Villainy *Circuit Challenge*

As @East2West pointed out in her expose on Villains in Magic article, Black has an abundance of Legendary Villains, and the other colors are seriously lacking in the Villiany department.

In this challenge we want you to make NEW Legendary Villains that have NO BLACK in their color identity!

East2West highlights that all the other colors have villainous traits within them.

White cares only about the good of the many, it sees the laws as absolute and unbending.

Blue is logical, it doesn't see emotions or personal conflicts as important.

Red is chaotic and destructive, the consequences of its actions don't matter as long as it's having fun

Green wants to reclaim society. Tearing down all facets of civilization without caring about casualties.

It's up to you to bring these NEW Villains to life!!

Deadline April 14th, 2020

First Place - 1 CP

Second Place - 3/4 CP

Third Place - 1/2 CP

Honorable Mentions - 1/4 CP

You may enter up to FOUR New cards!



  • I always love designing villains! Here are my entries:

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    Like these?

  • @ningyounk Also the dude in your green card looks like an elf. The picture is an elf guy right?
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    Tiraan of the Kailari Zuriel Dominant Seraph Kayii the Reaver
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    My image broke. Will repost link, as well as new card.
  • image Based on the Dungeons & Dragons fallen angel who leads the front line of Devils against the Demons of The Abyss.
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    Here's a set with four villains. Disregard the black card in the set. He's a good guy... sort of.
  • Been a while since I smithed, thought I'd take a crack here. (First time posting an image with the new forum, sorry if it gets a bit wonky.)

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    Fussy Princess
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    Azha Blinding Archon

    Azha is an archon planeswalker from Theros. When her planeswalker spark ignited, she was sent to Djesra, a lawless and chaotic plane without white mana. When she managed to escape back to Theros, she swore she would no longer stand to see the impurities of non-white mana on any plane, and started a crusade the eradicate them from Theros. 
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  • I have a lot of ideas for this I'll be making in a bit

    unfortunately 2 of those ended up with black in em haha
  • a white card that makes black tokens technically doesnt have black in it's color identity right?
  • @Xero0 - The color identity of a card is specified by all mana symbols that appear in its casting cost, color indicator, and rules text.
  • But, if something just refers to black creatures, in isn't black?
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    First off, apologies for clogging up the comments with random, rambled rule definitions.

    @KorandAngels Simply having the word black on a card doesn't make the color identity include black. That'd mean that cards with things like "Protection from red" would be color-identitied as red for EDH, and that'd be silly.

    A card's color identity in relation to effects like protection refers to the mana symbols in the cost (and, on rare occasions, the border color for transforming cards or effects like Devoid for the Eldrazi). For example, Smiting Helix can target a creature with protection from red or protection from white, but not a creature with protection from black.

    EDH and other commander-based formats like it employ color identity for deck creation, asking that decks be made only out of cards that share a color identity with the commander. In this sense of the term, a card's color identity is defined by all of the mana symbols on the card (unless they're in reminder text). In this sense (which is the proper meaning of color identity as it tends to be used), Smiting Helix is black, but also red and white because there are red and white mana symbols in the text box.

    Hope that helps, or at least that it didn't make anything any more confusing. I also hope that I've actually interpreted what you were seeming confused about right and haven't just done this for no reason. We'll see, I guess. For reference, here's that Helix I was talking about. It's a real card.

  • That is not what I meant. I was referring to @Xero0's Question about a creature that is white but creates black tokens. I knew all that stuff you wrote up there already.
  • no, what they rote still says a white card that makes black tokens doesnt have black in it's color identity by definition
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    This would be people that revel against a tyranical god, however their methods are not the pretiest, corrupting angels and turning them into fallen angels, sacrificing their own soliders and even the lives of innocent people, their cause may be just, but their methods are not the best; and they see their sacrifices as nessesary.

    It doesnt help that many of the people that live under the protection of the god dont know of the atrocities he has comitted, and see them only as evil terrorists that want to take over their god's place.

    (one of them is black I know, but only Nyra is the entry, I just couldnt show her without her counterpart haha)

    They may be more antyheroes than villans, and while their cause is just, it's not the only thing driving them, vincent was a noble that fell out of favor and got betrayed but now has retaken his land by force, and nyra has a personal grudge agains the god and a few of his angels. 

    They might just be justifying their personal revenge with a just rebolution, but even they dont know for sure.

    (I invision em as being like, one of the factions that would be seen as the "bad guys" in a set, alongside the god they revel against, but since they can be considered antyheroes I'm not sure if Nyra counts for this.)

    (All of the ones controlling major powers in the set would have the praetor subtype haha, including the god)
  • There's a different between an Antihero and a villain?
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