Playing With Fire [Cardsmith Party!]

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As the sun sets on Combinations That Don’t Add Up, it’s time to get crazy! Each player gets an inspiration, idea, or set of criteria to work around, and then makes a card based upon it! But here’s the twist; if you finish a challenge, and someone else is awaiting a new challenge, you can give them one instead! Of course, if you don’t like your challenge, you can use a Draft Chaff to give it to the next person who needs one! Or, if you’re given a challenge you think is too hard, or just don’t want to use your Draft Chaff, you can use a Booster Pack to get a new challenge directly from me. You get one Draft Chaff and one Booster Pack per deadline, so use them wisely! Also, you can only carry a max of three each.

Also... drumroll please...

I’ll be participating.

Of course, I don’t get any prizes, but my rolls for negative and chaos still count!

Every time you successfully complete a challenge, you have a 50% chance of being rewarded with a prize. It could be as simple as a favorite, or as nice as a contest changing item! (See chart below for prize odds)

(No, prizes from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cannot be carried over and vice versa. Unless you got an item that let you do that... hm... that would be interesting!)

Anyways, pester me like crazy. I’m able to give challenges weekdays 9-5 (sometimes later) and sometimes weekends!

Prize chart for prize rolls:
4-10: No prize
11-14: Common Prize
15-17: Uncommon Prize
18/19: Rare Prize
20: Mythic Prize!
2/3: Negative affect


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    Tommia Enters!

    I have:
    x1 Draft Chaff
    x1 Alt Booster Pack (As the contest owner, I must ask someone else for a challenge if trading)
  • Okay I... I think I understand how this works.

    1x Draft chaff
    1x Booster Pack
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    @Arceus8523 Your Inspiration:
    If you are able to, listen to any one (or more) of the following Hard Rock songs. Then, make any card you want. If you can’t (or don’t want to) listen to any of these songs, I’ll give you a new challenge on the house.

    - Save Me by Skillet
    - PYRO by Shinedown
    - Bulletproof by Godsmack
  • I will enter
    1 draft chaff
    1 booster pack (although I don't know what type it is. Is it a promo pack? Draft pack? Or Theme Pack? We will never know)
  • @Bowler218 KEK

    Your Inspiration: Create a card with the following flavor text.

    Lightning always strikes twice.
  • The Hero of the Capes shall stop by! So far, he has

    1x Draft Chaff
    1x Booster Pack
    1x Season of Hilda to get inspired by (Give us S2 already, you promised us you wonderful filmmakers!)
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    @HeroKP OOF

    Your criteria:

    Make a creature with hero in its name that isn’t white.
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    Coming up! (appreciate the name reference btw)

    Yeah, it's a kids show. So is Gravity Falls. And if you don't like Gravity Falls, we have an even bigger probelm on our hands
  • I’ll join as well, I like these creative challenges XD

    I posses:
    - 1x Draft Chaff
    - 1x Booster Pack
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    @joerivlimpt Well welcome to the show!

    Your inspiration:

    Create a card with this art:

    Be sure to credit the artist, as its artist is provided on the deviantart page. Click on the picture to go to the deviantart page.
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    I'm up, with 1 draft chaff, 1 booster pack and 1 terrible sinking feeling.
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    Can I have a challenge?

    @Bowler218 You rolled a 3. Better luck this time!

    Your new criteria:

    Make a card with the word “counter” anywhere in its name or rules text that does not involve counters and is not a counterspell.

    @MemoryHead wait... sinking.,.

    Your inspiration:

    Make a card with something falling or sinking in the art
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    @Bowler218 Well that was quick...

    You rolled a 12. You get:
    - D21 (Common, Static): For the rest of the current deadline, your odds of getting a prize are slightly higher. (You can roll a 21, which will give you a common prize.)

    Your criteria:
    Create a noncreature spell with a very large creature in its art.
  • @Tommia you asked for a challenge from us?

    What does the fox say?

    Make a card centred around the creature type fox, but I can’t be a creature
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    Fox says it’s hungry. Thankfully it decided against making me its meal...


    I am ready for another :3
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    @joerivlimpt Let’s see what you get as a prize

    You rolled a 14. You get:
    Gift of the Extra Day (Common, Static): You can submit an entry a day late. When you do, you lose Gift of the Extra Day.

    Your new challenge:
    Make a noncreature spell that only has an effect/grants an effect on your first main phase.
  • I’m rolling...

    I got a 10. Everyone is safe... for now...
  • @Bowler218 or someone else can you make a challenge for @Tommia?
    One last one for the day, then I will be right back here at 9am tomorrow
  • Ill join!
    I have a 1X draft chaff
    1X booster pack
  • @Bowler218 noice. I’ll go ahead and work on the new challenges, but first...

    You rolled a 16! You get:
    Totally Normal Pen (Uncommon, Activated): Nothing special here. Move along...
  • really, I would like to enter but IT MAKES NO Sense. what does it do? what does Draft chaff and booster pack do?
  • @Bowler218 Your new inspiration

    HARD - Clear for a guaranteed reward!

    Create a card that’s an item from another game WITHOUT using a screenshot or camera image as the art.

    @zizick123 Welcome to the show!

    Your inspiration:

    Create a black enchantment with a risk versus reward theme. (Ex: Lich’s Mastery, Demonic Pact)
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    *sigh* I can only be so patient. All I can say at this point is that I can’t force you to understand something, and you shouldn’t start a new contest off screaming about another in all caps. I’ve explained so thoroughly how things worked in my other contest that I literally can’t get any clearer.
  • I shall enter with
    X1Draft Chaff
    X1Booster Pack
    X1Nerdiness(not a prize, but a personal happenstance. It allows me to metagame flavor text)
  • First, this pen: if I take the pen off, does it become a sword similar to a certain son of a certain greek god by a very popular author?
    Second: can the "item" be a person, place, or thing?
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