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  • Currently preparing for this event:

    What deck will be good in this format?
  • My initial instinct is to say izzet drakes. That deck's practically untouched.
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    Izzet Drakes should be good! I don't have UR shock land but cheap card draw spells will help me get mana for Crackling Drake
  • Played 6 games with Izzet Drakes but it's hopelessly weak! XD
    Dino decks seems strong in this format
  • @Dom_Rocks

    What format?

    Also here's one for standard I've been messing around with
  • This is fun:
    7 Island
    6 Plains
    4 Hallowed Fountain
    4 Glacial Fortress
    1 Field of Ruin
    1 Blast Zone
    4 Ugin's Conjurant
    4 Spectral Sailor
    4 Supreme Phantom
    1 Remorseful Cleric
    1 Departed Deckhand
    4 Empyrean Eagle
    4 Hanged Executioner
    4 Dungeon Geists
    3 Conclave Tribunal
    2 Icon of Ancestry
    1 Gods Willing
    3 Winged Words
    2 Dovin's Veto
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    @Arceus8523 @Dom_Rocks
    Standard except a bunch of popular cards banned. (See the image I posted.)

    @Arceus8523 @Faiths_Guide
    Nice decks! Going wide is a good strategy because they banned Teferi(s). That means less control deck = less board wipe cards.
  • They banned Feather so my only viable deck is unusable :'(
  • This isn't standard, but I've come up with some janky deck ideas for modern recently.

    The first is a vampire aristocrats deck, with a slight combo twist. The new Sorin allows you to get big vampires out very early - but a problem is that, most of the time, if you have no Sorin they'll just be sticking around in your hand doing nothing. This deck circumvents that by using 4 Stromkirk Condemned that can throw them away while buffing all your vampires. The rest of thee deck is filled up with a bunch of typical vampire tribal cards and aristocrat cards - Viscera Seer, the new Cordial Vampire and Bloodghasts.

    The other is a simple Aether Vial/Collected Company soldier tribal deck, with a few other nice synergies. Most of the deck is comprised of good soldiers - Thalia, Porcelain Legionnaire, Anafenza - but the deck also packs a punch with the lord Field Marshal, as well as the token pooping Brimaz, and the pretty busted Preeminent Captain.
  • Since I could not play my Feather deck I decided to begin my Vampire deck.
    The poster boy in that deck, Sorin, is at least not as important as Feather is in her deck so the deck works well even without him.
    This is a "budget deck" until I get the wildcards to make it real but it seems to work great anyway.

    Vampire Shakeup deck List:
    5 Plains
    9 Swamps
    3 godless Shrines
    1 Isolated Chapel
    1 Orzhov Guildgate
    4 Scoured Barrens

    4 Knight of the Ebon Legion
    4 Vampire of the Dire Moon
    4 Adanto Vanguard
    4 Dusk Legion Zealot
    4 Legion Lieutenant
    3 Bloodthirsty Aerialist
    1 Sanctum Seeker
    1 Twilight Prophet
    2 Champion of Dusk

    3 Cast Down
    1 Legion's End
    3 Mortify
    2 Vraska's Contempt
    1 Call to the Feast
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    I'm thinking about getting 4 Knight of the Ebon Legion, but the next rotation makes me rethink about that. Do you think Knight of the Ebon Legion is still good even after we say bye bye to Ixaran's vampires?
  • @Tomigon
    I think the central question is how good will aggressive black decks be after rotation. As for the answer, I'm not very sure...
  • Here's a list of all the notable cards rotating with Throne, just to put it out there:
    (The ones in bold are cards I considered to be very prominent for a rather long period of time in standard, even compared to the rest of the list.)
    Adanto Vanguard
    Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
    Baffling End
    Benalish Marshal

    Bishop of Binding
    Cleansing Nova
    Dauntless Bodyguard
    History of Benalia

    Ixalan's Binding
    Knight of Grace
    Legion's Landing
    Lyra Dawnbringer

    Mentor of the Meek
    Militia Bugler
    Radiant Destiny
    Remorseful Cleric
    Resplendent Angel
    Seal Away
    Settle the Wreckage
    Shalai, Voice of Plenty
    Shield Mare
    Skymarcher Aspirant
    Snubhorn Sentry
    Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle
    Tocatli Honor Guard
    Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
    Admiral's Order
    Arcane Adaptation
    Blink of an Eye
    Chart a Course
    Curious Obsession

    Deep Freeze
    Dive Down
    Entrancing Melody
    Essence Scatter
    Merfolk Trickster
    Nexus of Fate

    Nezahal, Primal Tide
    Sai, Master Thopterist
    Search for Azcanta
    Siren Stormtamer

    Spell Pierce
    Surge Mare
    Tempest Djinn
    Warkite Marauder
    Wizard's Retort
    Cast down
    Champion of Dusk
    Death Baron
    Dread Shade
    Dusk Legion Zealot
    Fungal Infection
    Kitesail Freebooter
    Knight of Malice
    Liliana's Contract
    Mastermind's Acquisition
    Moment of Craving
    Plague Mare
    Ravenous Chupacabra
    Ruin Raider
    Sanctum Seeker
    Seeker's Squire
    Stitcher's Supplier
    Sword-Point Diplomacy
    The Eldest Reborn
    Twilight Prophet
    Viscous Conquistador
    Vraska's Contempt
    Walk the Plank
    Yargle, Glutton of Urborg
    Alpine Moon
    Blood Sun
    Charging Monstrosaur
    Demanding Dragon
    Dire Fleet Daredevil
    Fanatical Firebrand

