The Cardsmith Camaraderie set (Commanders/Legendaries only) *Needs your input!*



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  • Sorry fellow cardsmiths, myself have been busy with thanksgiving. We'll be starting this up soon once myself get back into the groove of cardsmithing.

    Until then, myself am participating in other threads over the next while to practice.
  • When will mine come?
  • Myself can start working on it in a few days after practicing for a day, just for ya! Myself know this project is a long wait and am hoping to finish it in a reasonable timeframe, but given time constraints it will take longer than expected.
  • What about me?
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  • Step 1: Any combination of Jack and Draco
    Step 2: He/him/his
    Step 3: Simic, Jund, Sultai, Boros, Mardu, Abzan
    Step 4: Midrange, mostly. I like big value creatures supported by tricks.
    Step 5: Don't be afraid to double-down on the Commander aspect... I love things like Partner and Eminence!

    Also, I'd be willing to help if it's still needed.
  • It's official, myself will be back to work on cards this weekend. After a long delay!
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    The only problem I have with my card is that I Can't remember where Zaran is.
  • Not sure, didn't make it. But myself will start this weekend and fix any issues then.
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  • @Temurzoa Did you mean noncreature artifacts for Redrewt?

    (also, for my card I would like you to aim more for the bad cards to good cards please)
  • @AxNoodle, look at you finding synergies!

    Can you please clarify "aim more for the bad cards to good cards"?
  • @Temurzoa Wow, I phrased that wrong. I meant that on my Step 4, I put “Step 4: Gimmicky stuff, control, making bad stuff good” and I can’t edit it now. I was just attempting to use the English language to put emphasis on the latter part of the step and failing.
  • Step 1: For a male character: Jacob or John, For a female character: Jessica or Charlotte.
    Step 2: I go by he/him IRL, but surprise me. I'd be fine to have a representation of either gender.
    Step 3: Mono-Purple, Selesnya (GW), Gruul (RG), or Simic (GU)
    Step 4: Some Fatesealing effect, Tokens, Stompy (big creature aggro), and/or counters.
    Step 5: No, my chard art does not have to be an Arceus. That's just the name I use for a lot of my online accounts, originating all the way back to my old roblox account.
  • Bad news, but not that bad. Myself am postponing work on this set for around a month while myself am getting back into the groove of cardsmithing.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience this causes!
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    @murkletins no worries, its wonderfully that you're doing this in the first place!

    Step 1: Gemini/Gemina/Geminus/etc, Weli, or any latin/ancient greek translation of part of TheCenterofTheUniverse
    Step 2: he/him IRL, but likewise with @Arceus8523, I'd be fine with a representation of either gender
    Step 3: WB, UR, BG, UG, BGU
    Step 4: (In no particular order) Prison (usually including White), graveyard matters, U/x weenie, R/x combo, or enchantments
    Step 5: This set of mine is a good reference to what types of designs I enjoy.
  • 1. Any variation on the word fire e.g. Latin, Greek (Fiendfyre, Banefire, Ignos, etc)
    2. Normally he/him but whatever works with art/name is fine
    3. Any two or three of BUR
    4. Graveyard, spellslingers, burn, combo, artifact-centric - or something that's never been done. Surprise me!
    5. I'm a huge fan of instant-sorcery based strategies so anything involving flashback, jump-start, arcane, storm, suspend, or anything else like that is super cool.
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    Up next: @Corwinnn

    Do you want your card to not be squirrel tribal?
  • @Temurzoa Interesting. I see you saw the Saga and Tale stuff from the Saklinian Empire for the Colonisers of Turmoil competition. With a bit more support, that would make the bad sagas playable. I would build that myself in that case!
  • @Corwinnn


    Anyone want to do me?

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    I'm on it. You don't mind not being legendary, do you?
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    For @Temurzoa the fabulous:
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    1. Just throw together any combination of Killing and/or Fantastic. (or anything that could substitute those.)
    2. Male
    3. Rakdos, mono black, mono red.
    4. I want it to use my life as a tool, example "pay 2 life, draw a card" and/or sacrifice creatures for the greater good. it would be preferable if it was a Demon, Devil, or Dragon.

    Thanks :)
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