Off-topic question for the hivemind

Hello mtg experts,
In a recent contest I made a card that is a "warriors-matter" commander.  
(example here, question below)

And I was thinking about making a land or an enchantment that would grant the "Warrior" type to any creature.  Flavor-wise it would be a "boot camp" kind of image (think Mulan's training camp from the Disney Mulan cartoon).  All it would do would be to grant a specific type or subtype to a creature.

Are there already cards that do this?   I'm not talking about polymorphing things into goats or frogs or sheep.  I know there are already removal spells that shapeshift a creature into a different creature type.  

I'm just talking about granting tribal status to any tribe you are building around.  If my cat beast dinosaur is otherwise perfect for a vampire tribal deck, for some reason, wouldn't it be cool if that beastie could be an honorary vampire tribe member while some permanent is on the field? 

This has probably already been done, but I don't know how to search for it. :smiley:  My google-fu is weak.

Thoughts?  Thanks, everyone.


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