4 Color Commanders

Welcome to my first contest. I'm a big commander fan, and have been dying for more 4 colored commanders. I'm a big tribal player as well. Below are five legendary lords that I designed. One for each four color combination. Your job is to make to make a legendary that would fit in 99 and also be alternative commander. (That's five cards total)

Each card must have the following to count:
Credit artist
No MTG art
Fair balancing
No joke cards
No anime

All 5 cards must be posted in the same post.
The 5 cards you are to make must have this exact Mana cost and work with the theme:
WUBR Humans
UBRG Hydras
BRGW Minotaurs
RGWU Centaurs
GWUB Flying

Judging will be based on artwork, mechanics, synergy and authenticity.

Prizes!! :D
All entries get a favorite.

3rd: a follow and 10 favorites of your choice.
2nd: a follow and 10 favorites of your choice and 5 of my choice.
1st a follow and 10 favorites of your and 10 favorites of my choice.

Ends September 9th 2019 12am PST.

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    1st entry.

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    Sorry, by "one of the 99" does that mean it's suppose to be a viable alternative commander? Does it have to have all four colors? Also, what is provoke? In conspiracy it's something you do to enemy creatures.
  • @derain2 yes it it must be a viable alternative commander. And provoke allows creatures to attack opponents creatures
  • Provoke's a tad more complex than that but yes, basically.
  • image

    New submission. So when Vey's, Magus of the Winds gives your creatures provoke, does that mean they must attack each turn if able?
  • Ah! I was confusing it with goad. Thank you!
  • Here are my entries, Enjoy!

  • Here are my commanders for your viewing pleasure!

    image image
    image image
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  • 4 days remaining!
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    Here are they:


    I know it is a bit unfair, that I used mtg.design, because it has better graphics, so feel free to disqualify me from this contest. I just tried to have as much fun with this as I possibly could and to as creative as I could. I seriously alarmed all my creative brain cells to go and work on this. So I tried some unusuall names, so these are not just all the basic "(Name), the Someone" and I was trying to be inventive with the mechanics. Hope you like them.

    Using @EnvyReaper's custom set symbol.
  • @ThePhantomJoker
    Thanks! I never thought someone would actually use that :)
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    3rd entry.

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    4th entry.

  • Final few hours remain!!!
  • Last minute entry!!! (I'm not well versed in commander, so pardon me if my cards are subpar.)



  • Please standby for judgment!!!
  • First thank you all for participating in my first contests. A great amount of these entries I feel are well done and I really enjoyed seeing the creativity and support you brought to my Commanders. Now for the results.

    Honorable mentions: @ThePhantomJoker @Sanjaya666 thank you very much.

    3rd Place: @CnBCustoms good job, nothing really over the top, each a nice 99. You do have my favorite card entry, The Spellbound Irregulars. It's a really fun card for me. Samurai Storm just sign me up.

    2nd Place: @SteampunkDragon I loved these unique abilities on a few of the cards. The support they bring is really balanced as well. Best art selected among entries, really works well for each of the cards. These are easily perfect in my 99.

    1st Place: @Norzael Friend, you nailed it. Where do I start, art was good, but these card designs that work with my Commanders. Super strong Bats that swoop down killing creatures. Centaurs are just absolutely savage in combat. Sending the cows to the slaughter <3 really love that. A Human that just wants to speed things up. Last the Hydra that's just not nice. However it made my roommate want it, just to have so he can torture me with, because he loves Hydras. The synergy was just unreal to me here with all of these. Congratulations you are the winner!

    Winners please DM me the cards you wish to be favored.
  • Congrats to all winners and honorable mentions! It was great fun!

    This was a great contest. Definitely a challenge, but well worth the effort. Thank you for liking my creations! I sent you a DM with my favorites.
  • Oh, were we supposed to make cards, that would fit into the deck under the commanders, that you created and showcased at the beginning? Oops
  • @SonnyLowell my question is did my entry count seeing as how I entered rather late and didn't have time for more entries? I was going to make more but I didn't have enough time by the deadline, sorry!

    Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions!
  • @SorinJace Yes once entered you're good. If you complete the cycle and post them I will still give em a like for entering
  • Ok that sounds good.
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