Forget the Frame! It's in the Color Identity!

First of all, I gotta say, sorry for the weird name; normally I'd be able to come up with something clever, witty, or otherwise funny (at least to me).

So, I am very partial to cards that are multicolor in identity on account of acitivated abilities. I can't say why, but I love the look of them. I want you to make cards like that!

Standard Challenge Rules:
New entries only.
No joke cards unless they're actually funny.
Up to 3 entries.
Vague Judging Rules.

Must be mono color.
Must have an activated ability, giving it a two-colored identity.
Try to make it balanced!

This will keep going until it runs out of steam, I guess?

The prizes will be dependant on the level of participation.

Here are a few examples:
image image image

Have fun!


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