Fairy Tale Tournament w/ @Murkletins

edited July 2019 in Sagas
ThatOneCat’s Challenge


Submit a Fairy-tale legendary creature or planeswalker and their “Signature spell” for the tournament. Once we get 16 people or it slows down at 8, we will start. Each week, I’ll pair you up with another player and I’ll give you a challenge to create cards to fight each other. (Make a 3 cmc creature to battle your enemy! an example.) Whoever makes the winning card moves on, and the losing players will have a challenge to face an outside source. (You have to fight a dragon! Make a 4-5 cmc instant to battle it. an example.) The 1+ of them that make worse cards will get eliminated. That many people from the winning side will get a by for the next round. Prizes will are still being decided by me and @Murkletins.


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