it catches you, you will have your spark removed and will be transported to who-knows-where with no way to return home. A name comes into your mind. Clancularius. The world, a blank slate to be carved. And so you begin your great quest to get home.

Joining the Challenge
Ok! Let's begin with how you join. You need:
One starting color (Colorless is allowed)
-A 2-4 CMC planeswalker that is your starting color only, and has a name in common with your name, whether that be username, real name, or nickname. It can be a shortened version.
-A specialty or theme, referred to as a Niche, that your cards will follow (Ex. Direct Damage, Counterspells,
(insert creature type here) Tribal. Your Niche is not set in stone, and can be changed.)
-Up to 2 common cards and 1 uncommon card to accompany your planeswalker. You don't have to use these right away, and can save them for later challenges.
NOTE: If you have participated in PWJ 1 or 2, you cannot recycle planeswalkers or cards from those challenges. You can use old planeswalkers and cards, as long as they follow regulations, but not if they were used in previous PWJs.

The Challenge
Each week I will be posting a challenge that you can create cards for. Cards created for the challenge will be awarded more points based on how well they solve the challenge. More on grading later. As we get further into the challenge, I may sometimes make individual challenges for each contestant. Don't expect this super often, as it will not be easy to think up individual challenges for everyone. At the beginning of each challenge other than the first one, some of the people with the least points will be eliminated. Doing worse in the challenges means more risk of being eliminated.

Each card will be graded on a scale of 1-10:

~2 possible points for being an appropriate power level for it's rarity (This basically means being balanced for it's rarity. It can be strong, but it needs to be balanced.)
~2 possible points for fitting your Niche
~2 possible points for flavor
~2 possible points for correct MTG wording/grammar
~1 possible point for having the artist sourced
~1 possible point for artwork choice (Having art that fits the card)
~2 possible points for being able to solve the challenge it was made for, if it was made for a challenge

For a total of 10 possible points for a normal card, and 12 for a card made for a challenge. All rarities and legendary-not legendary will be judged the same. Planeswalkers will be judged on the same scale, minus the challenge factor. Later into the challenge, if you update your Planeswalker, the points for your new Planeswalker will replace those of your old Planeswalker.

Once we get a few challenges into the contest, I will begin factoring in curve to your score. This is basically just, if your cards were a deck, what your deck's mana curve would look like. This will be graded on a scale of 1-15, with 1 being a horrible curve, and 15 being an optimal curve. Things that would hurt you in this section would be too many cards with the same mana cost, no high-cost cards, no low-cost cards, etc. In previous iterations of the contest, there was a cover factor, which graded how much stuff your spellbook could do. I am going to tone this down to just a 1-10 point grade. You won't get far with slight variations of the same card, be creative! Create different solutions for different situations and you'll do fine.

Card Rules
-Old cards are allowed
-Cards can be changed until the next challenge, at which point they are set in your spellbook and cannot be taken out. Ex. A card made on Wednesday can be changed during Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday before the challenge but not after.
-Cards cannot be colors that your planeswalker is not.
-No planeswalkers other than yours, except if they are story cards.
-If you make a lore/story related card that is not one of your planeswalker's spells you may overlook all rules but you must signify that it is a lore/story card.

Note: As in the first and second PWJ, lore and story are allowed, but you don't get points for story. As someone who did story for my guy in the first one, I thought it was quite fun, but not everyone likes writing story, so it is not at all required.

TLDNR Version
-Submit a monocolor planeswalker that costs 2-4 mana, and a niche (specialty) along with up to 2 commons and 1 uncommon, also monocolor in your planeswalker's color.
-Your planeswalker's name should be similar to your name, whether that be username or real name.
-No repeat planeswalkers or cards from the first PWJ.
-Cards will be judged on a scale of 1-10, with Curve (mana cost distribution) and Cover (diversity/versatilty)
at 1-15 and 1-10 respectively.
-Storytelling is allowed, but not mandatory. No points will be awarded for storytelling.
-Your starting attributes/card slots:
Colors of mana: 1
Maximum mana cost: 3
Max Legendary Cards: 0
Max Mythical Cards: 0
Max Rare Cards: 0
Max Uncommon Cards: 1
Max Commons Cards: 2
-I will be giving out challenges each week. You will get slots to make cards for these challenges, and those cards will be graded. Worse cards mean the risk of being eliminated.

Links to the first two if you want to check them out:

Submissions are due on Friday, July 5, at which point the first challenge will begin.

Now, without further ado, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!

(If you have any questions about rules, feel free to ask!)


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    Ah, yes! I've waited for this moment!

