Wall Challenge: The Year of Commander (multipart contest)

Welcome to the Wall Challenge for the Year of Commander, the first in a series of Wall Challenges.

What's a wall challenge?
It's what I'm going to call multipart contests.

For this contest, you will be pitted against multiple challenges to test your cardsmithing skills pertaining to commander. 


20 points for wording and grammar

20 points for flavor

20 points for balance

5 bonus points for doing the added challenge


For each challenge
1st  - card favorited, another favorite and a follow
2nd - card favorited and another favorite
3rd  - card favorited

The Whole Thang
1st  - Hall of Fame and a trophy card made by me
2nd - Hall of Fame
3rd  - Hall of Fame

This will be elimination and we will run challenges until we have three winners

1st Challenge: Five, but also Ten

I challenge you to make Five mono-color pre-con commanders (not the decks, just the commander). However, with the concept of Jumpstart. What I mean is that these commanders will have their own decks, but have a partner so they can be combined with another commander from the pre-con. They should be open enough to mesh well with other commanders, but still be unique enough to stand out. (I wonder if someone can get tribal to work? Or if it's too narrow. It's probably too hard. Oh, I could make it a bonus if they make tribal work.)

The first Challenge will start June 26th at 12:01 AM PDT and will end July 9th at 11:59 PM PDT


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