Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



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    Tai ran up to her angelic friend.

    “Onara! Onara!” Tai yelled happily.

    She stepped back. Her eyes shone dangerously for the first time.

    “Your flute is an instrument of dark magic,” Onara said as she took another step back, “Why do you possess such an evil instrument? What can it do? I can’t train near your dark weapon. I won’t-”

    “Onara, wait!” Tai cried, “The weapon is dark and evil, but I am wielding it! It’s safe with me!”

    “How can I know you don’t have greed or a lust for power? Maybe you-”

    Tai interrupted again, “I have lost my life of trickery and loneliness. I value my friendship, I’ve learned from my past mistakes!”

    Tai paused. She knew she had lied about her loneliness. Her two dearest and oldest friends were gone, and Onara was the last person there for her. She couldn’t let Onara leave.

    Onara studied Tai carefully. “Okay,” Onara said, “Congrats on winning your match.”

    Then, Tai whispered something in Onara’s ear. She smiled as they flew off into the forest together.
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    Tai guided Onara to an old house positioned next to the foot of a dead tree. Adjacent to the dead tree, there was a large river with lush green grass on the other side.

    Suddenly, an arrow flew at Onara from what seemed like nowhere.

    “Look out!” Tai giggled annoyingly.

    Onara unsheathed her sword and spun around to block the arrow with the flat of her silver blade just in time.

    “What was that about?” Onara asked.

    “Tai, it looks like your friend passed the entrance exam,” An archer said.

    “Who is this?” The angel demanded.

    “Caron,” Tai replied, “She’s watched the tournament since it began, she’s also an accomplished archer.”

    “And what’s this place?” Onara asked.

    “The Trogon-” Caron started only to stop after a glare from Tai.

    “Fine,” The archer complied, “This is a place we gave you to train in private.”

    “Wow!” Onara said, “Thanks! I’ll be sure to keep this place a secret.”

    “Shall we start?” Tai asked excitedly.

    “Sure,” Onara said as both contestants took their positions.

    “Biggs!” Caron shouted, “The first training session is about to start! We shouldn’t miss this!”
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    The two contestants sparred for a while. Both of them refused to back down, and it seemed that they were entertaining Caron and Biggs very much.

    “You’ll have to be better than that, Onara!” Tai taunted as she dodged another of her attacks.

    The angel just smiled and beat her massive wings rapidly, creating a large gust that pushed Tai backwards towards a tree.

    “Excellent tactic,” Caron remarked.

    Tai was slammed against a large tree, but recovered quickly. Onara swooped down, ready to make a final blow. Tai threw sleeping powder into the air. The effect was instantaneous. Onara suddenly became unfocused and drifted off in one direction, she fell asleep at the foot of a tree.

    Biggs clapped childishly.

    Tai woke Onara up from her sleep and congratulated her.

    “After watching countless tournaments, I can tell that you both have great potential,” Caron instructed, “You both just need to work on a few things: Tai, you need to be able to think faster on you feet. You come in with a plan, but barely escape when things go wrong. If you can work on adapting quickly to different situations, you will find yourself much more successful. And Onara? Higher speed should be your goal. If you can quicken your reflexes, you’ll be able to use your brilliant, quick, and strategic mind to your advantage.”

    Tai looked like she had been smacked in the face.

    “Tai! Tai?” the Angel said, “Is something wrong?”

    Tai cake back to her senses immediately and responded, “Oh, it’s nothing. I think I’ve had enough training for today.”

    Onara looked at the Faerie quizzically and flew off as well.

    “That was fun,” Caron told Biggs, “Hopefully they’ll come back.”

    Biggs nodded. “But for now, we must train.”


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  • Caron’s words seemed to hang in Tai’s mind.

    “You come in with a plan, but barely escape when things go wrong.”

    If only I could have saved mom and dad...

    There was a knock on the door.

    “Tai,” Onara called from outside, “D’you wanna go train?”

    “I’m okay!” Tai replied, “I’ll skip today.”

    Onara frowned. Tai had never skipped a training session before.

    “Sorry Caron,” Tai heard Onara say, “Tai isn’t up to training today.”

    “Oh well... maybe she’ll come tomorrow.”

    Her device suddenly glowed mysteriously and flickered out. Tai peered at it curiously. It glowed again, but this time, a figure emerged.

    “Taz!” Tai said, “What are you doing here? How are you trapped inside there?”