    My niche is L E V E L U P

    Edit: S U P P O R T


  • For clarification, "Bagej" is derived from "Thou baggage", a shakesperean insult used as a greeting from a friend of mine who is into old english.
  • Return of the return? Great name!
  • image
    Niche: White spells (On their own, as opposed to anything white does), animosity to black.
    Home plane: Unknown.
    Supporting spells coming.
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    B A C K S T O R Y:

    Bagej was a really powerful demon who was born from a space-fungus from the blind eternities who broke through the Theros nyx and then absorbed some of the power of the gods and then proceeded to planeswalk everywhere and "elevate" things he deemed worthy of evolutionary promotion. He eventually wound up on Innistrad, where he chanced against Avacyn and Sorin, and they nearly imprisoned him in the Helvault, but then he did the gif where Homer Simpson dissapears into a hedge, except instead of a hedge it was the blind eternities, but that took like 99% percent of his power, since, you know, the blind eternities are dAnGerOuS, and then he used 0.5% more to gather up all his followers and hide them away in the catacombs of shandalar, where they built Blind Gate, to one day bring Bagej back, and used the chain veil to power Begej back up again thкough many generations, and they were about 10% done when Liliana, that little insufferable cad, yOiNkEd the chain veil away, which caused the unready planeswalker spark to fluctuate and YEET Bagej through time and space to end up on Clancularius, with a small portion of his followers and about a tenth of his power. This isn't enough to planeswalk away, so he decided he might as well find that weird tower thing in his vision in hopes that it will help him restore his power.
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    Lord Drakemor, the master of crows.

    Signature Cards
    image image
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    The niche here is fairly obvious, more cards to follow later.
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    image image image image
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    @sanjaya666, pretty much all planeswalkers that become creatures have indestructible. Also, what niche are you going for?
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    @spookoops He's not indestructible though. Also, my niche is like the Gideon ones but in black. A charismatic and vicious warrior but in black, because he was a human knight who was cursed to become a shade for the rest of his very much extended existence.

    And by the way, Gideon has plenty amount of removals too though. (Gideon's Reproach, Oust, even Path to Exile is in the Gideon's spellbook too, for examples.)

    Gonna change some of the cards anyway, probably.
  • @sanjaya666

    Vulganos's first ability is a little weird. He wouldn't be able to block, since he is only a creature until end of turn, but he wouldn't be able to attack, since he isn't hasty.

    So this ability is essentially just removal evasion, which is a bizzare thing to have as his main ability.

    Otherwise, I think this character has a lot of potential
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    @HeroKP So is with Gideon. He doesn't even have anything hasty ever though.

    And it's only 3 mana so I can't really make it have overpowered abilities too.

    And I have no idea actually...
  • Summoning sickness only cares about when permanents enter the battlefield, not when they become creatures.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    Wait, really?


    I just never really played Gideon, so I never wondered about the rulings of that.

    In that case, @sanjaya666, the card makes perfect sense. So overall, a really polished entry! :)
  • Uncommon
    Common A
    Common B
    (Sorry about the algebra on the last one)
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    @sanjaya666, all I'm saying is as soon as it turns creature, I'm gonna Murder him, or price of fame... Overall, I like the design; I just feel it should be indestructible.
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    @spookoops Aight then?

    Ok, finally reworked the damned card.

    So, when will it finally begin then?
  • I’d like to join, but I will be unable to post cards till July 3rd
  • Reminder that, if we get enough people, this starts on Friday! Also, bump.
  • My entry. Niche tricks: making cards move between (time) zones (bouncing, blinking, shuffling or drawing them), and ultimately take extra turns.
  • @ASubtleGhost Can't wait to get into the lore on that one!
  • I might participate if I remember to
  • @DoctorFro

  • Oh guys you overestimate my desire to do stuff...waking up at 2:30 everyday is nice

    I mean tomorrow I’m flying back from Greece tho so :)

    I’ll try no promises bc odd are I won’t sorry -_-

    Ya that slumber was some depression...eeeeee
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    Our planeswalker

    With her FLAME, BLAZE AND FIRE Niche.

    Commons and Uncommon
  • 1) Can I use an old PW that wasn't a previous entry?
    2) How niche are you asking for?
    3) Will we be adding colors as rounds progress?
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    Meet M-P, a really, really, really old robot who somehow has a spark.





    Deep in the valleys of Clawgrank, where mountains of junk a mile high are common, a certain robot suddenly reboots with no knowledge of who they are, other than that they are a planeswalker that can't leave this plane for some reason. They have chosen the name M-P, after seeing the partially scratched off paint that identified the kind of robot they were. Now they wander the endless expanse of Clawgrank, desperately searching for any speck of past history.

    Niche: Salvaging, graveyard interaction, and artifacts.
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