PwJ 3 Discussion thread

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After a dramatic moment you feel that you are pulled away. Your spark had just ignited and you planeswalked.
You wake up in this new unknown world. You try to planeswalk away but something is preventing you from leaving.
You are stuck. After some time you realize that a huge amount of mana is surging through the world to what appears to be a huge tower in the horizon. You have to reach the tower in the middle of the world.
But you are not alone in this vast world. A bunch of other planeswalkers are also stuck here and they also seek the tower to escape. However only one will be able to leave in the end.

This is a interest check for a potential "Planeswalker's journey 3" 
This is not the contest itself only a discussion for said contest. 

This kind of saga has been attempted and done before:

Just as in earlier iterations this saga will have you:
- create a planeswalker and a couple of spells to fill your "spellbook"
- participate in weekly challenges where you fight to remain in the contest. 
- Write your own story (optional)

This time however some things will be different from earlier. 
The most notable of these are:
- Great reduction of required cards. (You will never be required to make more than 1 card per challenge, unless you want to)
- More induvidual choice for how many cards you want to make. 
- You will no longer have card slots but instead be given spell points with which you create cards. 
- Less restrictions regarding card types
- More options for each challenge. (Will affect your character's story and cards)

Last time I hosted this contest (PwJ 1) it demanded very much work from the contestants. 
This time this has been reduced to where the minimum required effort you have to put into it to "stay with the flow" is:
- each week you choose what challenge you want to take and you make one card for said challenge. 
The only exception is the entry where you must make a minimum of 3 cards (Planeswalker + 2 spells)

If this sounds interesting, please post a comment beneath.
If the interest would be high enough then the true contest will be started next weekend.
If the interest is too low  or if I don't feel good about hosting the contest then the contest won't be held. 

Post a comment before 31st of April if you are interested. 


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