COLONISERS: Season 6!!! (Colonisers of Skyfaoll)



  • “Is it done?” 

    The Pendant glowed with etheric energies as Daunwick muttered into it, complex shapes pulsing as the necklace sent the message.

    “You should learn to be more patient dear.  It takes time to get through the inner workings of a deal,” A female voice responded.  “And yes, we have just finished.  Our new associates are sending over supplies to help with our plan in exchange for some of our best spies.  Hopefully Ruthas is comfortable working outside Falun.”

    “Oh please, as if going to another colony will suck any of his charm out of him.” Daunwick responded humorously.  As if a switch was flipped, any stoicism present within his facade had vanished without a trace, and the stubborn advisor to Falun was replaced with the far more flippant and glib smuggler for the Syndicate.

    “Do tell, when will the supplies arrive?  Time is of the essence.”  Daunwick asked.

    “The cargo has just been sent through the aetherflow, it should appear right at your feet in a moment if my calculations are correct…”  Suddenly a crackling boom could be heard right at the outskirts of the kingdom followed by a flash of blue light, illuminating the endless slums that made up the outer ring of Falun.  Although the noise soon subsided, the light continued to crackle and glow, maintaining an aura of enigmatic power that seemed to warp reality itself around it.  

    Daunwick smirked, realizing the potential of the quarry that laid before him.  “Truly marvelous.  Deirdre really knows who to make friends with, ain’t that right boys?”

    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw ten scrawny looking figures skulk away from the shadows, each giving a cautious glance at the artifact brimming with arcane energies.

    “Well, what are you waiting for?  There won’t be any money for y’all if we don’t set up the beacon before sunrise.  Not like you’ll live to use that money anyway if we fail in our mission.”  

    The notion of death quickly got the boys moving, as they worked together to haul the cargo up to the top of the wall that borders Falun.  Within hours the construction of the beacon was finished, just as the sun began to rise up.  A dim translucent blue surrounded the entire kingdom if only for a moment, before fading away as if it never appeared in the first place.  Daunwick simply smiled.  The final steps of the plan were in motion, with none of the king’s camaraderie the wiser.  All that could be done now…

    Is wait.

    (This card is my submission).
  • @Fantastickill7 Definitely a couple of months, from three to five.

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  • For the first time in centuries, The Last Genzian returned home covered in blood. He seems somewhat battered by the wilderness, but otherwise he's unharmed. He carries behind him the corpses of two giant beasts, which he slew on his journey.

    It is dusk. As The Last Genzian enters the den, he feels a sudden chill on his spine. He sniffs up to the air, and while the smell has a foreign touch to it, he knows it all too well; a storm is coming. 

    "Grandmaster!" One of The Last Genzian's retainers, Yokuta, runs up to him. "Are you hurt?! You're covered in blood!"
    "I'm fine. I was attacked by a pack of wild beasts." The jackal looks for a way to change the mood. "Anyways, I'm sure we have enough food to last us an entire month now! Come and take a look!"

    Yokuta follows the jackal outside, and the beasts are huge. Each one must of been capable of swallowing a man whole.

    "Woah! How did you do it?"
    "Simple. Wild beasts are predictable. It took one swift attack to fell each of them."
    "I-I didn't know you were so capable!"
    "Well, of course not! I haven't fought in centuries, much longer than you've been alive." The Last Genzian then brings Yokuta back inside. "So. Where is Spire?"
    "Her and her team set out about an hour after you left."
    "...I need to find them."
    "They went south. There was a path that way, but they've probably branched off of it."
    "This is no good. They need to return before tomorrow evening."
    "Why do you seem so serious?"
    "A terrible storm is coming, and I doubt they're prepared."

    The jackal walks back out of the entrance. Storm clouds are beginning to form overhead, but something about them is strange.

    "Stay here with the others. I need to find them!"
    "You can't go alone, Grandmaster! I won't let you!"
    "I said stay. You are one of my best, and if something happens, I don't want you dying t-"
    "And what if something happens to you? I couldn't live with myself if I stood idle!"
    "...then suit yourself, but if you're coming..." The Last Genzian whistles. "Crag! Come on. We're leaving!"