    Suddenly, the golden light that was Taz’s figure disappeared.

    (I will continue this part later)
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    Inerasable Shadows - Part I

    Sir Killian walked outside from Koorir's room, who was being treated by a young, female healer in white robes while an older one spoke with the minotaur. When he closed the door behind him, he stood silently and looked around the hospital corridor. Afternoon sun shone through the countless windows onto the polished, wooden floor, and some other healers were talking to patients in nearby rooms. A few hours have passed since the match between Tai and Koorir, yet Killian couldn't stop thinking about the eerie black smoke that had controlled the minotaur before his defeat. After a moment, the door behind Killian opened, and the middle-aged healer stepped outside the room.

    "How is Koorir, Bristana?" Killian asked.


    The tournament host and healer crossed her hands before her chest. "He was lucky. Any weaker contestant could have lost their life after getting so much abysmal darkness into them. Koorir only lost his consciousness and had a nightmare. The abyss priest must remove his signet, since he no longer competes and will leave once he is healthy again."

    "I see," Killian said as he stroked his chin while thinking. "And what do you think about... the things he told us?"

    Bristana sighed, walked next to a window, and looked outside with a worried look. "If everything what he said is true and Merikh survived... he will use the black mana he gathered from Salaxum to travel to this world by going through the planar gash within Eternstor's dungeon. He is most likely already walking on Eviera's soil as we speak."

    Killian closed his hands into fists and turned his back at Bristana. "And we both know what that means..."

    The church mother watched as children played outside and talked in a serious tone while also sounding a bit afraid. "That a new threat is roaming within Lisakdonia. First the sisters, and now him. There is no telling what he will do, and which cities are in danger. Sooner or later he'll know where we host the tournament, and come right here, to our Legorna..."

    "If he arrives..." Killian said silently while gripping the handle of his sheathed greatsword and thinking about what happened in Salaxum. "... we'll stop him once and for all. I'll inform the others. Clementia must send a word to Crastine. The current contestants need to know about this as well."

    After a farewell gesture, sir Killian marched away. Bristana took a deep breath, then walked away from the corridor as well.
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    The light fizzled out and disappeared.

    Tai was very confused, but somehow, the confusion seemed to give her hope.

    Maybe I can find out the secret of the Thornwind Sisters...

    She held her little creation in her hand and examined it carefully. Inside, there was a golden, glowing substance and on the outside, it was cased in a thin layer of bronze with intricate designs on it, slightly revealing the dazzling light inside.

    Maybe this’ll be the key to my research! I just have to find out where to start.

  • This is Koorir's childhood jsut briefly there was more to it, but I never got around to writing it.

