Common legends??? *phantom coins*

Dominaria has made a great change to legendary cards in that it has expanded them into the uncommon rarity, fixing the problems that the Kamigawa block ran into. I do think it should stay that way in the game, but it had me wondering...

With Commander Legends we got ONE common legend - this guy:

And since this is a custom card forum and we are allowed to have more fun than the guys over at Wizards', why don't we try to create some common legends? Pauper commander will finally be doable!

Challange: Create a common legendary card, preferably a creature, but it can be an artifact, enchantment, land... planeswalker even??? Try to make it interesting and at least a little playable, while still making it feel like a common card. And please pay attention to the overall design of the card. If you add some short lore, that would be lovely.

Rules: Up to four cards per person, no old cards, no un-cards

3rd place: 2 phantom coins
2nd place: 3 phantom coins
1st place: 4 phantom coins

I might award more coins based on the entries. To learn about the coins, visit my lovely little Emporium here:

That's it, happy smithing!


  • Alphonse Hero of the Village
    alphonse is the only knight in a small village and he protects the people from bandits and other small threats, he is adored by everyone

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    Probably too powerful for a common, but I hope it's okay.

    From birth, the pagan god Yakowha took a shining to Merner. Being the goddess of time, she knew what Merner could be, and marked him on his left eye, and appointed him as the Village Celebrant. In her time with the tribe, she taught him great miracles, and he was quick to learn. As she left them, many wept her departure, but Merner knew she would leave, but would never be gone. He knew he could call upon her for guidance, and she would guide; invoke wisdom, and she would open his mind; plead for strength, in which she would give. The tribe would never suffer, nor perish, as long as Merner their shaman.
  • @ThePhantomJoker I love the idea of Pauper Commander.
  • My advice for making balanced common commanders is looking at actual commons in Magic and designing around that.

    Also the deadline is 11th of July
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    After marauders raided his village, and slaughtered the people before his eyes, they slit his throat and cast him into the wild. Without a voice, and no one to care for him, the boy took to the land as his friend, and treated his wounds, and survived. Nu Vartu grew, and flourished off the land, and eventually learned the secrets that it withheld, which would not only give him a mystical power, but a voice which had been stolen from him.
  • this still open? 
  • yea it is i mustve missed when you said deadline is the 11
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    well if its ok to have legendary instant and sorceries then this will be 2 cards for me if not then itll only be one.

    Tmurz is a Shaman on an unknown plane he lives in the swamps by himself but many across the plane come to visit him for guidance, he tells them their fate after he reads the Bones of Death which came from a baby dragon only born for less than a minute then dipped in the Pools of Life which carry an ancient magic of life and when the bones of the baby dragon was dipped into it it was death meeting life thus creating the Bones of Death, which the person who creates it (Tmurz) is able to read them  and see a vision but in the vision there is always death.

    i hope this counts if so i also hope it too op but i think its fair

  • So, judging:

    1st place: Nu Vartu, Woodland Speaker by @ShadowReign
    I love this card. It totally feels common and has a really interesting ability. The fact that you have to pay one might make it really hard to make work, I'm thinking if it would be too good to let it be just a tap ability. The name and art are also really cool. Four phantom coins are yours!
    2nd place: Light of the Wood by @pstmdrn
    This card pretty much tells you exactly what to do. Get a lot of forestwalk creatures and then send them through. Simple and effective, while still feeling quite common with that pricy activation cost. 3 phantom coins for you.
    3rd place: Alphonse, Hero of the Village by @samconsumespie
    First of all, this card doesn't feel too common. 2/2 with vigilance is a common, 2/2 with first strike would probably pass as well, but both of them together already start to feel pretty good. And the fact that your opponent can't comfortably attack with any X/2 or X/1 creatures makes this too good for a common. But the design is nice, so there you go, 2 phantom coins.
  • @ThePhantomJoker I had a good time, and would love to participate in more. I don't really check the forums as much as I should, so when you start a new challenge, hit me up in PM and I'll check it out, or maybe make an announcement in the Phantom Emporium.
  • @ShadowReign Thanks for your enthusiasm for the challanges. I might be taking a tiny break now, but when I start something new, you'll know. Posting it in the Emporium is a really good idea.
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    @ThePhantomJoker Thanks so much. I really had a lot of fun designing that card and finding exactly the right way to balance common level power with being an attractive commander. Great job everyone!
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