Commander 2019 Predictions

So, they already leaked they will be four decks based on mechanics and that would be: Populate, Madness, Flashback and Morph, so, I did this ones.


Let's see other predictions!


  • What I am hoping for is to have the other paruns have cards. We haven’t strictly had a card for Cisarzim, the Lord of Chaos (Gruul), Svogthir (Golgari), or (first name unknown) Simic, from Simic.
  • Ok the stuff has been announced
  • Morph
  • I absolutely expect the flashback deck to at least be izzet, since the two enchantments designed for flashback are red and blue.
  • On the reddit thread the prediction seems to be
    R/B : Madness
    G/W : Populate
    R/U : Flashback (tho I could personally seem Temur here)
    G/U : Morph (again I could see Temur here seeing as Animar already has a strong presence in morph play)
  • I think Grixis for madness, Selesnya for Populate, Izzet for Flashback, and Temur for morph.
  • Jund for madness. Selesnya for populate. Grixis for flashback. Simic for morph.

    I don't know, that's my read.
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