Adventurers Guild. Recruitment poster!

It's the time of ghouls and ghosts, witches and goblins. Monsters of all sorts; but where did these monsters come from? Where do they live? Dungeons of course! If they aren't taken care of swiftly, then they could mean gloom and doom for the townsfolk. And all that precious candy! So we're going to be recruiting some adventurers to take care of these pesky creeps.

This is a just for fun contest to see what everyone comes up with! There's not going to be a winner, so feel free to post as many entry's as you like!
Creature type- Adventurer
Adventurers usually party up and help each-other out, so lets see this in action using a tribal mechanic! -Party
Also artifacts, enchantments, and other spells related to adventurers, guilds, and parties are all welcome.
Keep in mind adventurers usually have ranks:
*Copper plate- Common
*Silver plate- Uncommon
*Gold plate- Rare
*Mythril plate- Mythic Rare.
Try to match the power and coast of the card with it's rarity.
Most importantly of all Have fun! That's what adventuring is all about right?
So lets get us some recruits and clear out those dungeons! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

PS. Feel free to use adventurers from your favorite books, video games, tv-shows, etc.! Again this is just for fun.
And Feel free to make your own version of the same card, not everyone has the same ideas about what the same card should do so show off your creativity and be proud to be different!


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