Cimanra's Rise Round 1

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Cimanra is hit with a curse that's also a blessing. For her to create cards, she must unlock the other 4 forms of mana, but each time she does so, she gains better stats and abilities.

She begins in a dungeon, and you control what she notices within the lands.
She begins with access to only one form of mana: swamp, and to gain more lands, she must kill creatures.

Every 10 creatures she kills, she gets another basic land of her choice.
Every 50 creatures she kills, she gets another normal/artifact land of her choice.
Every 150 creatures she kills, she can upgrade a normal/artifact land to legendary.


She begins with three of this land as well, able to respawn in one of them as she desires:


Lastly, every killed creature becomes a slave in these dungeons to her will, but for her to make them usable, she must pay the costs to recruit those creatures.

YOU control what she finds otherwise.... can she secure all 4, then dominate all the planes? Let's find out...


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    *Draundr is equipped with Scour*
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    Taking no chances, Cimanra summoned a death mage then looked at Draundr, potentially waiting for a response. "Hello, are you friend or foe?" She asked, taking stock of how well developed the 3 dungeon sections were. She had an anchor, however, with the mana of these three dungeons. As long as they remained intact, she could revive herself, so she was confident she could take a few high-powered forces here.

    How would Draundr react to her presence?
  • @EnvyReaper Ready. Final version made.
  • How did Cimanra summon the Dark Occultian, I don't see any abilities on there
  • Also Draundr fights the Dark Occultian
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    3 dark mana, she begins with 3 swamp areas. The only condition is realism with the mana.

    As Draundr fights the dark occultian, Cimanra snickers. "So... enemy." She said casually, and begins summoning more forces with her swamp mana.


    The mercenary thwarts Draundr, doing heavy damage to him, then Cimanra begins walking up to him. "The curse tells me you have no mana, so this will come easy to make you revive on my side." She says, having the death knight instantly kill him, with the occultian dying in the process.

    "Now, your first order is simple. Tell me your full story why your here. I am Cimanra, the dark princess."

    Draundr had no choice but to comply.

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    @EnvyReaper Draundr realizes she can regenerate as well.
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    Cimanra left Draundr then, to answer to the soldiers, entering the 2nd dungeon at that time. Examining the dungeons, she found that each one had exactly 5 gates where forces would come out of. Better yet, there was an orb that would let her move the lands to new areas a desired. Noting that the orb was the heart of the land, she knew they had to be protected in order to keep the armies coming.

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    @Reizon I just used Draundr to see if you have thought this through, you clearly didn't think this through and Cimanra is too op if she can just magically summon creatures perfect for a situation.

    You should have made it clear from the beginning that creatures could be summoned and that Cimanra all of a sudden has a magical "heart"
  • @Reizon

    I target the heart
  • @EnvyReaper

    You realize that no conventional magic will harm this heart. It seems to be tied to the land, and the land is tied to the heart.

    {no, I didn't underestimate, the occultian has deathtouch. So, he dies, but you do as well}
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    It says Legendary enchantment and "If this card is destroyed, Cimanra loses."


    I attack the card with Mortify
  • Damn, I have BLACK mana, not BLUE.
    !! I got it!


    Life: 17
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