Legends Rising



  • @ThePhantomJoker This is true, however, I don't see a problem with having it though, these are custom cards after all.
  • My second God Pack!

    Rare challanges:
    1) legend that draws cards equal to something
    2) legend that creates copies of itself (Fatal Challange with @The@TheDukeOfPork
    3) legend that has a number of abilities equal to its mana value
    Mythic challanges:
    4) legend that can affect multiple targets
    5) Simic Eldrazi legend with two etb abilities

    I'm too tired to talk about each one now, so I might add commentary later.
  • Heres my fatal challenge entry

  • Cards

    Diad Mystic IntruderArgid Cave Knight
    Sliver Manifestation
    Hereng Spirit Piper


    1. Diad
    This card was meant to be a good black-blue 'spy' commander, with deathtouch killing the opponents creatures and the small creatures slowly killing your opponents. 

    2. Argid
    This is a pretty useless card, you'd want in a shadow-discard deck, I guess? It's second ability kinda drains the benefit of having the ability to block 'unblockable' creatures.

    3. Sliver Manifestation
    In design phase, I was looking for new and original ways to utilise the 'collective benefit' slivers provide. I used a method, which is a bit like 'add mana for more and more slivers or other spells until you end up with just colorless mana'. I might need to increase the mana on this one, since it has got all the base colour mechanics, and the mana production might be slightly OTT. But it is a 2/1.

    4. I don't have time to put an explanation for this one.
  • I'll have a pack, please!
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    The winner of the Fatal Challenge between @ThePhantomJoker and @TheDukeOfPork is . . . . . . . 
    Congratulations, your 5 points will be added to the Legends Rising Leaderboard.
  • @TheDukeOfPork Would you like a Draft Pack or a Set Pack?
  • @ShadowReign could I get a Draft Pack?
  • @TheDukeOfPork congrats! @ShadowReign I'd really like to know your judging/deciding process
  • @ThePhantomJoker I don't, I leave all the judging to @jpastor.
  • As for deciding, I role a D20. Cause I feel like rolling an AI die wouldn't be fair, this way I'm physically rolling it. Will you get a God Pack? Let's role a die. Will you get a prize? Let's role a die. What will that prize be? Let's role a die. I let the D20 do all the decision making for me.
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    (A very rare special prize discovered)
    @SpellPiper2213 Your Legends Draft Pack.
    Prize - You may have a challenge in this pack become a Doomsday Challenge. (The chosen challenge will be destroyed, then regenerated by you. You will select previous challenges of the corresponding rarity from this discussion, which will become your new challenge. If you choose an uncommon challenge, you must select six previous challenges. If you choose a rare challenge, you must select three previous challenges. If you choose a mythic challenge, you must select two previous challenges. You will receive an additional 5 points on the Leaderboard upon the completion of this pack. Please tell me challenge you'd like destroyed and regenerated, and challenges you'd like it to be regenerated with before completing the challenge.)
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a legendary creature with menace.
    • Create a green and red legendary creature with riot.

    Challenge - Uncommon [Doomsday Challenge]
    • Create a tri-color containing black and green legendary creature - Dragon Cleric with mana value 7, and a western themed artwork.

    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary enchantment creature that cares about Angels, Demons, Devils, and Imps.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature that can change controller, that's all about monarch, and hates on the monarch.
  • Set pack, please, and from now on, so I don't have to remind you, I'll be doing alternating packs. Thanks!
  • Very well.
    @TheDukeOfPork Your Legends Set Pack.
    Art Card - Use the following artwork to complete a challenge in this pack.

    Artwork by Eddy-Shinjuku
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about artifacts.
    • Create a black legendary creature that's all about Gold tokens.
    • Create a black legendary artifact creature.

    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about Gold tokens, and has a custom ability that has to do with artifacts.
  • @ShadowReign I would like to Doomsday Challenge my uncommons challenge. Now, just to make sure, that means I have to choose six new uncommon challenges from other challenges that I have not done?
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    @SpellPiper2213 Yes and no, they have to be six uncommon challenges previously given before this current pack, so they could be your own. Also, you have to choose a single challenge to become a Doomsday Challenge. Each "•" signifies a single challenge.
  • @ShadowReign
    I'd like my 4th pack to be a draft pack, please
  • @ShadowReign okay, I see. Then I'd like to cut the "create a legendary creature - Aetherborn" uncommon challenge and replace it with the following uncommon challenges:
    • Create a black and green legendary creature.
    • Create a legendary creature with a western setting artwork.
    • Create a legendary creature that's three colors.
    • Create a legendary creature - Cleric.
    • Create legendary creature - Dragon.
    • Create a legendary creature with mana value 7.
  • @TerryTags Your Legends God Pack
    Prize - One favorite of your choice.
    Challenge Prize - You may have a challenge in this pack become a Nomad Challenge. (The chosen challenge can be completed with any other legendary card type.)
    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about reducing damage.
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about drawing cards, and discarding cards.
    • Create a WUBRG legendary creature - Human with a single, tap ability.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature with power and toughness 9/9, and a total of 6 abilities.
    • Create a mono-color legendary creature that benefits and/or hates on multi-color, and has an ability that's all about color.
  • Very well, @SpellPiper2213, I will update your pack.
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    Uncommons (in order)
    Horora Oryl Protector
    Skoll of the Night Watch
    Korrus Bane of the Rails

    Dina Lady of the Deep

    Mythic rare
    Tomoe Sneaking Advisor
  • @SpellPiper2213 Sorry, I tried to catch you before you could post it (via: card comments) your rare must be a legendary enchantment creature.
  • @ShadowReign whoops, just saw that. I'll be right on that.
  • This looks like a lot of fun. Can I get a pack and how does it work?
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    @Dragonboy17 So you will ask for a Pack Type (refer to pg.9), and you will receive a pack of challenges (4-5 depending on the pack). You will create a legendary creature of the corresponding rarity to complete the challenge. (You can also refer to pg.1 for a more detailed analysis of how everything works.) 

    (The Set Packs are currently being worked on, however you can still ask for one; but for the time being, will not contain a card from The List.)

    Additional note:
    This is an eternal discussion with no deadline, and every so often I add "updates", with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TEASER for the next update (arriving July 3rd), that can be found on pg.12.
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    Yet another teaser for the upcoming update. June 3rd!!

  • @ShadowReign
    Cool. I'll take a normal pack. When I finish do I post the cards on this forum.
  • @Dragonboy17 Yes, in order to complete the pack you must post an entry for each challenge in this discussion. Preferably in one post.
  • @ShadowReign Thanks. I'll take a draft pack.
  • @Dragonboy17 Your Legends Draft Pack.
    Prize - One favorite of my choice.
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a legendary creature with deathtouch.
    • Create a legendary creature with infect.
    • Create a legendary creature that has a leaves the battlefield effect.

    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature with a custom ability entitled Anti-strike.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature that has an at the beginning of your end step ability, and a triggered ability that ends the turn.
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