A custom Commander format

Commander: Total War (generals need to follow similar theme to the commander and deck)

1 commander, and X generals per unique color the commander has. to a max of five
and minimum of 2. Total deck size is 101.

Each general has 1 color that the commander has, and each general controls cards of the same
color. Each general controls an "Even" set of cards that equal 100 + the commander.

2 generals: 50 cards each

3 generals: 34 cards each, the extra card goes to your RougeBoard (well talk about that later)

4 generals: 25 cards each

5 generals: 20 cards each

Each general controls same color set of cards, these cards can have can only attack
or use abilities when their colored general is on the field. 1 General can be on the
field at a time. Creatures of alternate color can block if their general is off the field.

Commander: When the commander is on the field, all of your generals can be placed on the field. Allowing
you to use all of your colors. But, if the commander dies then all generals go back to the
general zone.

When choosing cards for each general, you can give 1 general more cards than another. But a general
must have a minimum of 10 cards.

Unlike a commander, when a general dies. They do not cost extra mana (unless they died when the commander
died) But instead when you pay out a new general on the field, the old general goes to the command
zone and will cost 1 extra mana to bring back out onto the field.

But, were getting too deep. The game starts off with a dice roll.

2 generals: Coin flip

3-5 generals: 6 sided dice roll. (if the die rolls on a side that is higher than your
general count, then roll again)

Which ever side it lands on, that is what general you start the game off with.

When the general is on the field, cards/card abilities with the same color cost 1 less mana.
Cards/card abilities that are not in the same color cost 1 extra mana.

Generals can not attack alone, and need at least 2 creatures or 1 artifact equipments equipped
to them.

Rouge Board: As i said before, that extra card goes to the rougeboard.
The rouge board contains Creatures, Artifacts, And Artifact creatures that have no color.
Rouge cards do not need a general on the field to attack or use abilities. But when
they die, they go back to the rouge board instead of the graveyard, then they cost 1 extra mana. And next time they enter the field, will have a
+1/+1 counter attached to them. Once they reach a max cost of 18 mana and die, they will be exiled. If they are revived
from exile, then they go back to the rougeboard and go back to original cost and power/toughness.

Now, how do you fill your rouge board? well, you take up slots from your generals controled card slots.
and add them to the rougeboard, to a max of 15 rouge creatures. Rouge cards must be colorless, and have a power/toughness
level between 4/4-8/8 at the beginning.

You of course do not need rouge cards, it is optional. 

Again, this is just a dumb idea i quickly batched up. And i thought was cool.


  • I'm pretty smart and know the game well but am like huh? on first read. It seems making sure your opponent's deck fits the rules would be a a problem if you don;t jsut trust them.

    This seems like a MUCH more complex version of Emporer. image It seems like a stab at two-player.
    For instance, it looks like you start of with a general on the field? I'm sure someone can find a way to break a game that. Top of my head Akroma, Angel Or Wrath general + turn 1 raise the alarm = pain.

    OTOH it can be played with less payers.

    Name is a bit of flavor fail in my opinon. First, generals outrank commanders.

    On a depeer level, you have them attacking. The is a saying along the lines of "Anyone who puts down their baton to take up the sword has ceased to become a general and is a common soldier."

    Lieutenant commander may be a better name for them. In fact I might be fun to have a rule that that the Commander is the "General" can cannot itself attack, ever.
  • Oh well, i tried

  • Well no reason it can't work as long as people keep it friendly.
  • We all make mistakes.
  • ima be real, this was just a shot in the dark. With thought of course, and i thought it would be a cool system. But now i see the flaws. Thank you
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