Legend of Zelda Set

Hello peeps, I am very new to this card creating thing but I'm having LOADS of fun dumping cool card ideas where I can actually see and test them. Btw, all the artwork on my cards IS NOT MINE, I haven't gone out and looked for the artists yet but it is something I plan on doing soon.

I am currently in the process of creating a Legend of Zelda set called Legends of Hyrule (kind of a basic name but it's sort of fitting for the content) and I was hoping that some of you guys could help me out with some feedback, card ideas, or new mechanics. All the mythic rares and basic lands have already been created but I still have a REALLY long way to go when it comes to the rares, uncommons, and commons.
I am adding a new mechanic called Save, save can be used during combat or when a spell targets a creature you control. The whole idea is that before damage is dealt, if you have a creature that has save that is not in combat you can pay it's save cost and swap its place for the creature you want to "save" in combat. The ability also works on spells where instead of the requirements being that the creature is not in combat, it has to be untapped to use its save ability on a creature being targeted by a spell.

The Zelda Set (In progress) --> https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Nebelmaschine

I've been playing Magic for something like 2 years now and I have had so many ideas for cards that would be a neat addition to the game, but until now I haven't been able to find a place where I can create and share those ideas. I am really looking forward to seeing what feedback and ideas you guys will send me, getting more involved in this community is something I'm really interested in.


  • I'm not super familiar with Legend of Zelda, but I'd be happy to assist in wording and balancing cards.
  • Thanks, card balancing is something that I'm not that great at.
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    I have 3 Legend of Zelda themed cards

    image image image

  • My favorite is No, You Listen.
  • I should probably add some cards based off the original Zelda, it has some content that you can't really find in the other games anymore.
  • This is how big I plan to make the set:

    175 Cards:
    15 Basic Lands
    15 Mythics
    35 Rares
    45 Uncommons
    65 Commons

    I have not yet decided how many of each card type we will have, if I even decide to set a certain amount.
  • @Nebelmaschine
    Here are some general rules of set design I follow:
    1. At any given rarity, make sure there are the same number of cards in each single color. Color balance is a must.
    2. Figure out a mechanical theme before diving in to card design. Take some compelling designs you already have sitting around in your mind and figure out what they have in common with one another.
    3. Know what you want each two-color combination in the set to do. Your set should be optimized for draft and draft decks are usually two colors.
    4. Start by designing whatever comes to mind, then, once you have your mechanics figured out, push through designing commons and not much else. The heart of any good set lies in well-thought-out commons.
  • Thanks for the info, I'll make some changes in order to follow these general rules.
  • Wow this set has a lot of planeswalkers
  • As of right now I just create cards just to get the idea down somewhere, so I don't really plan on having that many planeswalkers in the set unless that's what I decide to go for.
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    The trick with a planeswalker is asking "does this character make sense in-universe as a planeswalker?" planeswalkers are beings that can willingly travel from world-to-world, whereas all other characters are bound to a single world.

    My personal examples are Solgaleo, Lunala, Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina from Pokemon
  • I think my mythic planeswalkers make sense for the Zelda universe but I may have to rethink my rare planeswalkers.
  • Here is a idea

    {t} add 1 blue
    Flavor text : Zelda?
  • That sounds like a good idea for an uncommon, i'll keep that in mind.
  • After taking a break from making cards, I finally finished the rares and uncommons and now just have the commons to go! Feel free to look over the cards and let me know if you think something needs to be nerfed or buffed. Hopefully some of you get the references :)

    The Zelda Set (In progress) --> https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Nebelmaschine

    < New Set Plan >
    185 Cards:
    15 Basic Lands
    15 Mythics
    35 Rares
    50 Uncommons
    70 Commons
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