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Magic for me has always been inextricably linked with world-building. I was first a D&D player and got into mtg later on.. When I build a deck, I've often looked at it as world-building in a sense, as art in a way. I would build a deck, and a story would start to manifest. Since that time, many of my world's that I've created have been inspired in some sense by Magic.

As many of us here are creating original characters, and I'm guessing that many of us are either building worlds around our cards, or are drawing from original worlds when making them, I thought it might be interesting to start a thread for those who are into the art of map-making, and also where we could discuss world-building in general.

This is pretty open-ended, feel free to post Maps, ideas, cards, and lets have some interesting creative discussion!


  • Well now that i've posted this, I'm finding it difficult to actually post any maps. If anyone uses Inkarnate or another Cartography site, any ideas on how one might post content. The normal coding for the cards we post doesn't work. LOL
  • Try uploading the image to Imgur, Deviantart, Pintrest, or Artstation
  • @Rayne-Lord

    Use Azgaar, it is random, but you still get a high degree of customization, more updates are also coming
  • Thanks @Bowler218

    @EnvyReaper I'm not familiar with it. Another cartography app?
  • image

    Did some mingling of worlds here, the classic D&D setting, based off both the 3.5 and 5th edition of that adventure, and some ideas I pulled from Innistrad.
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    Ok. I have a world map I designed for my first homebrew! (I love world-building)

    AAAND I can't find the file...

    Edit: I just found it.
  • @Ranshi thats awesome man, does it have a name?
  • Byd Antur
  • I can't upload my images because they're saved on my computer, not online, so there isn't an image address.
  • Try Imgur
  • What's Imurg?
  • @KorandAngels, it’s how I get images that I have saved into a link.
  • @EnvyReaper thats dope man! I love the detail on the roads! What are you using?
  • I am a fairly regular DM and player. My map around the camping city has become detailed over the years but the world is enormous and we will spend many more years finding out what there is to see.

    There has been little crossover for me between D and Mtg tho. Same friends, completely different hobby.

    Maybe some day I will make up Dominaria? I don’t know.
  • @Ranshi Have you considered doing a topographic map? I find them really helpful to really visualize the world that I'm building. So whats going on in that world, do you have any cards based off it?
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  • I have a scrapped D&D campaign. Technically my brother's campaign exists in it, but he doesn't consult the map, no matter how much I ask him to.
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    We utilize the map a low because 1) the city is large but sparsely populated so sometimes you have to cross no-man’s land and 2) overland travel is a big part of the game.

    In the wilderness we use six-mike hexes. They are the most useful divisions for travel and domains
  • @Rayne-lord
    What program did you use for that map?
  • @Bowler218 I have the premium version of Inkarnate.
  • Ok, just asking because I might use it
  • @Scott_Anderson @KorandAngels @Ranshi

    Ok guys, so heres a map I did a while ago for a short standalone adventure "Expedition to Feymire Cavern." 

    It's intended to have more of an OSR kinda vibe, with an extensive dungeon crawl in a 'Fungal Forest' type setting full of fey, shroomfolk, goblins, and Bullywugs (frogfolk)

    I have been contemplating a small set based around this very small area and adventure, with the idea of trying to echo the OSR vibe by creating an throwback aesthetic to magics earlier days, while also making it somewhat modernized in terms of playability.

    I am considering including the peasants of the Hamlet of Frogshollow, but the focus would be on the denizens of the cavern itself. 

    Prospective tribes might include

    -Fungus (Native denizens.) 
    -Bullywugs (These guys also populate the wider swamp region.)
    -Kobolds (A very small faction on the verge of extinction within the cavern.)
    - Fairies
      ~ The Fey deserve special mention because in the story there are several factions, all competing against one another (along with Goblins and Bullywugs.) 
    These include: Dark Fey (Think evil pixies), Jermlaine (Tiny gremlin-like dudes who hang out with spiders and rats, and utilize stealthy magic), Grigs (Think fairy/cricket 'centaurs', they're completely loony, capricious, and potentially a major antagonist), and the Nybyn ('celtic' fairy-gnomes, typically good guys, but they steal the locals cows and shrink them so they can have herds in the cavern.)

    **Spoiler- there is an Aboleth fry that lives in the undergound lake, causing all the inhabitants to be crazy, and occasionally turns some of them into aquatic-mutant dudebros

    I'm basically looking for help putting together existing or custom mechanics that might help give the set some mechanical cohesion as well as aiding the 'old-school' vibe of the set. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • It's lovely. What's the scale?
  • I can't remember off the top of my head the sq mileage of it, but it's roughly a little more than 20 miles from Frogshollow to the western shore of Mossmist lake. Traveling through the Fens, even with the aid of Cormac 'local badass and swamp-guide' its not easy traveling. 

    I also wanna have a cycle of 5 legendary creatures that would represent the PC party, and I totally wanna make them super tropy
  • That's pretty sweet!
  • Wow! These maps are all so beautiful! I usually just draw on some scratch paper with a pencil. : )
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    If you want that kind of early Magic stuff, I would use Minion, Mercenary and other unsupported-but-not-errata'd-types. (That's what I'm doing with my La'ayiv Returns cards.)
  • Old school... Like summon leper?
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    Not that old school...
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