Homelands II, Like the Old Joke Says

I was trying to get this out for April Fools' Day but I missed the deadline. It's an earnest attempt to make a small set that takes place on the plane of Ugothra and uses some of the same characters in Homelands. 

I've tried to construct it to today's standards of balance and draftability. 

Take a look if you like.



  • I think it is a pretty nice set. It seems balanced, much more powerful overall than the original homelands. The artwork on all the cards looks amazing, and i like the flavour too. My only question is why is Defend the Barony have custom as it's card type?
  • Does this set have common legends? The white legend near the top appears common.
  • I do like this type of olde cards
  • By the looks of it yes. I remember seeing one in white and one in red.
  • Yes, there are some common legends as well as some in uncommon and rare. There were rare legends in the original Homelands so I made it like that on purpose. 

    @Abu_Jafar It should be a World Enchantment. Thank you for catching the typo. 

    I will fix now.

  • It is indeed a set. You haven't really asked for feedback and I'm certainly not going to trouble myself unnecessarily. I will say, however, that it does appear to contain a small but significant portion of cards that are clearly far too powerful or have effects that really shouldn't exist, some for their rarity and some just in general.
  • This almost inspires me to finish my Fallen Empires set that I made one card for!
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    @Corwinnn OMG @Hinges sand I did a Fallen Empires sequel set! It was really fun and flavorful.
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