Legends Rising



  • Zatan Mist Hunter
    uncommon legend with bloodshot
    Eton Automated Assassin
    uncommon legend with bloodshot
     Aston Assassins Guild Leader
    a rare legend assassin that gives other creatures bloodshot
    Sharptail Nezumi Agent
    sharptail re imagining

    i would like a draft booster please!

  • @ThePhantomJoker Your Legends Draft Pack.
    Prize - A favorite on each black card in your last pack.
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a legendary creature with an ability that effects it's casting cost.
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about adding mana.
    • Create a blue legendary creature - Drake.

    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a multi-color legendary enchantment creature - Demigod.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature with an ability that has you choose a target, an ability that has you choose a target at random, and an ability that has an opponent choose a target for you.
  • @samconsumespie Your Legends God Pack.
    Prize - You may have a challenge in this pack become a copy of another target challenge previously given in this discussion. (The copy must replace a challenge of the same rarity.)
    Challenge Prize - You may have a challenge in this pack become a Nomad Challenge. (The chosen challenge can be completed with any other legendary card type.)
    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature that's all about artifacts.
    • Create a legendary creature that hates on other legendary creatures.
    • Create a legendary creature that searches your library and/or graveyard for something.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature that has each player role a D20.
    • Create a black legendary creature - Demon Rogue that has base power and toughness 7/7, and has an ability that triggers when it deals combat damage to a player, and an ability that has you draw cards.
  • @ShadowReign Can I get a set pack before we post our animax's?
  • @pstmdrn Your Legends Set Pack.
    Art Card - Use the following artwork to complete a challenge in this pack.

    Artwork by Sandara
    Prize - A favorite on each blue card in your last pack.
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a blue legendary creature with Partner.
    • Create a red legendary creature with Partner.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a blue and red legendary creature that's all about casting instants and sorceries, drawing cards, and Suspend.

    The List Card - Corresponding Rarity
    • Create an alternate version of the following legendary creature. (Try to keep to the original, and use the closest artwork you can find.)

  • @ShadowReign Since I make my entries on mtg.design, where you can't fave stuff, could you just give that one fave from my prize to something I've made on cardsmith?
  • @ThePhantomJoker Sure, I'll favorite a black card of your choice.
  • Oh how neat that I have just made a black card:
    I know it's very out there in terms of design. Alternatively you could fave this guy:
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    Hey everyone, just thought I'd mention: The Teaser will be posted sometime between 10:00 and 12:00 CST, seeing as it's the most revealing.

    ↓ Go ahead and tell me how excited you are for this new update. ↓
  • Oops, one of my cards is missing P/T. How embarrassing. I will fix.

    The final teaser for the new update, releasing tomorrow!! So get ready to summon up those legends everyone, and crack open a brand new pack entitled Legends Genesis Pack.

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    Introducing the Legends Genesis Pack. In this pack, you will be creating a new card type, Summon Legends. You will create a common Summon Legend using the Alliances set symbol in style of original MTG cards (wording, artwork, ect.), while still being able to function in the modern format (sub type, abilities, ect.). To make sure you know how this works, here are a couple examples.

    (This will be a reference/base of how you make your cards. It's a lot of stuff, so if you are not sure about something, please feel free to ask.)

    This new pack is a little different than the other packs of current. The Legends Genesis Pack contains only three challenges, and is worth only 5 points on the leaderboard, as a result, quicker pack completion. So now, and update on the pack contents.

    Legends Draft Pack
    A rare chance to become a God Pack
    A good chance to contain a prize
    Uncommon x3
    Rare x1
    Mythic x2

    Legends Set Pack
    No chance to become a God Pack
    A good chance to contain a prize
    Art Card x1 (Artwork that must be used to complete a challenge in the pack.)
    Uncommon x2
    Rare or Mythic x1
    The List Card x1 (A card from previously created in the Legends Rising discussion.)

    Legends Genesis Pack
    No chance to become a God Pack
    A good chance to contain a prize
    Common x3

    Legends God Pack
    Guaranteed Prize x1
    Guaranteed Challenge Prize x1 (A prize that can have a challenge become a Fatal, Nomad, or Doomsday Challenge.)
    Rare x3
    Mythic x2

    I hope this new pack lives up to the hype and expectation. Only one way to find out, consider trying out the brand new Legends Genesis Pack the next time you request a pack. Have fun everyone.
  • Sounds really exciting!
  • Glad to hear it, @pstmdrn
  • so what was thr update
  • nvr min di found the post

  • ok i know yall probably dont care but someone give me a marvel superhero or supervillain so i can make a card of them please

    now if you dont want to me to ask and want this page to be strictly the liegnds rising content just tellvme i wont ask agazin but if you dont someone give me someone from marvel
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    @Titanium000 I would like to keep this Legends Rising only. But you may PM me or others on anything else. As for the Marvel Character, let's go Mobius.
  • alright and ill keep note of that but how do i create a room to marvel then?
  • also do you mean mobius from the loki show or morbius the living vampire
  • If you'd like to start a discussion for that, scroll to the very top, hit the menu option on the top left, and create a new discussion.
  • Mobius from the TVA.
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    alright i made the page it wasnt as hard as i thought thx for helping me
  • No problem.
  • Uncommons (in order)
    Hrossr Yeti of the Mist
    Thjalfi Keeper of the Stones
    Farai Knight of the Abyss

    Arei Imprisoned in the Pit

    Osark Castle Foremost

    I'm proud in this pack of Thjalfi and Osaek's design
  • hey @ShadowReign im puttting marvel surprise packs on my page but i dont really know what im doing can you help me?
  • Anyone else want to deathmatch before I just pick someone? TerryTags had to drop out.
  • Legends Genesis pack please
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