The Third Annual Artful August

Welcome everyone from the MTG Cardsmith artistic community, this is our THIRD Annual challenge where you get to show off your skills in both artwork and card-making, and be generously rewarded for it!

As in previous years, we want you to create a Custom Card, using original artwork created and owned by you. Cards will be judged on both standard contest design rules, as well as the artwork design and relation to the card concept presented.

Entries will be accepted from August 1st - August 31st. Winners to be chosen by our League of Judges and announced the first week of September. You may only enter one card url, so submit wisely. Cards may be directly edited (premium feature) on the same submission URL until the final day of the contest, but you cannot re-post/enter more than once.

1st: $50 Amazon gift card + 2 months of premium membership
2nd: $25 Amazon gift card + 1 month of premium
3rd: $10 Amazon gift card + 1 month of premium
Best artwork award: Custom MTGCS Avatar from your original Artwork
Best Traditional art award: $25 Amazon gift card
Best pencil drawing: 1 month of premium

@Ian_The_Guru and the MTGCardsmith team have generously expanded the number of winners and prizes so that more of your creations can be celebrated! That means don't worry if you feel your artistic abilities aren't equal to some of the stuff you see getting posted, because you still have a chance to earn one of the many other prizes that are available!

This year's Inspirational Card is drawn and designed by our very own @Tomigon.


Now it's finally time for you to show us what you've got!

--Eligibility - Entrants must be over the age of 13 to redeem prizes. Previous contest winning cards or featured cards are not eligible, sorry. Each entrant authorizes their card submission & username for contest and future promotional use by MTG Cardsmith. By following the contest entry steps listed here you agree to the terms and rules of the contest. Limit 1 entry per person. These rules are subject to change, by participating in the contest you agree to these terms.



  • Post your Submissions below!!
  • Additional prizes for traditional/pencil drawings is amazing! This is easily my favorite MTGCardsmith tradition and I'm glad it continues to grow.
  • Oh dear, this snuck up on me... I'm less than halfway done! T-T
  • Go, Ranshi, Go!!

    I know you can do it :smile:
  • @Corwinnn, @Tomigon, does colored pencil count as Pencil?
  • @shadow123, we need more awesome people like you :)
  • @Temurzoa Thanks so much!! That made my day.
  • can they be double faced cards ? (transform cards)
  • edited August 2
    @MozVCalenosu - They can be, but you can only pick one side to be judged, and if you don't pick a side, the first side will automatically be selected. Essentially only half your entry would be judged, so it it might be a disadvantage to do so.
  • @MozVCalenosu @Corwinnn
    We judge both sides because double faced card is one card. But we only look at one art. This is for not to make the chance to win artwork award doubled. So participants need to tell us which art they want us to look.
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    Well, I'll be more than happy to be the one to get the ball rolling, here's my card:

    Mesmerizing Thalassophidis
    Since the card doesn't have the best quality, I'll post the full art right down below, so you can look at it better:

    The concept I thought for this contest is some sort of "cobra+lionfish" hybrid, with a hood and tendrils which shift color, in order to hypnotize its prey. In addition, I thought that since both cobras and lionfishes are very poisonous/venomous, it should only be fair to give it Deathtouch.

    If you are wondering, [EMA] is my own watermark, I didn't put "Scaccogaming" because I intend on using this very art for other prejects. If you need proof for any particular reason, here's the first hand-drawn version before I translated it onto digital form.

    Good luck everybody, may the best artist win!
  • Oh, jeez. August already?
  • Here’s my entry!

    And here’s the full art for a better view (because the card compressed it super poorly):

    This is actually a character of mine for a story/world I’ve been developing off and on, where a bunch of characters are directly inspired/based off of mythological creatures. In her case, the Phoenix. She is technically human, but in-universe she basically has the spirit of a phoenix as well. Hence her creature typing and abilities. 

    So yeah! This is my first time ever entering one of these contests, but here we go! Good luck everyone!

  • @Mythril I don't think I hold a candle to your art, genuinely, more than I could ever archieve right now.
  • @Mythril
    Can you post the card URL as well? Nice work by the way!
  • @MozVCalenosu - @Tomigon is right! I should have said the ARTWORK for one side must be chosen, but BOTH sides will be judged for Card Balance.
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    I've been doing a lot of Dark Souls based art lately, so I thought I'd use one of them here. The drawing is influenced by the hollow on the cover art of dark souls 3. The Original was brighter, but I used some effects from a basic photo editor to darken it up. The card design choices are made with the idea of making a set based on each game with different types of soul tokens in mind. 

  • Can't believe it's already August
  • Believe it!
  • Lets go.
    This will be my final card. I'm not a fan of painting and digitally I have no idea how to do it (besides having a really bad computer - laughing). Anyway I hope you like it. At least it was therapeutic (laughing) - [I need English slang for laughter :p ]

    Test card:

    I scanned for the digital file in case the painting went wrong.
  • That shading is really impressive! :0
  • It is. Good job man.
  • That is really really good...
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    Ok, here's my submission: 
    Toy Thopter

    It's all hand drawn by me, I've attached pictures of the art and an earlier version.

    "KJD" is my username abbreviated .
    This is my first time doing one of these, so best of luck to everyone!
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    Its not often I color my artwork, and for good reason. But for this contest I decided to challenge myself and I think all in all it turned out fine.

    i added the full drawing and uncolored version

    (Ignore the watermark, I had to orient and combine the images on a website)
  • @Corwinnn, is judging going to be based more off of the artwork itself, the actual mechanic of the card, a combo of the two, or thematic of artwork to title/mechanic? 
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