Reactivation Challenge #57 - Unpopular Mechanics

"Years ago a smith created an amazing contest, then another and another. Each new contest more amazing than the last. Eventually someone made what many deemed, the greatest contest OF ALL TIME!! Countless Entries were made, so it would take months to judge... or so it seemed. The community patiently waited for an answer that would never come as it's creator vanished mysteriously without a trace from the pages of history. It was then that @Tomigon joined forces with @Corwinnn and they formed The Cardwatch. This merry Band of Misfits vowed never again would this happen, and thus the Reactivation Challenge was born!"- @Lastjustice

*Reactivation Disclaimer (Please read if you enter) :
1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.
2 ) The new judge cannot choose their own submissions as the winner.
3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).
4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. They host it as the reactivation judge.
5 ) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.
6 ) New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
7 ) The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
8 ) The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.

( ^ @NextJudge Copy this disclaimer and the Intro story to your new challenge thread.)

Original contest was by @TezzeretofCarmot21

***Unpopular Mechanics***

I really enjoyed the original contest, so I decided I'd bring closure to it and give new entries a chance for glory. So just like with the original contest, this contest is trying make great cards out of unpopular mechanics. Some of these were not well received or very popular some with good reason. Some just may have never been printed on worthwhile cards. It's up to you finnally give these underappreciated mechanics a day in the sun.

You must use one of the following mechanics with any cards you make for this contest. You must use the name/keyword, and can not modify the existing mechanic for your entries.

Sweep, Channel, and Epic from Kamigawa.
Megamorph from Tarkir.
Haunt, Hellbent, and Radiance from OG Ravnica.
Horsemanship from P3K.
Infect and Phyrexian mana from New Phyrexia.
Rampage from Legends.
Phasing, Substance (which was never seen on an actual card!) from Mirage.
Landhome, Banding, Bands with other
Amplify from Legions
Cumulative upkeep from Ice age is a good source for additional info.

Example Cards...

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

You may have up to 10 entries, which up to 5 of them can be existing cards that were created before this contest date. (1/15/2020) Cards from the previous contest will count toward your total unless you opt to withdraw those entries.

Prizes 5 Favorites of your choices for First. 4 for Second, 3 for 3rd. Additional favorites for honorable mentions will be decided based on turn out.

This contest will run till 2/15/2020 so you got a month to make a bunch of cards. Best of luck, and feel free ask any further questions as I know some of these mechanics existed before some of you were born heh.



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