    The Village on the Hill
    All the highborn are born on the hill. Every dynasty of leaders was raised and cultured here. It is the origin of the Kaltharn people, and all their descendants. From Ryaor the Great to Teran the Wise, all of their history is here on the hill.
    The hill is the center of the land. The culmination of the leylines that run through the plane, and embody the soul of the land. Through these ley lines every 100 years, a champion is born. The year has come upon the village on the hill that a champion will be born.
    My hooves push heavily into the ground as I run towards the hill. Late, I am going to be late. Too late. I am supposed to be there, someone was supposed to tell me when my brother was gonna be born.
    “Hey Valior!,” my friend calls to me from a market stall off to the side of me. I wave him off, he is not of importance to me, right now. Right now I must focus, when I get up the hill I will have very little time to make myself presentable the way my parents want me to be.
    I make it to the top of the hill, the gates are flooded with people, they all want to see the champion after he is born. It is said to be good luck to lay eyes upon the newly-born champion. I disregard the disgruntled shouts as I push my way through the crowd; since I have the status of nobility no arguments are raised. I run into the keep past where the guards are posted to file the others in. I can hear my mom in labor downstairs, in the basement of the keep. I assume my dad and the healers are down there with her.
    I rush to my room first, there I dust myself off. To make sure I look appropriate for the occasion I check in a shiny rock. The delicate reflection seems to agree that I look the part.
    Down the stairs, and to the left. I run through halls as fast as my stubby legs can carry me to my soon-to-be brothers room. Outside the door I see the three boxes which are said to determine what kind of champion he will be. I put them inside his room, the same as every other sibling who has had the job of the champions sibling. Before I leave the room I remind myself of the contents in each box to make sure the order is right. The Blue Box with the Small Staff in it on the left, the Green Box with the Small Shield in it, in between the two, and the Red Box on the right which contains the Small Sword - I assure myself the order is correct as I am sprinting to the basement.
    At the entrance to the basement a healer stops me a look of devastation is on their face. They begin to usher me back up the stairs. “No! I must be down there before he is born!” I try to shove the healer out of the way. He grabs me, he is almost three times my size.
    “I’m so sorry Valior. Your father wishes to be alone at the moment.” He carries me up the stairs, I continue to fight him the whole way, refusing to give ground.
    Tears start to well up in my eyes, for reasons beyond my comprehension. The next thing I know I am screaming, and on my knees at the top of the stairs.
    I wake up in my bed. Startled I look around, unsure of how exactly I got there. Grief and anger convulse through me as I stand up. My vision dims, and my head spins rapidly. I sit back down on my bed. My visions swims with colors, and then figures start to appear all around me, champions of the past. They smile at me as my gaze passes over all of them. One of them starts to walk towards me.
    Two of them begin to speak in unison, as the one approaching me laid a hand on my shoulder. His fingers dug into my shoulder, “No matter the circumstance you are guide to he who bears the name champion, he who has caused you grief, and will continue to cause you grief.” Even though I knew that they were apparitions, the hand felt as real as the weight their voices carried. “When we depart you will be left to your sorrow. Do not wallow in this filth you associate yourself with.” Confused by their words and actions I lay down on my bed. I could hear their footsteps as they moved towards me.
    I struggled to not scream for help as they lay their hands on my chest. My chest heaved as I tried to form some coherent thought to say. Rather than an actual word forming a sort of whimper appeared in the air between. I stuttered out a coherent thought eventually, “Leave.” A short and sweet command that was fulfilled. The figures left the room, I was knocked out once more by my own mind coiling around my lungs.

  • I woke once more, on the same day, breathing regularly this time. I did not know if what I had witnessed was reality to anyone but me. I strained to grasp that the figures may have been real.
    As my thoughts finished on the matter one the maids popped her head into to ask if I was alright because she heard a loud thud from my room, but was too afraid to enter. Deeming her useless I motioned for her to leave.
    Alone with my thoughts once more I found that maybe it was real. I recalled the spirits mentioning that I would suffer. Suffer, why did I have to be the one who suffered. Why could it not be the people who were lesser than my family. I was royalty after all I should be held higher up.
    My legs began to make their way downstairs on their own accord. Not being able to disconnect from their strides I followed along now intent on seeing where this ended. I was taken to where the main floor of the keep led to the basement. There besides the stairs leading down into the lower level were two guards, both of which were good friends of mine. Eager to see why tensions were high earlier I began to make my way down the stairs, without paying too much attention to the guards.
    I had not so much as made it down the first three steps when they hauled me back up to the top. “What the hell was that all about,” outraged by this inconvenience to my agenda I continued to spew obscenities at the two males.
    “Valior.” My father called to me from down the stairs, “I need you to stay up there where it is safe for the time being.” Frustrated by his command I protested silently, for I would never openly dispute my father.
    I sat idly by the guard shift occurred, and as the healers went up and down the stairs. Eventually my father came up, and made his way to where I was skulking. “ Valior,” he called to me, “I understand that you wish to know what it going on, but now is not the time my son. All you need to know as of right now is that the champion has been born.” Frustrated by his refusal to inform me of all the going ons of the keep I stormed off.
    My brother, the champion was born, which means that my duties as guide would begin soon.
    I left the house later that hour with the three boxes from my brother’s room, hoping to never be seen again.

