Crow the Scares! I mean SCARE THE CROWS!

Hey guys! The objective is pretty clear: Let's make Reaper King some friends!

Put that into rules:
- Create a creature or tribal card with the subtype Scarecrow
- Make no more than two entries unless you ask nicely for more
- One old card allowed (unless you ask nicely)
- Create no cards that would fit into an Un-set (no joke cards)
- Pay attention to your wording, graphic design and stuff like that
- No Mtg art
- Post the card image, not just a link (if you don't know how, look it up or ask somebody)

Judging criteria:
- Judging will happen on 15th of October
- Originality, inventivity
- Graphic design (!)
- Wording
- Balancing
- Flavor
- Art (?)

I will announce three top places and up to two honorable mentions depending on the number of entries. The prizes will be from three faves to whatever I feel good to award the specific card. Enjoy :)

Reaper King (if you don't know him):


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