    From around the corner comes The Last Genzian's second retainer, Crag, a magician and philosopher. He catches up as the group heads out to look for the survey team...

    A wild wind blows as the late night turns into dawn. The clouds are thick enough to cover the moon entirely, but they carry a glow of their own.

    "This is interesting..." The Last Genzian mumbles.
    "Interesting?!" Crag yells out. "The wind is blowing at at least 80 kilometers per hour! We need to find shelter-"
    "Shelter won't help us from this storm." A smile, barely visible in the light of his lantern, cracks across the jackal's face. "Trust me."
    "Then what do we do?" Yokuta panics.
    "We keep following the prints..."

    Pings can heard on Yokuta's armor as it's dented by hail the size of fists. The wind has grown foul, and lightning strikes in waves, nearly constantly with few breaks. Sleet falls sideways as The Last Genzian summons a magic barrier.

    "It's s-so... cold." Yokuta shivers out. The group's lanterns are the only source of  warmth in miles as the temperature plummets.
    "Where... could they have gone?" Crag's face is getting red from the cold.
    "I can smell them!" The Last Genzian exclaims, seemingly the only one unaffected by the cold. "They must be within 5 miles!"
    "I surely hope so!"
    The Last Genzian sniffs at the air again, and stops. "Everyone... we're in danger! The Aether in the air... it's-"

    Suddenly, lightning starts striking around the three. An ethereal pull yanks on them, and they begin to feel weak.

    ~ Lore card ~

    "Get down, you two!"

    The wind begins to sporadically whip around the three, rapidly changing directions as the essence of Yokuta and Crag is dispersed. It's as though a tornado formed on top of them.

    "Grandmaster!" Yokuta cries out.
    "It will take me a moment," The Last Genzian warns, "but I will have this storm dealt with!"

    The Last Genzian focuses all of his power to the sky above, sending a ray of mana straight into the eye of the storm. He hopes that, with his skills as a druid, he can manipulate the Aether in the clouds, essentially gaining control over the local weather.

    ~ Entry ~

  • Lightning crackles in the distance as the ground shakes, a storm is coming, this world does not wellcome it's intruders, and it attempts to defy it's inevitable fate.

    But no one can escape the plans of the Cult of The Wheel's Master, he is the lord of time that commands people and entire worlds like intruments.

    In a fluid motion Medea raises her hand and signals her followers that it's time to release it; and so they do, spread all over their camp twelve boxes are open, all releasing a noxious green fog that quickly expands and engulf their entire base; but the fog does not damage them, it knows it's purpose and it follows it's master's command.

    Medea: "Expand and take over this land, take in every creature and plant that you require and shape the world to our will!"

    And so the gasesous creature expands, slowly but surely all of the cult's territory is covered in a thick green fog that does not allow anything uninvited in, unless it's a meal.

    This is a creature born of science, bent by magic, and that subsists from nature. It consumes anything it requires to grow, but it does not kill everything it engulfs, it shapes the world itself to fit it's survival, and now it does to fit the will of the Wheel.
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  • The crackle of thunder sounded out through the jungle, a storm was coming. 

    "Not again..." 

    Kane thought to himself, he got up from where he was sitting, bells already sounded out through the village. This would be the third storm today, ever since the Enclave had arrived in the jungles raging storms would pass overhead raging through the villages and destroying their progress. As the storm formed above them they retreated to the bunkers they had formed on the forest floor. The sky darkened and thunder crackled, Kane looked out of the wood barrier of the makeshift bunker and watched as giant bolts of lightning flew down from the sky striking the village. Kane turned from the destruction behind him, they couldn't get a footing with these storms around. It would be impossible to continue their exploits if they didn't find a way to survive them. The storm continued above but he felt something else. 

    Kane looked around the bunker, hunters sat around waiting for the storm to pass. Wait why are the pebbles on the ground shaking? Kane looked over to Bora, the lizardfolk seers usually white eyes where shining a bright blue, her mouth opened to speak but the only words that could come out where 

    "...the wurm…" 

    The ground began to shake and Bora collapsed. Kane ran over to Bora and threw the seer over his shoulder. 