    A New Start to Life
    All life is born out of light and out of darkness. Most people assume all life is born purely from light. Those people who believe in only the light think of themselves as pure beings. People with two sense understand that life is more of a mix of the two. The feeble choose to believe that all is born out of darkness, never to see the light.
    It has been seven years since Valior left the Keep. Or at least that is what I have been told. Similar to that, it is the day that I turn seven years of age. I do not care much for how old I am, although everyone else seems to make a big deal out of it. On this day every year I go through the ceremonies, the same ceremonies.
    Though this year I expect something to be different. Several months ago a seeker came to me while I was in the village. She told me the coming of a revelation, to everyone in the village. I pestered her for an answer on what would come, but even she could not say what it was.
    Anticipating greatness to finally arrive I waited patiently. I knew the hour was nigh to celebrate my birth before the guard even walked in to tell me to come to the Great Hall.
    I stood at the end of the aisle, on the other side of the hall from my father’s throne. The throne next to it has been empty for seven years, that was where my mother where was supposed to sit.
    Most people, in the village, were plagued by the death of my mother, and still held grief over the matter. I personally have no connection attached to my mother besides her birthing me. Although some would say the death of my mother was so influential it is why Valior left. Regardless of the rumors I would go through the ceremony as I usually do.
    The horns sounded to begin the ceremony. I began to walk down the aisle, trailed by my servants and family. As we reached the middle of the hall the far door slammed open. A boy, no more than five, who was covered in blood staggered into the hall. His sentences came in ragged groupings, “The darkness is on its way here.” Then he passed out from exhaustion.
    From down the hill, with all the noise from the hall having quieted, we could hear the sound of screams and war horns.
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    This is Koorir's interaction with a young boy in the town. (Ratch) (Like Ratchet and Clank)

    Ratch had never been into a brothel. He figured since today was his 13th name day he would visit one. Entering through the red curtain doors Ratch stepped into the Red Bird’s Nest for the first time. The Nest was empty. Discomforted by the absence of activity Ratch made his way to the staircase, in the back right corner, in search of someone. As he began to climb the stairs, he heard a roar behind him. Scared out of his mind Ratch turned around. He saw a huge figure hunched over at one of the tables in the darkness of the room. “Don’t hurt me sir! I have done nothing wrong...this wasn’t me...I just wanted to see what a brothel was like.” After whimpering out a plea for peace Ratch realized the figure was asleep.
    He stared from a distance trying to make out who exactly was at the table. Making the realization that he would have to get much closer to make out who it Ratch began his grave walk. Each step felt like a stone was being added to his ankles. Eventually he made it to the table. Before he could make out the shape a yellow eyed flicked open.
    Ratch screamed and turned to run, but a hand grabbed his throat and lifted him up. Ratch was panicking, held in the air choking he attempted to kick his attacker but to no avail. The hand of a monster had him struggling to breathe. The gruff voice of him huffed. Then Ratch was dropped, flat on his back.
    A towering figure stood over him, sniffing at the fear that was pouring off of him. “Who in their right mind would wake up a drunk minotaur?” The minotaur scoffed at Ratch, he looked around and began to leave.
    “Wait, sir! My name is Ratch, what happened here?”
    “How the hell should I know I clearly was not here.”
    “Sir, were here I just woke you up.”
    “No I wasn’t.” As the minotaur walked through the curtains he said, “and page I would suggest you keep your wits about it’s a dark world here now.” With that the minotaur was gone.
    “I’m not a page.” Slow to respond Ratch felt dejected by the monster.
    Ratch stood up, looking around he decided it couldn’t hurt to check if anyone else was here. He headed up the stairs that he had prior been scared off of. At the top of the stairs there were two hallways to the left and right, each side had 3 doors on either side of the hall.
    Starting off to the right he checked each room semi-thorough, enough to make sure that no one was present. Satisfied with his search he moved on to the other half of the hall.
    The first two rooms checked all of Ratch’s boxes. It wasn’t until the third room that Ratch realized the rooms were supposed to have a red curtain, synonymous with the name. Skeptical of why they didn’t he was more shocked by the red curtain this door had. It looked like the color of blood, and it wrinkled as if it had dried blood on it. He could feel himself beginning to retch, but he held down the bile and willed himself through the curtain.
    Inside the room was empty. The light that came through the window seemed to just vanish halfway through the room. Looking around Ratch realized he could see his breath staining the air a light gray-blue. The corner of the room to the right specifically caught his eye. It was pitch black. No light escaped the corner, Ratch could feel himself being pulled towards the corner. A strange calling making him feel if he was in an ice filled room, a bitter winter to remember.
    Ratch reached out towards the corner the darkness seemed so inviting. Keep your wits about you, Ratch recoiled. Glanced around the room then tried to run through the curtain. It was frozen shut. Ratch threw up when he realized the curtain had blood dripping off of it, and threw up a second time when he saw the blood all over his hands. Out of pure instinct Ratch ran to the window and punched it as hard as possible. The window shattered too easily, and Ratch fell out of the window.
    One story down, and Ratch found himself on his ass again. For the third time he retched, all over himself.
    This was not Ratch’s job he has to go see the guard, the captain would know what to do. Maybe he could track down the minotaur also, he might know about the darkness, however unlikely it seemed.
    He made his way to the captain of the guards. The hall was large, and both doors were shut, on the door was a giant door knocker which had two angel wings on either side of knocker. Ratch knocked on the door with the knocker hoping to make a good impression.
    “The hall is closed today lad.” An old voice came from behind Ratch, “the knights are at the training grounds for the day the champions for warming up for their upcoming battles.” Ratch stared at the old man confused briefly on how a man of his age could know such information.
    “Kind sir how have you come to acquire such information.”
    Perplexed by what Ratch said the old man replied, “I was once a knight but I don’t know anymore I only assume.” With that he walked away.
    Left alone again Ratch headed towards the training grounds, near the edge of the city.
    As he walked through the streets no seemed to be about, which was odd because the tournament always meant the city was bustling. Maybe there was some announcement I missed. Nonetheless he continued towards where the old man had stated the knights would be.
    Sure enough as he arrived at the location there were several of the knights in the yard. Farther down on the grounds there were several trainees were sparring against champions, and there at the end stood the captain of the guard shouting orders at the trainees.
    Shining in his full metal breastplate the captain stalked up and down the fields of battle. Ratch stared for a while watching, time after time, as the trainees got decimated by the champions. Realizing he was staring Ratch headed to go talk to the captain. “Hello...sir...sir.” So much for first impressions. “I begin my,” stammered Ratch.
    The captain glanced at him. “Well then get dressed over there your up next against Koorir.” The field right in front of them had an older boy in full armor with a long sword battling against the minotaur champion.
    His to be opponent toyed relentlessly with the trainee. Every time the trainee took a swing at the minotaur it was effortlessly parried by a small hatchet.

