The Tomb, The Void, and the Plane

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From the dark hollows of the earth, the unexplored expanses of space, and the sprawling depth of the mind emerge three mighty figures, strange beings unseen anywhere else across the land. You could scarcely believe your eyes if they weren't standing there before you.

Welcome to my second challenge.

This challenge is specifically inspired by this fine gentlemen.

What I'm looking for is legendary creatures that can be cast from a zone in the game, other than your hand, and only that zone. These zone would include, the Graveyard, Exile, and the Library. Here are three such examples I've thrown together over the past few months to give you more of an idea of what i'm thinking.

So there you are, what brave souls shall emerge victorious from out of the unknown ether?


  • The Tomb: Up to One legenday creature that can be cast only from the graveyard
  • The Void: Up to One legenday creature that can be cast only from Exile.
  • The Plane: Up to One legenday creature that can be cast only from the library.
*New Cards only please, created as of yesterday or after.
**Up to one submission per category. Each category will be judged separately.
***Judging will be done based off three 0-10 categories- Balance, Inventiveness, Aesthetic.


To the diabolical smith who rises to the top of the Tomb category: A trophy card with [Insert your name], the Tomb-Champion, a Follow, and three likes.


To the ethereal smith who appears out of nowehere to seize the Void category: A trophy card with [Insert your name], the Void-Champion, a Follow, and three likes.


To the learned smith who conquers the Plane category: A trophy card with [Insert your name], the Planar-Champion, a Follow, and three likes.

*Should a smith be so mighty as to sweep all three categories, I will announce second place for each, and award three likes per runner-up. 


*Entry closes on April 4th, at 6pm.

Good luck-



  • @spookoops very nice man!

    One thing to keep in mind, the library might be syntactically the most challenging. Specifically when you may cast it from your library. Take a look at Panglacial Wurm for reference. There are more ways to do this than one. 
  • @Rayne-Lord, noted, I did make appropriate updates, please check the card file.
  • Here's my entry for the tomb:

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    These are my entries, hope you like them.
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    1st entry.

  • Well, too bad that you can't edit your card because I really want to change my first entry...
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    Hello everyone.  I hope it is not too late to join this contest (and I hope the image is not too overwhelming.  I'm still trying to figure out how posting pics works.).  Allow me to introduce you to Askhoggr, an ogre once in the employ of Jola Sven, professional toymaker.  But after felling too many trees in preparation for the holiday season, he was dismissed by Jola; unfortunately, his ogre brain did not comprehend the sacking, so he just continued on his merry way cutting down trees, as far as he thought still in the service of the toymaker.
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    As a follow-up to my last post, I have here my final two entries: Praenim, a wizard who delved too deep into the mysterious power surrounding the Athenfen, eventually becoming consumed by his own findings.
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    Part 3 of my entries: Praenim's transformation into the corrupted wizard he has become as a result of his relentless search for knowledge.
  • Were these cards made on a different card design site? I've never seen those frames.
  • @Rayne-Lord
    Yeah, they used
    I'm gonna drop some entries here tomorrow!  :smiley:
  • My apologies, I used  Hope they're still legal for the purposes of this contest.
  • @Beastakles Ya, I'm gonna say it ain't a problem since I don't know if there's a general feeling about it from the community.

    Guys, I would like to see some more entries! I'll consider extending the deadline if we don't see anymore.
  • Any feedback on the balance and playability of the cards I have submitted would be greatly appreciated.  I'm just trying to become a better cardsmith.  Thank you all!  (By the way, @Rayne-Lord if you would like me to resubmit my cards in the format of mtgcardsmith, I will gladly do so.)
  • Hey guys, so I've got some more people that may participate in the challenge so I will be extending the deadline till Tuesday the 7th. 

    @Beastakles, rather than clog this space up with feedback on individual cards, just post em on cardsmith than I'll go there and give you some commentary :smile:
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    Only comes out of exile!

    Thanks for allowing this late entry. Good luck to everyone.
  • @Scott_Anderson thanks for the entry man, I've decided to extend the entry for a few more days, just so it's more of a competition. 
  • Alright guys beautiful entries all! I wanna thank you guys for participating! I've had a long day of gardening so I'm gonna take a deeper look tomorrow when the mind is a little sharper and I'll have results posted.

  • Alright guys, results are in

    The Tomb

    @MemoryHead is your Tomb-Champion - Septes, Refuse Crawler was an awesome entry, it got a 26/30 from my ratings. I really liked the pseudo-entomb effect tied into the scry, very cool. I will say this was very, very close battle. dm me for 3 likes of your choice, and I'll have your champion card out soon!

    I'd like to give a shoutout to @spookoops in this category, Graverobber Yao was really cool, and I liked the chinese noir aesthetic. 

    The Void

    @spookoops ; is your Void-Champion- Seishin felt very inventive, and I loved that you used suspend for this particular category, nicely done. 28/30 DM for your three favorites and your champion card will be forthcoming.

    I would like to give a shoutout to @ArchieTaylor in this category- Xis the Truth was a really neat card and I loved the aesthetic, and flavor. In terms of balance, I felt it might be overcosted. 25/30

    The Plane

    This category saw very few applicants unfortunately, so it was hard to have a clear winner.

    @Beastakles for Praenim, Pure Academic you sealed the victory as our Planar-Champion. One thing I really loved that stood out was the casting clause. This was the sort of inventiveness I was looking for. Your formatting was pristine as well. I did have some misgivings about the transform clause and I how I should judge the two Praenim's as they're essentially one card, but both have a casting cost and had to be judged separately. 26/30 DM for your 3 likes and your champion card will be out soon!

    @Scott_Anderson Ivan, the Rotten Bishop is great, and I love how you used an existing mechanic to get the casting limitation down. It very well might have won if it weren't for formatting errors.

    Thanks again guys!

  • Congrats to all the winners!
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    @spookoops - Enter the indomitable Lord of the Void
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  • Gosh

    What did I template incorrectly?
  • It's really minor stuff but enough to cost a point or two. Everything is worded right, but lack of spacing between the second and third abilities, as well as the mana symbols being all screwy (I know that happens from time to time, but I've found that exiting the cardsmith then return to it can help with that.) 

    I really would have loved to see a few more entries, especially in the Plane (library) category. 

  • @Rayne-Lord thank you so much for the nomination and planar card.  Tempted to brew a commander deck around it!
  • @Beastakles Oh god, I forgot about EDH, this is stupid broke there  :o Glad you like it!

  • Does the command zone count as exile?
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