    "Get out of the bunker!" 

    The hunter named Vero threw the roof of the bunker and they charged out, the storm still raged around them the Seresi were venerable to the tempest's wrath. Kane looked around for the source of the shaking but he couldn't see it, the ground continued to shake around him, a blast of lightning hit the tree next to him, rain fell from the sky in buckets making it almost impossible to see. Then it came, The Wurm, a giant swirling colossus stuck it's head out of the ground, rocks flew out of it's way and trees fell beneath it. It's roar sounded through the jungle for miles on shaking the trunks of even the oldest trees. Then the beast dove back into the earth burrowing away, as it left the storm subsided and the rain began to fall slowly. Kane watched to beast burrow away. He felt something grow inside of him, was it fear? Amazement? Whatever it was he didn't want to dwell on it. The hunters began to fix the now ruined village. Salvaging what they could they began moving the village to a new spot. 

    "We won't be able to survive another one of those" Kane spoke to Bora in a hushed tone while he led the group. "We just barely made it out, the storm blew through so of our food and supplies, have you seen anything?"

    "Just one thing, my visions have been cloudy because of the weather but I have envisioned an old temple in the jungle, I think we will find an answer to our problem there."

    "You know the temples location?" "It's general location." "We'll send some hunters there immediately, until then we will have to stay on the move to avoid the storms." 


    Three figures stalked through the jungle. Silently they went from branch to branch, they were searching for something, a temple to be precise. Diego looked back at his two companions, Keller and Lluma. The three had been searching for this temple for about a day and no luck yet, Bora said they would find it where the two rivers met, they had been following a river for about a day but so far no luck. Diego looked back at the others again, 

    "I'll climb a tree and check for the temple". 

    "You just did a few seconds a ago, just be patient we'll get there when we get there." Keller responded, 

    "I'm just checking, it could be in sight now." 

    "If you spend all your energy climbing trees then we won't be able to travel as far in a day, check again when we reach the tree line in a few miles." Diego knew Keller was probably right. Keller had been a hunter for much longer then him and was more experienced in scouting. But this mission was important and he didn't want to mess it up, what if they walked past the temple and never found it? 

    "I'm just going to check!" 

    Diego began to jump up the tree he was walking on. He reached the top in a few seconds and stuck his head out over the canopy, nothing...then he heard the sound of wings. A massive drake swooped over head, it didn't notice him but he noticed it. Electrical energy crackled across it's scaled hide. Diego watched to drake swoop through the sky a trail of lightning following it. The beast landed a in the trees not to far. 

    Diego climbed back down, Keller and Lluma were waiting for him below, image


    "Well did you find anything?" Keller looked annoyed at him,

    "I think so, follow me."

    "What was it?" Lluma asked

    "A drake, I think were supposed to follow it, it's scales were lightning resistant!"

    "Seems like a good idea" Keller shrugged and the two followed Diego toward were he saw the drake land.


    "There's a lot of them, I don't think we can take all of them" The three hunters overlooked a nest of twenty or so drakes, they were nested throughout long forgotten ruins. Bolts of static electricity crossed between them and seemed to invigorate them.

    "Well their hides are lightning repellent, that could work for the village!" Diego was so excited he almost gave away their position.

    "How?" Keller looked impressed but skeptical,

    "We could spread them over the tops of the canopy like sun sails to divert the lightning, it looks like electricity is attracted to them"

    "Any ideas on how to take out twenty of them?"

    "No..." Diego looked back at the drakes, maybe just one would be enough? No, they needed more...

    "We don't have to kill them" Lluma had been studying the nests the entire time, "They shed look"

    It was true large pieces of old hide were scattered throughout the ruins there for the taking, Diego smiled to himself looks like they found an answer to the storms! image

    (This is my entry, it's an example of how the hunters use the drake hide to deflect the lightning bolts by constructing a "roof" of them over their villages)


    Kane stood at the now repaired alter of Seresi, he placed a piece of the drake hide in the offering bowl and stepped back. The hunters had returned about a day ago with these hides and they had set to work creating a system that would hopefully protect the village from the storms. But it wouldn't save them if the wurm returned. He couldn't get it out of his head, this wurm would be the greatest offering to Seresi any had ever given.

