Color Shifted Mechanics Challenge

I am rather new to cardsmith and this is my first challenge I have organized
One of the things I've loved in recent sets like modern horizons is the use of old mechanics in new and interesting ways
So for this challenge I want you to make a card that uses a mechanic from a previous magic set but in a color that it isn't commonly used in (examples, a green overload card, a black card with prowess, a red card with exalted, a blue card with enrage, a white card with adapt, etc)
It doesn't have to be a keyword or ability word but it has to be a mechanic prominently featured in a set
Mind Rake MH1 Goblin Champion MH1
good examples from modern horizons

The deadline for these will be July 1st
You can submit up to 5 cards and at least 1 of them has to be new
I will favorite every one of the entries but otherwise there are no prizes

Have fun! and if you need clarification on the rules just ask!
also if you have any advice on how to run challenges then I would love to hear it


  • There are no white cards with Devour. This is an update to a previously made card of mine. The concept is that the creatures you sacrificed felt compelled to do so, in order to summon the one Angel they knew who would deliver justice to their oppressors.

    Skyways Avenger
  • This looks really sweet, love the flavor
  • Here's an entry!

    There is no green card with affinity so I tried to find something original that would work in green and came up with this: 

  • really like this design!
    seems cool as a commander and in the 99 as a support piece for treefolk, defenders, or +1/+1 counters
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    Second entry! This time featuring the Riot mechanic, colour-shifted from Gruul to black:

    This one has some interesting synergies with Persist creatures in Modern ;)
  • can I enter an old card I made a while back?
  • I didn't like addendum whn it came out, but now I'm thinking about trying to use it in some interesting ways. Like creating a more balanced lightning bolt!

    I absolutely love the challange by the way, I too enjoy these kinds of cards.
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    Mentor, a Boros mechanic, on green as it's a colour that's particularly fond of +1/+1 counters and has an emphasis on community in its lore.
    Gonma Silverback Matriach

    Exploit, a Dimir mechanic, on red. There aren't many creatures that Fling as part of their abilities, and the couple that do specify 'another creature'.
    Ferocious Hurler

    Soulbond is on every colour except black, so I made a black creature with Soulbond that emphasises black's selfishness making the ability effect both creatures differently, and in this creature's advantage.
    Hollow Soul Fiend

    Boast isn't on any blue cards which I was a little surprised by. This guy's Boast ability is an alteration of the spell Quickening.
    Venerable Hedge Wizard
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  • first, my new card: a red-black creature using Convoke, a keyword normally found on white and green cards.
    I like how this turned out. Instead of the typical Convoke idea of people joining together to summon a stronger creature, i turned it into the idea that you really want to convoke this guy out to get the full effect. Like, he's good on his own(a 7/7 beat stick with flying and indestructible is nothing to sneeze at), but he's much better if you can sacrifice a few creatures to him and get him to deal damage to an opponent.

    Second card, a fairly old card of mine: a white creature with Evolve
    Aliene the Fool
    I am of the firm opinion that Evolve is a mechanic that fits right into White's design space, and sometimes I feel like a white-green +1/+1 deck would benefit especially from white Evolve cards, just because of how well Evolve slots into the existing +1/+1 counter giving mechanics.
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    Mono white land destruction, if your opponent is playing a control deck lol.
  • @stormbreath you can as long as you also enter a new card for this challenge
  • loving what im seeing so far guys, reminder to add a link to the card on cardsmith so i can favorite it
  • Down the Road

    I been too busy until now to work on this challenge, but here! Vigilance isn't exactly a red ability, even though it's shown up on a few cards in the past. There's a link to the card embedded in the image.
  • Cipher is Dimir's signature mechanic (Blue/Black) in the RTR block.

    Stampeding Frenzy
  • Delve has been used on one red card before, but it was used much more in UBG. Also, sorry for the awkward spacing on delve, mtgcs does a weird thing with mana symbols near the right side of the text box.

    Funeral Fires
  • this challenge is now closed for judging, thank you everyone who entered and i will choose the winners by the end of the day
  • sorry for being like 5 days late

    1st place
    i really like how sleek this card is, it is very simple and easy to understand but has a lot of different ways you can use this, both modes fit their colors, overload is one of my favorite mechanics and this is a magnificent showing of it

    2nd place
    i am a sucker for creatures that reanimate themselves and this card is a great example, it helps a specific synergy that you can build around but it works quite well on its own, the flavor completely matches up, the play patterns with this card are very interesting and i would love to play with it

    3rd place
    Gonma Silverback Matriach
    i love this one, it fits flavorfully with green and the apes, it gives counters with the key word and also pays off counters allowing you to build around it and making it a compelling value engine on its own, also it makes ape tokens and i love monkeys

    honorable mention
    Hollow Soul Fiend
    very creative use of soulbond but ultimately not as interesting as i would like, doesn't provide much build around potential except for just having a 3 toughness creature, still really good tho

    thank you everyone who participated!!!!!!!!!
    it was a lot of fun seeing these cards and judging them
    everyone submitted really cool and interesting cards

    watch out for my next challenge in the next week or so

     and if anyone wants some constructive critique that they didn't get because they weren't mentioned above just ask in my dms or on this discussion, i would love to help

  • Congrats to all the @winners! @samconsumespie fun challenge!
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