Darkness rises-Chapter 1-The Demonic Siege of Llanowar

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A messenger hawk flies past you in the desert. It lands on your arm and you read the letter it is carrying. It says:

Greetings, Warrior. I know you must be otherwise occupied with this crisis, but I desperately need your help. 
Llanowar needs your help. I know you have long since retired from your jobs...But surely you understand our 
situation. The demons 
are attacking! They keep on attacking they have done so for a long time now, but they finally attacked my 
tribe. I write to you in my final moments, begging you-and your fellow warriors to come to Llanowar and save us
Nuy Harda, Llanowar cheif.

You slip the letter in your pocket and head for Llanowar.
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Ok, ok. Enough of the prologue and more of the big idea. The idea is, you are a retired warrior in a time of crisis, and you receive a letter from Llanowar. Llanowar is being attacked by psychotic withered demons and dragons and ogres and orcs blah blah blah. You go to Llanowar with your fellow warriors {the other participants} and find out what the fuss is about. Your quest is defeating the head demons and recreating the woods. But, to do that, you have to go through three different stages of elvish-demonic warfare. At the end of each stage, I will hand out prizes (see below) to the "winners"(sort of). There are different types of hero and different prizes for those types. The types are-
See below for the prizes you may win.  Anyway, these are the three stages-

Stage 1-The trees are crying.
It is the beginning of the siege and the demons have noticed you are there. Inspired by your efforts, the elves are starting to fight back as well. All this causes nature to become upset and punishing any beings that cross their path.

Prize details-The prizes will be handed out to most members who have participated, and the only people who won't get prizes are the members who have failed more than 50% of their missions. (which isn't likely) 

Stage 2-Demonic sacrifices.
The demons are starting to get angry that Llanowar hasn't surrendered yet, so they begin to make sacrifices of the elves. Many chiefs start to surrender, so you and the loyal elves have to fight the demons on your own.

Prize details-At the end of this stage, only a few participants get prizes. The participants who save elvish lives, defeat a main enemy[see below] and complete more than 70% of their challenges. That may sound easy but it's not, especially the second one.

Stage 3-The Pretender.
Your enemy, Shaldo, Demonic Trickster (see below) pretends to be an elf and wipes the remaining elves on your side. Now it's up to you to savwar. 

Prize details-At the end of this stage, the participants will be given their ratings. (see above) There will be two messiahs, four saviours and the others are random. The two messiahs will be awarded Booster Boxes (see above) ant the saviours will be given a pack and a premium version of a card of your choice that I made. [premium cards can be used in the next season]  
Your main enemies are-

Shaldo, Demonic Trickster

Known for illusions and betrayal. Caused two wars.

Grinet The Insane 

Known for mindlessly and cruelly killing.

Yygrasilin the Mind Consumer

Known for taking control of minds and then forcing the victim to kill/destroy nature and enemies.

These are the prizes you may win while participating-
Reward packs 
Possible contents-
Favourites. Guaranteed win on next stage. Follows. 
Reward box
Six reward packs. [see above]
A premium version of an enemy. [Premium cards can be used on your side in the next season)
Challenge prizes [prizes you win from completing set or option challenges.]-
Set win on the next challenge.
[Note: Not every challenge has prizes; 64% chance of a prize in set and options challenges. {and only in set and options}]

Join here: https://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/profile/TheDukeOfPork [the top comment{hopefully}] and ask me questions in the same place. 

Please enter: This can only function with 10 or over members to function. 

Hope you have fun and have a great day!

-The Duke.

(Boy, that took a while to write)



  • I am not sure you can offer non-digital prizes. I think only mtgcardsmith can do that.
  • They are non-digital prizes, Abaa. I just called them booster boxes. Inside them conains favourites and follows and stuff.
  • oh. cool then
  • this competition
  • ive been pinged. but also, I just don't really want to join this, very sorry, but I mostly just do things like "ill put in 1 entry to this contest." I usually don't really commit to long-term things, except maybe during the summer. Sorry, but I can't join. 
  • Hey Duke, I’m certainly happy to take on new challenges and ideas, I would just want some more clarity on what exactly you’d like participants to do here before I commit. Are you planning on providing prompts or specific criteria for cards for us to design, or are you looking to make more of a free form role playing/creative writing experience? I’m happy to get involved and pump out some cards if you are planning the former, I’m not really interested in the latter at the moment. I understand you’ve directed us to your profile for questions and participation, but I thought these questions might benefit everyone you’ve tagged as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:
  • I’m also curious for a little more details. I’m quite busy at the moment (you may have noticed my usage of Mtgcs has gone down a little as of late), and I’m preparing some things for a competition that takes place around this time of year.

    So if I could get a little more information as well, I could decided whether I have time to commit to this.
  • @TheRacingTurtle @shadow123 ;

    Sorry about the ping and being vague. Yes, I would provide prompts for you to follow which could be Set (a series of challenges), single (1 prompt) or optional (less cardmaking, more deciding where to go in llanowar and what to do, with some cards). 

    Sorry again for having to be pinged, I just really want this contest to work.

