One more Mox

For this contest, I would like you to make new Mox cards (example: Mox Emerald).
That's it, pretty simple.

• up to 2 entries per person. Only the best entry will matter. If you post 3+, they will all be disqualified.
• all cards must have Mox in their name.
• funny (unglued) cards are allowed but not recommended.
• old cards are allowed.
• non-mox cards will get -2 points. ( this also has a limit, cards that have nothing to due with moxes will be disqualified.)
• cards that don't fit the rules get -2 points

Rating System:
To decide the winner of the contest, each card will be rated from 0-10 ( 10 being best).
Below is the guide on how to get points:
you can get 0-5 points from quality, the more creative your card is, the more quality points you get.
you can get 0-4 points from balancing, more balanced cards get more balancing points.
you can get 1 extra point from flavor, cards that have good flavor text get this point.

1st: 5 favorites on cards of your choice + trophy card.
2nd: 3 favorites on cards of your choice + trophy card.
3rd: 2 favorites on cards of your choice + trophy card.
All: 1 favorite on your submitted card(s) + participation trophy card.

The contest ends today.

Good luck.



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