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    Would love to, but probably can't... :(
  • Too far away gosh darnit
  • One of those things where I absolutely would if I can warn my boss enough ahead of time to request time off.
  • You know what's funny, I live in the other Portland. They are practically on the opposite sides of the U.S.
  • Would love to if it wasn't practically on the opposite end of the country.
  • Same here... but an important piece of information is when this is.
  • Unfortunately, I suffer from the same predicament as Red.
  • I live in the middle of the US, everything is far away from me.
  • I would like too, but I live on practically the other side of the planet.
  • I would like to, but with school, I probably can't
  • Disappointingly, myself can't attend. Would've loved to if it were in Canada. But that may be inconvenient for others in the US.
  • @mtgcardsmith, might a suggest a go fund me or something to try to raise money to get people passage to attend. Also perhaps it taking place next year would give more time for people to plan ahead with their schedules.
  • Sorry, for now, I can't attend. I would be down for this had it not be so far away (as well as my local friends that are on mtgcs as well). We would need more money to attend.
  • Getting to meet the people I share cards with here would be pretty cool, but I live on the literal opposite side of the country.
  • I feel like I'm the only person on here who, relatively speaking, lives near there. I currently live about two ish hours away but by the time it comes around who knows where I'll be.
  • That depends on when. I might be around in Oregon in, like, a few years (I'm planning a trip to the US of A), but not any time soon.
  • It does seem that such an event would need to be planned for nigh a year, so that those who wish to attend may try to clear their schedules, and so that if a crowdfund is started, then it can accumulate money.
  • I would but Im in high school so there is no way I could
  • What if we did it somewhere else? Like took a poll of cardsmiths and chose a centralized place in the country that’s not super far from anyone. (Sorry Non-usa folks). Then again, I definitely would not be able to do this as I am still in middle school.
  • I’m suggesting Ohio, considering that there are a lot of Ohio members, and there at least a few members that would possibly go in PA and NJ. Grant and Corwinnn, you fellas are much more likely to be able to book flights.
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    Oh man. Could you imagine? I would get some kind of an event booked at my local card shop with Daryl and Julie for this if Grant and Corwinnn was down for it, this is what I'm good at, I used to promote bands in my local music scene. This would be a breeze.I would need to organize it with Grant and Corwinnn of course then have them talk with Daryl and Julie, or they can have me be the middle guy for this and save them the leg work and I can get the tournament playing area booked for us. I just need to talk to Daryl about it, what day it'd be, and how much he would charge and how long he would let us use the room for, then get that information back to grant and corwinnn. (They own the shop and I've told julie about mtgcs soooo much like today I even did when I sold some cards to the store today. :p) i also think itd help the site potentially gain more cardsmiths!
  • Love to do it but cannot. Ohio sounds like it would be a good place to do it as well. Would we do this more than just once? Would this happen annually or every few years?
  • I could possibly see if my LGS can host it, or if the new pavilion in my town is open at the time you want. I live in the midwest, which is pretty close to the middle of the US, and that way it's closer to the people in new england than it would be in oregon. I'm sure there is someone who is closer to the middle of the country than me, but I'm guessing most Cardsmiths are on the east coast.
  • Scratch that, kansas city. Direct middle of the US.
  • I could probably do the Ohio if it was held there because tha is only a three hour drive about
  • Ohio is 5-7 for me, but I wouldn't want to suggest a location that would inconvenience more people.
  • Thanks y'all, doesn't look like a viable idea at this time. Cheers!
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