Silverquill's Sepia Scuffle

In honor of Silverquill - art challenge!

MTG is well known for it's colors, but some impressive artwork is indeed with only one color of ink.  Black and white drawings an sepia works are just not seen.  We can change that.

So the challenge is to find beautiful art of this sort and make a wonderful card out of it.  As an open art challenge, any type of card appropriate to the image is valid.


The limit for entries will start be  5cards/

I will be judging based on the basis of how well the art is translated into a fun, balanced card.  There will be a 1st through 3rd place, as well as at least one honorable mentions. 

1st:  A Follow and 3 Favorites 
2nd: 3 Favorites 
3rd:  2 Favorites 
Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite a piece

There has been some discussion of interesting new prizes here:

So in addition top 3 get 1 boggle.

This contest will run until the 18th of May, then it will close for judging. 

Have fun with the hammer & tongs fellow smiths.


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