All-Static Planeswalkers

Hello again Smiths! From the depths of my mind, I've managed to conjure another odd planeswalker challenge.

This time, your planeswalkers can only have static abilities. However, you can't just make them glorified enchantments. You have to include loyalty as an important factor of your cards.

The Rules:

1. Unlimited entries

2. Entries due by 3/10/2020.

How Your Card Is Judged:

Creativity /3
Flavor /3
Balance /3
Credit to Original Artist /1

If you can't find the name or username of the artist, the site from which you got it from is fine.

The Rewards:

First Place: 3 faves of their choice + an honorable mention in my next contest.

Second Place: 2 faves of their choice + an honorable mention.

Third Place: 1 fave + an honorable mention.

Fourth - Sixth: an honorable mention.

If two people tie, they get the same rank and reward.



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