    "Be careful of this path Kane"

    He hadn't noticed Bora walk up behind him, she looked worried.

    "I see only misery for the Enclave if you follow this path, the Wurm is a god here, it changes the land on a whim and the weather follows it's mood. Their will be no good outcome if you hunt it.

    "Thank you for the warning Bora..."

    Kane paused, the seer was right. This beast wasn't a normal one it would surely be the end of him. He looked at the face of his god carved into the wood before him, she looked down at him three dragons resting at her side. Seresi taught that the strong survived and the weak would fall away.

    "But I only have one god"
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    // @HeroKP I know I already finished my entry, but in the case that The Last Genzian and co were to survive their encounter, here's an extra bit, which wasn't published originally because I was admittingly in a rush to enter...

    Moments pass as The Last Genzian focuses all of his power on quelling the storm. It rapidly begins to dissipate as the blow in the air turns a bright blue, and the power of the nearby aurora flows through it. Yokuta and Crag collapse, but they are perfectly fine. The lightning stops. The last few pieces of sleet and hail make impact as the sky clears, revealing the morning sun.

    "Is it over, Grandmaster?" Yokuta utters. "Are we safe?"
    "Just in the nick of time," the jackal sighs. "Any later, and we may have very well perished."
    "My word..." Crag is awestruck. "I barely see any clouds in miles!"
    "I've managed to gain control of the weather in the local area, but there's no telling how sporadic it could get in the future. We need to be prepared..."

    The three look around at their surroundings, when they see Spire's group emerging from a building in the distance. She waves out at them.

    "Hey! Grandmaster!"
    "You're alive!"

    As though he hadn't seen her in ages, The Last Genzian leaves Yokuta and Crag behind as he dashes for Spire. The group seems to have lost some members, but it's fairly intact.

    "So... what happened?" The Last Genzian asks.
    "We got caught in that storm. We lost 12 soldiers, Grandmaster, but we have great news!" Spire then points up to the building behind her, a grand fortress surrounded by jagged rocks. "While being in other buildings didn't protect us from the storm. this fortress was an exception. It seems to be incredibly resilient to magic, and has withstood the test of time."

    ~ Bonus Entry ~

    "This is great news indeed!" The jackal gleams. "I'll return to base and tell everyone we're relocating. If this fortress is resistant to the weather in the area, then we need to research it and uncover its secrets. It could be the key to our survival..."
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    The storms came down, and from inside the Banewood, Krall’s many “subjects” saw the destruction of everything outside the Forest. Here, Krall suddenly felt something new. He was... splitting. There were two personalities taking over... the Soul of the Symbiote and the Brain of the Symbiote. The soul hadn’t existed long, but the Brain was new. It screeched. It wanted more Humans, to grow, to prosper. The Soul wished for the murder to end.

    (Lore cards — out of color)
    image image
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    The council was hurriedly assembled for a meeting one stormy day. 
    Anderus said, “Fellow council-members, it appears we have a slight problem. The weather is looking quite foul, and I want to make sure we’re safe from the storms.”
    Ilyan grinned. “No problem at all for our fine ward-mages. I know just the guy for the job...”
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    (Soul of the Symbiote was one of my original submissions, and Brain of the Symbiote is a Lore Card)
  • umm, apparently Krall has found one of the 4 fragments from Colonizers Season 3?
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  • @pjbear2005's Last Stand....
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  • The surges of surrender ripple through the planescape. And what were relatively stable sea currents are running shallow. This has exposed many an island that were not there before.

    These changes will soon become more ever plentiful.
  • And the CHALLENGE!

    Your nations.... They have grown! And now you are coming closer and closer to each other. So for next friday make me, 

    Three Great Games that Improved on Already Awesome Titles  Geek


    One must come to terms with their relations with their neighbours. Establish these relations this week.
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    How close do the neighbors have to be?  How many relations can we establish?

    Also are we supposed to make cards representing this diplomacy @HeroKP ?
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