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  • Let’s go!
  • @Norzael, how related to their entry must it be? Is it supposed to synergize, be flavorfully related, or was the base just a way of making us dictate each other’s colors?
  • @Ranshi922 The card needs to include only the color, if multiple colors you may do one or all of its colors, of your opponents submission. And it should try to synergize, yes.
  • So... it’s like, we’re supposed to make something that in a game would make theirs, if a commander, better?
  • Not to distract from round 2, but just want to point out to @Nozrael that @ASubtleGhost 's Lashka Val would not be blockable by a creature that had any of the colors LV already had protection from. It's still awesome, and could make them think twice about playing a trick during your combat after blockers are declared.

    Looking forward to seeing the entries for round 2!
  • What was @MemoryHead’s submission for round 1?
  • @shadow123 I haven't got one up yet because I was slightly late due to being in the bye round. I'll have it up in a few hours at the worst. Sorry.
  • @JackDraco But it could still block those creatures and deal damage to them. I had phrased it with the first ability even though i knew it was an ability assisting defense over offense. That was my fault haha.

    @MemoryHead Please post your round 1 entry on here so people can see it.
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    And @Ranshi922 , Yes, essentially thats what it's for.
  • @Norzael does it have to be a pure enchantment or could it be like an enchantment creature, also could it be an aura or curse or once again pure enchantment?
  • Here's my entry for round 1. Sorry to those it might have inconvenienced by being a little late:

  • Congrats to @ASubtleGhost! I will fave your card myself here in a bit. I thought it was pretty sweet too. @Norzael I will most definitely keep up with the contest, it looks like it will be a blast.

    And who knows, I may come back guys.... mwahaha. ;)
  • Should we post or PM you the card?
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    @Termite1 PM the card to Norzael
  • I apologize for delays on results. I know i have received a few entries so far, i just had had the time over the weekend due to being busy. And this week i've got meetings all day so i'm going to try and pump out what i can in early mornings.
  • Round 2, Results 1:


    Card Type: Enchantment
    Colors: Include only any of the colors of your opponents submission from round one.


    Magmatic Hellscape - This is a nice touch to Tommia's legendary, practically turning the self discard into a mass discard for the same cost. And with extra damage. This could be real nice alone, and paired with Tsurszaza. The only thing i'd complain about is the CMC of the card. RB for an enchantment that could ping every turn. I understand it's only once, but with Tsurszaza on the field, it's huge. Id say maybe the enchantment be the same CMC as the ability, 2RB. But other then that it's a nice card in every other aspect.

    Encore Performance - This is quite an interesting card to pair with Paulios. Paulios lets you substitute combat with a fight mechanic for RRWW, and then the enchantment lets you get an additional combat phase for 2RW. And so with this enchantment if you pay a total of 2RRRWWW, you can put a +1/+1 counter on Paulios and have him partake in combat for his second effect all in the same turn. It's a big price to pay, but it's worth the trouble once you get it rolling. And as a note for others: This enchantment mentions untapping the creature that was "fighting" another. We all know when a creature fights it isn't tapped, but the adding of additional steps/phases usually describes untapping creatures, in most cases, it's all creatures.

    Both cards here were very nice and quite nice to be paired with their Legendary Creature counterparts. Alone, they can do some nice things, and together, do dangerous destructive things. But only one is victorious:

    Congrats @Tommia with Encore Performance! This card definitely felt more in tune with it's Legendary Creature counterpart, and was well designed to help any creature benefiting from a fight mechanic. Magmatic Hellscape felt just short of a victory due to CMC cost being a tad low, and i felt there could of been a more creative way to have the same effects you were going for.

    @Tommia Please send a PM of two cards you'd like favored.

    @SteampunkDragon Remember to keep in touch, we may see you again soon!
  • Has everyone submitted their cards?
  • Sorry, everyone, I haven't, but will very soon.
  • @Norzael is @Ranshi922’s and @stormbreath’s match commencing soon?

    If you’re short of time I totally understand.
  • Round 2, Results 2:


    Card Type: Enchantment
    Colors: Include only any of the colors of your opponents submission from round one.


    Wildfire - I first want to point out the first "whenever" was not capitalized. And secondly, i see what you are trying to do with the second ability, but i feel it could use better wording. Possibly something like "Whenever you would deal damage to a creature or player, deal that much damage plus X instead. Where X equals each instant and/or sorcery you've cast this turn." Now, even that looks pretty sloppy for some reason, i also tried seeing if "... deal that much damage plus 1 for each instant and/or sorcery you've cast this turn." But that would result in multiple instances of [damage +1] rather than one instance of [damage + X]. Overall it was a great card, and could be very powerful in say a deck like the new Prebuilt Flashback EDH deck.

    Among Kin - To start, this card is pretty awesome. To note: Ranshi pointed out something i overlooked in round one, about stormbreath's original entry is literally evolve, a simic mechanic on a white creature. I ended up overlooking it, so that is my fault on that part, so Ranshi had done his best to create a synergetic piece like this, despite the breaking of color pie his opponent used in round one. And i say you accomplished this to great extent. This is a great way to get some numbers on the field, and take benefit of smaller creatures with an impactful presence. And as long as you got a large creature on the field, you can truly benefit from this.

    Congrats to @Ranshi922 with "Among Kin"! This was by far an overall better creation in the aspect of overall structure. It was nicely tuned to work well with stormbreath's creature and a possible deck that'd be built around it. Stormbreath had a single grammatical mistake, and the last ability was somewhat questionable on wording. I myself couldn't find a way to make it feel right either. And i feel there could have been several way to make it more fluid. Maybe even a "Whenever you would deal damage to a creature or player, deal an additional damage for each instant and/or sorcery you've cast this turn."

    @Ranshi922 Please send me a PM of 2 cards you'd like favored

    @stormbreath Please keep in touch. You may be brought back later!

  • You can favorite whatever. Just let me know what you do!
  • @stormbreath, good game! (Is that appropriate to say in this circumstance?)
  • Going off of Jaya and Furnace of Rath. “Whenever a source you control would deal damage to any target, it deals that much damage plus X instead, where X is equal to the number of instants and sorceries you have cast this turn.”
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    @Ranshi922 Good Game! I'd actually love to try and create a custom commander deck with you based around either Aliene or Adara, if that's something you're interested in.

    Well, I didn't expect to get too far in. And about Aliene, I've always thought that Evolve was kind of in a weird place, since it deals with +1/+1 tokens, something you see more of in White-Green than anywhere else, so I felt that it wouldn't be a stretch to include a non-keyworded form on a legendary white creature, especially since Aliene is supposed to grow over the course of her time on the field.
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    @SteampunkDragon GG on the card. I'll leave a favorite!
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