I Choose You - Twice! *The Challenge*

Heya everyone, Dragoon here!

I'm here with a couple of challenge ideas, so in addition to this, check out my other coterminous challenge: I'd Rather Not

For this we're looking at Modal Spells i.e. spells that allow you to choose between one or choices. Here's a wiki page on https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Modal

In particular, we're looking at a unique set of Modal Spells: those that allow you to choose the same mode more than once! Currently there's six of these cards, and a Mystery Booster card. Here they are (It was originally just the confluences until WoTS!):

But that means that there's been only a single new type of this card (sorry, not countign the Mystery Booster set one) printed in the last 5 years!! Let's design some more!
1. Each person may submit 3 cards
2. Only new cards are allowed. In the interest of spawning discussion, each smith may post up to one old card that will not be judged
3. Cards must be modal cards (allow you somewhere to choose between modes)
4. Cards must allow you to choose the same mode more than once
5. Cards must have at least 2 modes. While I realize that there is some design space for 1 mode spells with this, I worry that it would complicate judging far too exorbitantly for me. So for that reason, please stick to 2+ modes
6. No Unset Cards. Even though one is a Mystery Booster set card, the challenge is aimed at making playable, format cards
7. Be respectful
8. Have Fun!

The Contest will end on November 15th, one month from now! So get to smithing! Cheers
Oh wait! What you're all probably wonder about!

First Place: 5 favorites and a follow from yours truly
Second Place: 3 favorites and a follow
Third Place: 2 favorites and a follow
Honorable Mention: favorite

And here's just an example to get the creative juices flowing!


  • Got a cycle for you!

    My submissions:

    Here's the rest for the sake of sharing the whole thing:

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    This seems fun, designing cards of a sort that few exist in is usually interesting, so here's entry#1 (probably, who knows.)

    I'll also add that I quite like the two challenges you've set here!
    Hope ya enjoy!
  • I don't think I am going to participate, but I would like to make it known that I am going to be looking very closely at those that fall into the grixis color identity for a custom commander deck I am working on.
  • This is my entry! I hope you like it:

  • Bestower of Authority

    Using Painborn, by Animist.
  • The Gods Pain
    Here is my entry. I've been on a hiatus recently, so I apologise if my card-making skills are a little rusty! 
  • Here is my entry (Enters card with religious intent):

    Commence the Crusade
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    Here's my first entry:
    Fire Summons

  • Hey @ChoyBoi
    Thanks for the entry, but sadly it doesn't meet the requirements. The contest is looking for cards that allow you to choose the same mode more than once, so you have to be able to choose at least more than one mode haha

    I hope you'll resubmit in the future!
  • oops, that's a mistake on my part. I'll edit the card.
  • There we go.
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    Entry number one:

    Luminarch Beacon
  • Hi @Temurzoa
    Thanks for the entry, but sadly it doesn't meet the requirements because it doesn't allow you to choose more than one mode when you case the spell

    I hope you'll resubmit in the future!

    And everyone, since this contest has gotten quite a bit of steam, don't forget to check out my other coterminous challenge: I'd Rather Not

  • I'd rather not enter that challenge. Sorry, sorry. Someone had to say it.

    In all seriousness, I like both of these contest ideas, and I might enter when I get some time!
  • First Entry:

  • Nice entries everyone! We've got like 2 weeks left!

  • In case this is confusing (I hope it isn't), You choose how many of each counter you want to put on Library Scrounger when it enters the battlefield, then whenever you tap library scrounger, do each action listed equal to the number of counters of that type on library scrounger.

    So if you put two study counters and one borrow counter on library scrounger, you draw two cards, and an opponent mills a card each time you tap library scrounger.
  • Hey everyone, sorry for the delay, the contest has been judged! The biggest thing that I was looking for a balanced, versatile card (meaning that each mode seems equally good, like one mode is not significantly better and more likely to be chosen)

    Honorable mention 1: @feralitator with Library Scrounger
    I think that this is a very ingenious and original design! I think that it probably could have had a larger cost to its activated ability other than just tapping and that Borrow could have probably milled two cards instead of just one (cause rn borrow seems underwhelming compared to return and study). Still great card!

    Honorable mention 2: @shadow123 with Leta, Riddle Keeper
    The thing that I really like with this card is the scrying! At first it may seem underwelming for a legendary mythic, but considering you get to scry before drawing I think makes it quite nice still

    In third place is @MemoryHead with Molten Roar
    I like the Dragon tribal, and I think that the modes are all pretty balanced. Since it scales based on the number of dragons, I think its mana cost is good, and I think that the modes are all equally good!

    In second place is @TenebrisNemo with Wicked Vendor
    I think that this is really well balanced. At first glance, it seems non-threatening, but especially once you have descend, this is a good card. I think that the modes are all balanced and none outshine the other. Great job!

    In first place is @tookie1 with Farmer's Garden
    I think that this is a simple, yet elegant and powerful design that really nailed this challenge. There are scenarios where you'd want to have two mana, +2/+2, and one of each, and I think it's well balanced for being a legendary land. Fantastic job!!

    Everyone please send me your requested favorites!
  • Did I...just win a contest...?

    Thank you so, so much @RohanDragoon!! This is the first time I've ever won a contest. I'm super happy you enjoyed my card.  I'll message you with favorites sometime soon.

    Congrats to everyone else too. I'm still in shock right now.
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