Daft Punk Forever

I'm probably gonna tear up every time I look at this discussion for at least a little bit.

So just yesterday, Daft Punk, my favorite band, announced that they are disbanding.

While I did know that they were making music for a long time and I did expect them to disband soon, it still hurts a little.

On top of that, they had to make a video that made me believe for a second that one of them died (Thank god that isn't true, they are both alive, it was just their time to stop making music together).
This is that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuDX6wNfjqc

Back in December, I made this card for Topdeckcember, and I'm thinking that I'm gonna make some cards based on some of my favorite songs of theirs. (Note: I'm kinda bad when it comes to music terms, so bear with me when it comes to my explanations.)


If you would like to make Daft Punk related cards too, you can certainly do that, it's just that I've grown up listening to their music, and now listening to their music has been making me fairly upset, so I'm hoping that making cards around those songs might cheer me up a little.

I know that it's practically impossible that Daft Punk will ever see this, but I just want to say thank you for making my life at least a little bit better. I will always listen to your music.


  • I read the news.....So sad. :disappointed:

    Let me know what your favourite daft punk song was!
  • My favorite?

    Gosh, there are so many good ones.

    Probably Robot Rock, but I also love One More Time and Da Funk.
  • Gotta say Human after all.
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    What a coincidence, the first card I made for this is:


    Pretty self-explanatory card.
  • Outstanding. 
  • So this next one might need some explanation. At the beginning of Robot Rock, there are some drums that I envision are some kind of startup process for a robot, then a guitar comes in, which makes me think of that robot going through a form change/modification (Kinda like those scenes at the beginning of sci-fi movies where a robot is being built). After the beat drop, I envision some awesome action, which would be when this Vehicle becomes a creature.

  • Get Lucky

    I did one, it didn't turn out too bad. To replicate my second favourite daft punk song. The base guitar in this one is incredible. 
  • Thank you! So many songs to pick from! Hopefully this is cheering you up a bit!
  • It definitely is!  :) Thank you!
  • all of you all like "wow this band was amazing" and then me sitting in the corner having no idea what this band is and listening to my sweet sweet final fantasy music.
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    @Yonkers11 Daft Punk was a really special band. Most of their songs have little to no lyrics but all of their songs are absolute bangers, which proves that they didn't need to be like musicians you will hear on the radio to make great music. And although you can search up their faces on google, they always would show up to events with their signature helmets on, which at least in my opinion adds to how great they were.

    If you want to listen to their music, I'd say the first song you should listen to is One More Time. I think that it will really give you a feel about what a lot of their music is like. However a lot of their songs are unique, so I wouldn't say that One More Time describes all of their songs.
  • oh well the entire reason i like video game music so much is because no lyrics... well in that case...
  • After listening back on some of their songs, I am realizing that a lot of them have lyrics, but its more or less one word or phrase being repeated. Some of my favorites that have no lyrics at all are Aerodynamic and Da Funk.
  • I just realized I made this a contests and challenges discussion rather than an off topic discussion. Oops.
  • sorry these are so massive, I dunno how to make them any smaller

  • That reminds me of this, but much cooler:

  • @Usaername I love it, awesome idea for one of my favourite songs.
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  • the-grid-1

    its sad to here there disbanding. I liked quite a few of there songs and they made my favorite soundtrack Tron Legacy. if you haven't listened to it and you like soundtracks check it out.
  • A just did a qwick one.
    The Game Has Changed

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