  • No need to apologise mate, no harm in trying to get people involved. Count me in, I’ll take on the demon horde.
  • @TheRacingTurtle Neat stuff. I just need  a few more participants...

    While we're on that score, what's your opinion on the member minimum? Do you think 15 is too much? Or too little?

    If you're busy, like shadow, this won't take, like, ages, it'll go on until the end of febuary or the start of march. Whether you've defeated the demons  >:)  >:)  by then, well, that's up to you...

    Thanks for joining! 

    The Duke 

  • Truly no idea about your member minimum I'm afraid, I've only been around here for a month and don't really know how a different number of participants might affect something like this. You've got a lot of prize tiers planned out so more participants seems better to distinguish between them, but you can always reduce that to make it easier. I was surprised judging the first week of my first competition yesterday how long it took me to review just 9 people's entries.

    I guess be prepared to change things up a little if your responses so far aren't where you want them to be? You can make some changes to adapt to a different participant number without throwing out your ideas. Once you have started though, don't change the rules. I figure people would be upset if things get changed on them once they begin investing time and effort.

    Good luck mate, looking forward to it :smile:
  • @TheRacingTurtle Nice! I'm working on a few new features! Soun good?

  • Heya Duke! So it looks like it could be a potentially fun contest! I had a couple recommendations though:

    1.) Have a limited time sign up if this is the type of contest that you can't join later on, and have the sign up here. It would make it less work on the contestants and it would possibly cause less confusion as to how to get involved. You can list the participants here and on the other site, but bouncing around to sign up just seems like a lot of work to get involved.
    2.) Don't refer to your prizes as booster packs. As you already saw earlier, that too will cause confusion. I would call them reward packs or something if you are trying to be different in your description then the normal description of prize(s) of other contests.

    3.) Lay out your rules as to what you are wanting cardsmiths to design for each stage you have. For example, in stage 1, since you only put lore, then going off your provided lore, you might be looking for cards that search for land and/or destroy land(s) since "nature is getting upset." It's only an example, but it is your contest, so you should know what you want cardsmiths to create, it's up to you to decide how well the submitted cards are done to the specifications of the stage of the contest. Contestants should also put what stage their entry is for when submitting their card(s).

    4. Is there a limitation to entries? Is there card types not allowed? Should the cards entered only be created on mtgcardsmith.com? How long does each participant have to submit an entry to the stage they chose? Do they have to do all stages? These are examples of things you should post in your rules.

    I hope these tips help @TheDukeOfPork. I'll join. Could be fun, and it looks like you could use more participants! I'm also still going to create cards for mystery box and cards for cardsmiths 2021, but yes count me in. I'll see if Amara or dechujoh want to join, but meantime please edit your rules for more clarity.  :)
  • Oh and if you don't want a limit on how many people make cards than it shouldn't have a sign up, just have people drop cards by the end date of the contest.
  • edited February 5
    @sorinjace Thank you for the tips and joining!!! I am new to this contest thing!
  • Rules

    1-Cards on other websites are allowed.

    2-Only new cards.

    3-No joke or inappropriate cards.

    4-Only one card per prompt!

  • alright, that's cool. So can you choose any of the prompts or do you have to do them in order? Also, I would suggest that you have each participant name what the card being submitted is made for, like which prompt its for. I'll make you something here soon. Not really quite sure what you are looking for but I'm going to try and make a card for you to kick your contest off.
  • I'll try this out!
  • @sorinjace No. Please do not make any cards before the contest begins, but just for your knowledge, I've made things a bit clearer. Also, so, so, so sorry for being vague.

    Each prompt will either be A set, an optional or a single.

    Optional prompts are a collection of prompts where you decide which one, for example-

    Optional prompt-
    You see a demon in the woods, stalking elves. You stay in cover but it turns it head to you. Do you-

    • Approach the demon.

    • Run away, protect the elves and make a card with protection from demons.

    The set prompts is where you get a set of prompts you have to match. Such as-
    • #1-Create a green creature with trample.
    • #2-Create a card that has protection from 2-or-more colours.
    • #3-Create a two-mana black card.
    • #4-A white card with lifelink.
    • #5-A non-black card with deathtouch.
    Single prompts are pretty simple: one prompt which you have to follow, such as-

    • A card with 2-or-less toughness.
    Prompt prizes are only included in Set and Optional prompts. There is a 64% chance of getting one in those prompts. Such as-

    Optional prompt-


    OPTION 1


    OPTION 2

    Prize: Follow, 100% chance of a prize in the next optional.

    I hope this helps. If you are confused or have questions, please PM me.  

  • Just letting @shadow123 I'm waiting for his response.
  • @TheDukeOfPork I’m really sorry! I don’t think I’ll be able to participate. I have a lot going on at the moment, and my cardsmith activity has decreased as of late. I don’t want to make a commitment which I can’t fulfill. again, I’m so sorry about this.
  • Could you give a little more explanation on this? I'm not sure I understand how to do the prompts.
  • I'm so sorry. I don't..think I can do this.
  • Right, here's my final shot. 10 members will do. And, Abaa, I didn't ignore you, I'm just [working on my response.
  • Should I continue with this?
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