    There was more to this but same as the other story.

    Sorry for bad indentations on the first one Im copying and pasting in a spur of a moment because procrastination of my hw
    And the second

    I swear they are indented in the comment, just not after the post. But I do not have the time to fix it sorry.
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  • @shadow123 - It comes when I have time to continue the story.
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  • Tai decided to take a small break from researching and started to train again after two days.

    “Hi!” Tai said to Biggs as she flew into their hideout with Onara.

    “Well, well,” Biggs said, “I’m glad o see you’re ready to train again!”

    “Sure I am!” Tai exclaimed, and I’m ready to win!

    Onara lifted into the air above Tai. The faerie watched the angel’s movements closely as the angel circled around her. Tai knew how Onara’s body would bend before she dived down, so it would give her the perfect moment to fly out of the way and dodge, then throw sleeping powder.

    Onara was a few steps ahead of Tai though. She created a gust of wind that forced Tai to the ground and then swooped down.

    Knowing she wouldn’t be fast enough to dodge, Tai created an explosion with red and gold powders that propelled her away from Onara’s blade.

    “Nice try!” Tai taunted.

    Onara smiled, and then created another gust of wind.

    I need to find some way to stop that wind...

    Tai was pushed backwards violently, and Onara rushed at Tai from the side.

    Tai smirked. “You won’t be fast enough Onara!” she yelled. Tai folded her wings in and let gravity assist her in dodging the attack.

    “I knew you’d do that,” the angel retorted.


    The angel beaten her wings powerfully again and Tai was sent towards the ground at an extremely high velocity. She created another series of explosions that broke through the ground so she could land out of reach of Onara’s gale.

    Tai splashed into an underground stream. Her dress was now soaked and slightly ripped.

    “I’m going to have to get a new outfit after this battle,” Tai laughed to herself playfully, “Maybe a darker color would suit me better.”

    She zoomed upwards and created a flash of light in front of her. Onara was ready for this. She angled her blade so the flash of light would bounce back at Tai, blinding her momentarily. Onara quickly darted towards Tai and swung her sword. It connected with Tai’s shoulder blade and the faerie plummeted to the ground.

    She woke up a few hours later.

    “Sorry about that,” Onara said, “I don’t know my own strength.”

    “No, it’s fine,” Tai assured her friend, “I’ll be back in fighting condition by tomorrow. My healing powder should do the trick.”
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  • @shadow123 - I've tried to find time to continue the tournament, and there has been progress, though only a little. A few big things are happening in my life right now, and those things have kept me busy.
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