    Fiery Cannonade
    Fight with Fire
    Ghitu Lavarunner
    Goblin Chainwhirler

    Goblin Warchief
    Haphazard Bombardment
    Jaya Ballard
    Lightning Mare
    Lightning Strike
    Reckless Rage
    Rekindling Phoenix
    Sarkhan, Fireblood
    Shivan Fire
    Star of Extinction
    The Flame of Keld
    Viashino Pyromancer
    Wizard's Lightning
    Blanchwood Armor
    Carnage Tyrant
    Deathgorge Scavenger
    Drover of the Mighty
    Druid of the Cowl
    Elvish Rejuvinator
    Ghalta, Primal Hunger
    Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma
    Jadelight Ranger
    Llanowar Elves
    Merfolk Branchwalker

    Ranging Raptors
    Ripjaw Raptor
    Steel Leaf Champion
    Tendershoot Dryad
    Thorn Lieutenant
    Vine Mare
    Vivien Reid
    Wayward Swordtooth
    Wildgrowth Walker
    Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

    Hostage Taker
    Regisaur Alpha
    Elenda, the Dusk Rose
    Legion Lieutenant
    Vona, Butcher of Magan
    Enigma Drake
    Vraska, Relic Seeker
    Nicol Bolas, the Ravager
    Azor's Gateway
    Crucible of Worlds
    Karn, Scion of Urza
    Mox Amber
    Primal Amulet
    Silent Gravestone
    Sorcerous Spyglass
    The Immortal Sun
    Vanquisher's Banner
    All 10 checklands
    Arch of Orazca
    Field of Run

    Unclaimed Territory
  • That's a big change! I'm gonna miss Rekindling Phoenix the most. It's my favorite card.
  • @Tomigon Like @Arceus8523 said. It depends on the state of black aggressive decks.
    I do however believe the knight could work rather well in black mid range and some others as well since he is somewhat of a removal magnet will mid and late mage payoff.

    Someone told me that the vampire deck could work rather well after rotation but after looking through the Ixalan cards I begin to doubt that. I have instead begun to working on an Elemental deck since I already have 4 Omnaths and barely has to spend any rare/mythic WC on non-land cards.
    The problem is the lands though. So many shock lands which I don't have the WC for.
  • @Tomigon

    I'm going to miss my bro Carnage Tyrant, the best anti-control card in all of standard. I've owned my playset since around the time RIX came out and it spearheaded my RG stompy deck throughout its entire life.
  • Oh no my Feather deck will lose Reckless Rage!
  • @Teacup
    Domri's Ambush is good in Naya Feather deck. Mana base becomes harsh though, especially after checklands rotate.
  • @Tomigon
    I give Eldraine a 85% chance of having an ally land cycle. Right now, with the M19 temples, there is an imbalance in the ally and enemy land cycles in standard.
  • @Arceus8523
    I'm 100% sure there will be an ally land cycle in Eldraine. And I want them to enter untapped!
  • @Tomigon

    The fact that we need specifically an ally cycle makes me think Grove of the Burnwillows might actually get a reprint, as problematic as it might be to reprint it into standard.
  • @Arceus8523
    Ooo that's interesting!
  • Anyone have deck ideas for this format?


    Standard except players start the game with this emblem-

    "Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, exile the top card of your library. If that card is a land card, put it into your hand. If that card is a creature card, put that card on the bottom of your library and create a 1/1 green Plant creature token. If that card is a noncreature, nonland card, put that card on the bottom of your library, each opponent loses 1 life, and you gain 1 life."
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    I tried out my new Elemental deck for the event.
    Since I lack Wild cards I built it with mostly what I had lying around.
    Aside from a rather bad and really slow land base it did quite well with the landfall triggers.

    4 Shock
    4 Llanowar Elves
    1 Chandra's embercat
    3 Lightning Strike
    2 Thunderkin Awakener
    4 Leafkin Druid
    2 Chandra, Acolyte of Flame
    2 Jadelight Ranger
    1 Living Twister
    4 Risen Reef
    1 Chandra, Novice Scorcher
    2 Scampering Scorcher
    4 Omnath, Locus of the Roil
    2 Chandra, Awakened Inferno

    For simplicity sake I'll combine all guild gates and the few shock lands I got.
    1 Island
    3 Mountains
    3 Forests
    5 Izzet lands
    7 Gruul lands
    5 Simic lands

    Chandra, Awakened Inferno is a god card in this format since so many seems to bring Field of the Dead
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    That looks good. Sadly I only have one Omnath and one six drop Chandra.

    I made a UB control deck with four Bloodthirsty Aerialist in it. I won three games, lost more than three games lol. Cry of the Carnarium is really good though.
  • I’m happy. Opt is being reprinted in ELD. I don’t even play blue.
  • I'm happy too. If red has Shock and blue doesn't have a 1 mana card draw, the universe isn't balanced.
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    I am very disappointed that ELD won't have an ally color rareland cycle. Standard will be unbalanced fixing-wise for the next four months.
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